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Review #1, by savannah Summer Secrets

20th November 2011:
I've realized this has been written so long ago, but it truly is an amazing beginning and it wasn't rushed at all it was an enjoyable chapter to read, please keep going :)

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Review #2, by Janie Summer Secrets

25th November 2007:
This is amazing, with so much detail. I enjoyed reading it a lot.

Author's Response: :d i'm so happy you said that. I have had loads of exams so I havn't updated. I'm really hping its not going to be one of those stories which are about 3 chapters long then never go back to again. I will deffo update soon.

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Review #3, by xSirius will never diex Summer Secrets

27th August 2007:
Not much about Sirius there. Just Ellie finding her past. Good though.

Author's Response: Yer, i no. I thrt tht, but i've got to set the scene if we wnt anything to happen, and also i dnt want to ruch it and it b like 4 chapters, thanks so much for reviewing tho :D

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Review #4, by OmGsILuVsMe Summer Secrets

27th August 2007:
kwl, reli love first chappy, new one soon?

Author's Response: hehe, thanks, i am really trying to make it as enjoyable as pos, i've read loads of sirius/OC fics, and found that alot of them were really rushed, so i'm trying to keep it slow paced.

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Review #5, by C1NDY Summer Secrets

27th August 2007:
WOW. interesting, and i really like the fact tht its quite long and detailed.
i agree, its a little confusing. will it get easier?
good start tho

Author's Response: I was really trying to keep it as long as poss, i hate it wen the first chappy is all short and you hav towait ages for an update.
And YES, it'll deffo get easier, and someday i'l probs go back and re do the first chappy (making it even longer) and it'll make more sense.

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Review #6, by loving_ya_face Summer Secrets

27th August 2007:
Oo... i'm likeing this, wens the next chater up?
soon hopefully. And wat were u thinking about donig. Maybe u shud make it less confusing in the next one tho :S lol

Author's Response: Yer, it is a bit confusing, and not much sirius/OC action, but there will be LOADS to ocme ;)
just keep reading

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Review #7, by _IHEARTSIRI_ Summer Secrets

27th August 2007:
WOw, weird start, but I see the angle ur going 4.
i really like how u made her geeky first then beeter.
really hope next chappy up soon.

Author's Response: thanks, I love the princess diaries how they did tht to her, so i thought 'what the heck, i'll do it for her too'

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