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Review #1, by Bella_Portia Only Fools Fall In Love

9th November 2007:
I enjoy your writing. I would never have imagined this pairing (uncommon pairings, indeed!)-- you made it work; I was willing to go along with it. (I did wince at the line about losing the eye, but other than that . . .) Pacing/length were good, liked the way you handled the characters and, particularly, the Moody POV.
Given your set-up, I'm tempted to request an angst-ridden, AU sequel wherein Moody hunts S down and kills him.

Author's Response: It may happen. I need something to get me back into writing after all, and a spurned lover murder fic involving Snape and Moody sounds like something that would be fun.

Thank you very much for your review!

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Review #2, by SilverThimble Only Fools Fall In Love

18th September 2007:
oooh that was brilliant! odd ships rule!!! Moody was completely in character and everything

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #3, by bythequill_moe Only Fools Fall In Love

2nd September 2007:
Okay, the story was well wrote but I have to admit the thought of Moody and Snape makes me shudder. Not that I'm homophobic or anything but they are really an uncommon pairing as you say. I just can't see those two together really. But back to the story, you did a great job with the story and you did a great job with telling us of Moody's guilt. I loved the part where they were looking at each others careers "Why a Death Eater?" that gave me a laugh. Good job!

Author's Response: I was trying to be as odd as possible. And lets face it, snape and moody is about as odd as it gets, innit?

Thank you so much for your kind review, and thank you even more for liking it!

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Review #4, by Diandra Only Fools Fall In Love

26th August 2007:
Oh, snarky, this is wonderful! I really love the POV, it makes everything really interesting. I like they way he's reminising on things that happened between him and Snape, and the way he realizes how foolish he was to love him. I really like the pairing, as well, though I didn't think I would. Then again, anything with Snapey is good with me! Great job, I'll read more of your stuff after lunch!


Author's Response: You don't have to, really, but thank you so much! It was an interesting idea, I thought, as the most random two I could think of, and I'm so glad to see that you enjoyed it! I didn't think anyone would, but obviously, one did.

Thank you so much for liking this!

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