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Review #1, by samantha The Weakness in me...

20th December 2007:
luv it it is 2 cute!luv the pairing!yur a good (wonderful) author

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Review #2, by evil little devil The Weakness in me...

24th September 2007:
You reviewed me so I decided to review you. I never really read song fics but I think this was excellent. It was haunting and the song gives your imanitation more to imagination.

Author's Response: thanks alot =]
i really appercite it =]
hope you carry on reading more of my stories lol haha
thanks again!!

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Review #3, by converse_rocks345 The Weakness in me...

8th September 2007:
Woah a triangle story sweet again


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Review #4, by Moondanser The Weakness in me...

31st August 2007:
That was great.. i really liked it... and once again.. i must ask what song you used ;)

Author's Response: hehehe

well it's from this movie i watched a while back and i really can't remember it's name,

i just seriosuly loved the lyrics when i heard them

and as you can see it kinda suits well with loving 2 ppl lol

thanks again for the review =]

its apperciated =] xxxx

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Review #5, by Mrs_Riddle The Weakness in me...

21st August 2007:
Nice, I liked it

Thank you for commenting on Harry Potter Gone Mad, I wanted to let you know that the first part of the sequel will be up soon.

Again, I loved this, really fits together,

Author's Response: Thankyou =] i apperciate the review =]
I'm glad that it'll be up soon i well loved it =]
hope to talk to you soon
xxx =]

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Review #6, by Miss_Marauder_Black The Weakness in me...

17th August 2007:
i reli love this story
i like ron/luna fics an this one os reli sweet
ur a reli gd writer =]

Author's Response: Thank you =]

I prefer them to ron/hermione tbh =]

i apperciate the R&R

=] =] xxxx thankssss

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Review #7, by faerieall The Weakness in me...

16th August 2007:
Ron/Luna is my OTP, and it was very interesting to see Ron fight battles about who he loved. Hermione is too uptight for him, but Luna is more free while being somewhat serious at times. :]

10/10, I wish this just wasnt a song fic.

Author's Response: Yeah i enjoyed writing it tbh
Thank you for R&R
and i completely agree about hermione =]
thankyou for the rating i really apperciate it =)

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Review #8, by wazlibsgrl The Weakness in me...

16th August 2007:
That was really good for your first fanfic! The one suggestion I have for you is to try to get more into the characters. You did a really good job putting emotion into the story, but when I read it it sort've felt like I was looking at it through a blurry window or something. I think the reason that it felt like that was because even though the emotion was there in your writing, it sort've wasn't focused in on the characters. If that makes any sense at all.
This was really great though, especially for your first fanfic. 9/10

Author's Response: Hey wazlibzgrl

I really do apperciate the points you have made, and i will seriosuly take into account what you said. I need constructive critism and i really will try harder. =]
Thanks tho, and glad you liked it i'll try better on my next one =P lol
xxx =]

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