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Reading Reviews for My One and Only Angel
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Review #1, by Fiery Ginny My One and Only Angel

23rd May 2011:
I don't much like the idea of the Weasley's giving up their daughter, but I do like this :)

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Review #2, by Jessie C. My One and Only Angel

24th December 2009:
*sniffle* this story was sooo touching, it made me cry! But i'm kinda confused at the fact Draco puts on a halo and a pair of wings. but this story is the sweetest most sorrowful in a long long time! PS I don't usally read sad fics, i usally read the humor or romance

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Review #3, by LiveLifeLight My One and Only Angel

11th April 2008:
omg! it made me cry(i never cried before while i read a HPFF)!!! damn good work!

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Review #4, by Queenofthehogwartsmafia91 My One and Only Angel

20th February 2008:
I made me cry i loved it but it was so sad!

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Review #5, by HermioneRules My One and Only Angel

15th July 2007:
omg that was sad!!! lol thats crazy that a mother would sign her 3 year old up for volunteer work but watever

the weasleys would never do that to ginny!!! but it was au of course.

so sad and beautiful amazing job 10!!

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Review #6, by Sara My One and Only Angel

19th March 2007:
It's a really good story, but there are some small errors! One, some places in the story you've written he instead of I and, two, it's Ginerva Molly Weasley.
You would've gotten a 10 if it wouldn't have happened for the errors.

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Review #7, by smileenov My One and Only Angel

4th September 2006:
very good. loved it.

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Review #8, by abi c My One and Only Angel

21st February 2006:
i just wanna say i love every part of it even if it was a bit confusing!!!!

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Review #9, by rose My One and Only Angel

1st November 2005:
that was a very strange and very sweet ending. the whole thing was rather sweet as well.

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Review #10, by Alex My One and Only Angel

11th July 2005:
WAAAAAAA! It's so sad! So cute and darling and so, so something. It's very original as well. No one makes stories like this. I really love your cute story.

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Review #11, by kk My One and Only Angel

27th June 2005:
i did enjoy it i have an angel but i dont call him angel out load1 day he said i was his angel we are best friends he hasnt died yet but he is my angel and he acts like it

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Review #12, by flamedancer My One and Only Angel

4th May 2005:
that was so sweet! i love it!

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Review #13, by sw33t_dr34ms_15 My One and Only Angel

19th March 2005:
I've never seen anything like this I had to really fight to hold back the tears and i hope to read all your storys

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Review #14, by RedHeadMama My One and Only Angel

28th February 2005:
That was so cute and sweet. Made me weepy

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Review #15, by cry My One and Only Angel

27th December 2004:
i cyedduring this story it was beautiful

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Review #16, by Football_girl My One and Only Angel

23rd December 2004:
Hey! Wow! I adored that story! It's really awesome, it really touched me! Good job!

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Review #17, by Flacki My One and Only Angel

18th August 2004:
That was really good and i don't even get into these things. For me to say this it has to be really good!

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Review #18, by blujean5 My One and Only Angel

24th April 2004:
that was a great story. i enjoyed it! i like the angel wings!

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Review #19, by Slam My One and Only Angel

23rd April 2004:
awwww...that's soooooooo sad! I really liked it!

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Review #20, by Natalie My One and Only Angel

14th April 2004:
OMG!That is a sad story.I like it!

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Review #21, by ltnaconejita My One and Only Angel

31st March 2004:
omg, that was so sweet!!!!! did draco join Ginny in heaven? ihope he did, i love ur stories so keep writing!

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Review #22, by bushyhair My One and Only Angel

31st March 2004:
*sob* short and sweet, it was perfect, i loved your vivid descriptions and great adjectives

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Review #23, by bushyhair My One and Only Angel

30th March 2004:
awesome, didn't finish it, but great detail. (aka.person from youth group)

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Review #24, by rachel My One and Only Angel

17th March 2004:
really good. a simple, well explained story that took place in one chapter, and didn't need the distractions of hogwarts to make it come alive. i loved it.

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Review #25, by hermione_potter_always My One and Only Angel

17th January 2004:
O.M.G that was so good, and ad. You are a talented writer. I hope you write more stories.

Author's Response: thanks! i did write more. have u checked out spiraled staircase and remedy for the unknown? remedy is also a one-shot but spiraled is a novel. Thanks for the review!

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