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Review #1, by L. Grensmith Chapter 10: New Scar

12th April 2014:
I'm very much liking this story. Engaging, I want to hear more. I like the characters and the plot has a good pase. However the writing quality, although fine, is not fabulous, it feels sort of bare. I would love if you went into more detail of the world itself also but overall its good.

L. Grensmith

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Review #2, by Captain Nerd Chapter 5: Squib

9th April 2014:
This is great! I love the way that Scorpius is so different from his father. I also love how you made the choice to put Albus in Slytherin. I think that it adds a different touch. I like how your writing portrays Slytherin in different way than normal.

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Review #3, by Hannah Chapter 10: New Scar

14th March 2014:
I'm really enjoying your story and I love your perseptions of Albus and Scorpius. I look forward to reading more :)

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Review #4, by Shannon Bananon Chapter 10: New Scar

9th March 2014:
You're doing fantastic :). More specifically, it seems your pacing gets better through the chapters, and I look forward to seeing more growth in that area.

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Review #5, by tfully Chapter 1: Family Name

7th March 2014:
Its been a while since I visited the site so I don't know whether your recent flush of activity is due to you revising and reposting or a site upgrade etc. However if you really are chasing copies of your other chapters because you lost them in a delete I have a copy of all the chapters up to and including chapter 20.

If you would like them just let me know, if you don't need them no worries.

Happy to help if it means some more of the story might be coming (actually happy to help regardless, its a cool story)

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Review #6, by Shannon Bananon Chapter 2: Sorted

2nd March 2014:
I'm so excited to see updates from you once more! Your writing is so truthful to emotions, more impressive considering the age of your characters. I look forward to more from you, and support you in your creative endeavors!

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Review #7, by HEG Chapter 1: Family Name

2nd March 2014:
here for the blackout bingo!
Ok, so this is a good start to your story. I wonder what Scopious does in his scetch book, he must be quite good at drawing or something. I guess it will be revealed.

Also I wondered why Draco said 'let's get this over with'. Is there something bad going on that I've missed. Or is he worried about what house Scorpius will be put in because of the reputation. I see your point when you say you need to bee in Gryffindor as they don't want people to think that their whole family are death eaters.

I think it's kind of sad that Scorpius has already started to get bullied even though he has only been there a few minutes.

I wonder what house he will get sorted in.

This was a good chapter.


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