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Review #1, by rhb_hjp4evr Cataclysm

23rd September 2007:
wow. i like it but you ending was weird. please work on judas kiss! i really want you to keep going with that story. i love it!

Author's Response: Haha... well. Thanks!

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Review #2, by Clare Roy Cataclysm

25th August 2007:
Wow, Malfoy was a bit creepy creepy in this one! I think you captured Luna very well.

Author's Response: Thank you. =]

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Review #3, by A fan Cataclysm

21st August 2007:
Oh my that was good. The characters are so true and you stopped at just the right point.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I was really trying to make it as in character as possible, considering it's such an odd pairing. I wanted to make it believable, you know? I hope I accomplished that. Thanks for your review. =]

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Review #4, by didi__ Cataclysm

9th August 2007:

“Get out,” he demands coldly, turning his back to her and retreating to the opposite window ledge.

I love your Draco already. I mean, the first paragraph? I would have quoted it all but that would be redundant. So I'll just sum it up with the above quote and my response to it: I love your Draco. (Duh.) But seriously. He's so in-character here, so demanding, teenage-angst!Draco. *grins* CAN I HAVE HIM. PLEASE.

“I said leave,” he says more fiercely.

“I think there’s room for both of us,” she says gently, closing her book.

THAT was perfect Draco/Luna interaction. You see, any other character could have said that to Draco, but they'd have said it coldly and therefore there would simply be animosity between them, making for a very cliched one-shot. But you handled Luna's reaction perfectly. SO THERE.

He doesn’t understand. Why isn’t she afraid of him? Why isn’t she intimidated?

Aww. I love that. And Luna's just the type to unrattle him like that. I don't even think Hermione could have pulled that off. See, she wouldn't be intimidated, but Draco would expect that. So...yes, I am loving your Draco/Luna.

He grabs her and walks her backward toward the wall. Slamming her into it forcefully, he is discouraged to see that she hasn’t even flinched.

“I suggest you leave,” he mutters dangerously. "Now."

PHWOAR. I could so easily picture that. And I am sensing fic!art. I may take a (long) break from that bed picture I'm doing to draw for this because hey, I love it so much. And Luna? Oh. I love her. I love the way you've written her. And Draco, too, of course. They're interaction so far is spot on.

he presses his body against hers, hoping to scare her, hoping to see fear darken those glazed, blue eyes.

I wish I was Luna. But alas. And um, yes. Draco pressing his body into ANYONE is hot. And again, Luna is love here.

Frustrated, he slams her into the wall more harshly, grabbing her wrists and shoving them against the stone as well. He leans close to her face, glaring into her eyes, his lip twitching involuntarily. She perks her eyebrows.

“Is something wrong, Draco?” she asks obliviously.

Of all the things that I've said were perfect so far, that one takes the cake. (Where did that quote come from, anyways?) He's pretty much abusing her and she's all, "I think he's bothered."

He doesn’t remember pressing his lips against hers, he doesn’t even remember thinking about it, but he doesn’t stop, he can’t.

Jesus, Jess, you're making me sound repetitive. I thought the kiss was a bit sudden at first, but that sentence makes up for it. Why? BECAUSE IT WAS PERFECT. *headdesk* I love the idea of him not being able to stop.

She’s so innocent, so disconnected, he wants that. He wants to be free like she is, indifferent, never rattled and always dreaming.

Ohhh wow. And that, new authors, is the basis for a Draco/Luna relationship. Learn from Jess. The end.

He envies her, he hates her, he needs her.


He doesn’t understand. The feeling doesn’t come.


Jess, when you're done writing the slashiest stories of all time and rejoing the world of het, I am begging you to write more of Draco. It doesn't even have to be Draco/Luna or Draco/anyone. Just more Draco. Please.

All in all, a wonderful story, darling. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And. Didi out. =]


Have you seen Totally Awesome? Because that part where the girl is freaking out about how dancing is her life? Yeah. You are my dancing. Ha. If you haven't seen that movie. Er, forget everything I just said. You rock.

[Of all the things that I've said were perfect so far, that one takes the cake. (Where did that quote come from, anyways?) He's pretty much abusing her and she's all, "I think he's bothered."]

I just LOL'ed to the extreme. That's just Luna, I guess.

Oh, Didi. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Really, it makes me so happy. I tried so hard to keep them in-character, it means a lot that you thought they were. =]

Aw. I can't thank you enough. Or shag you enough. You're just. My life.

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Review #5, by neilcandance Cataclysm

9th August 2007:
I really liked that. I love writing Draco/Luna stuff but I've never really read another one. :D

Author's Response: Thank you. =]

I'm glad you liked it. This is my first Draco/Luna, so. Yeah. Haha, thanks.

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