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Review #1, by Jaded94 A promise of silence

26th August 2009:
Oh Im really loving this story!
Please update as soon as you can.
It's so addicting! :L x

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Review #2, by CHSswimmer A promise of silence

15th June 2009:
This story is awesome. It's a great twist on the whole genre. Please update. It's amazing and suspensful

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Review #3, by lily A promise of silence

16th May 2009:

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Review #4, by etl100 The 'Emerald Ox-Eye'

1st February 2009:
loved this story , it reminded me of my favorite book bloody Jack

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Review #5, by to_kiss_a_pheonix A promise of silence

13th December 2008:
this story is one of the most entertaining ones that i have read lately (and boy have i read alot lol) i mean its so funny and all of the charachters are great, and i cant wait to find out how you are going to get them to find out about Lily being a girl! please update A.S.A.P

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Review #6, by love this story! A promise of silence

13th December 2008:
hahahahha omg! Lily is sooo funny, like wow i love her charachter. i love James too how he's all like tough and stuff. But seriously where did you come up with Lilys charachter? its soo good, shes so witty, and i love how she annoys all of them to no end. wow this chapter was really great seriously your killing me here! plz update soon 10/10

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Review #7, by twinky A promise of silence

13th December 2008:
i like this story very much. its really creative and diffrent and i am quite excited to see where you are going to go with it. please update soon

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Review #8, by funny girl A promise of silence

13th December 2008:
i really reallly really love this sotry! its soo great. update soon

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Review #9, by iha_02 A promise of silence

13th December 2008:
great chappie! i absolutely adore this story, it is defianelty one of my favorites on hpff. I cant wait to see how they find out shes a girl. especially James, he'll be in for a surprise eh? haha pleese update soon!
xoxoxo love yea

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Review #10, by Pheonix_wings A promise of silence

13th December 2008:
OMG! that was such a great chapter! seriously i love this story sooo much. i check like everday to see if you've updated and you havent =(
I love Lily tho, like omg she is sooo funny and witty, i cant wait to see what happens! Plz update as SOON as you can! pleaassee! 10/10

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Review #11, by My_Loves_Forbidden Attack!

17th April 2008:
Okay since I love this story soo much and you aren't updating, I will submit as many reviews as possible just to get you to update. If you don't update I will cry because this is one of the best stories I have ever read! If you don't want to continue this story because you don't have that many reviews on it I will send you twenty just to get you to update!
Okay? Bye!

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Review #12, by My_Loves_Forbidden Attack!

17th March 2008:
I am completely in love with this story and wish you would write more because I think you are a fabulous author. Please, please update soon.

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Review #13, by saralessandra Attack!

24th January 2008:
Hi, I thought your story was brilliant and adventurous! After he encounters her in his cabin , does he immediately lock her in the brig ? Alert his crew? Or fight her himself? When does he find out she 's a woman?Does he fall in love with her? Please e-mail me when you have submitted your other chapters! please! thank you

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Review #14, by hjpotter Attack!

4th January 2008:
thats awesome add another one soon please

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Review #15, by gitgit Attack!

19th December 2007:
i like it i cant wait till you put up the next chapter ... i really love pirate stories with james and lily :D there is this one i had read on taht actually made me want to write one and then i read yours and now i really really really reallyl want to write one :D

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Review #16, by its really good!!! Attack!

28th November 2007:
i really like it cant wait to read more
rnplz update!!

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Review #17, by sirius_is_mine Attack!

27th November 2007:
I LOVE this story. It's amazing so far. PLEASE update soon!!!

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Review #18, by calliara Attack!

26th November 2007:
Oh My Gawd!! This is an ingenious plot line!! Please please please keep up the story!!

your biggest fan...

kiss kiss

Calli :)

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Review #19, by CHSswimmer The 'Emerald Ox-Eye'

26th November 2007:
I love this story. When i read the summary i automatically thought of one of my favorite books ever!!! It reminds me of the Bloody Jack series. Love it!

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Review #20, by Kyrra Singing memories

23rd November 2007:
I really like the start of your story! Please update soon!

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Review #21, by mrshermioneweasley The 'Emerald Ox-Eye'

13th September 2007:
I read this on I love it! update soon over there! ^_^

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Review #22, by Kestral Singing memories

12th September 2007:
Oooh, I love this story. Keep writing!

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Review #23, by Kestral The 'Emerald Ox-Eye'

12th September 2007:
Lots of fun

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Review #24, by werewolf_lover69 Singing memories

8th September 2007:
This is GREAT!!
i love it.
Please update soon!!!

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Review #25, by erica Singing memories

27th August 2007:
omg!! i love this story!! please update!!!

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