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Review #1, by Ardeel The First Day

3rd July 2009:
It's hard to picture Blaise being a girl...since he's a boy in the books lol. That's my only critique. Good start =]

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Review #2, by justme_ Dumbledore's Announcement

1st June 2009:
Wonderful start!!! I love it! Please keep it up!

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Review #3, by :) A Lesson in Courtesy

1st June 2009:
I really loved this story.

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Review #4, by Karkaroff A Revelation for Draco Malfoy

19th April 2009:
Cool idea and please update soon thanks.

Author's Response: My newer chapter will be up soon... I've been exceedingly busy and haven't had time to write.

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Review #5, by kurlz Dumbledore's Announcement

8th March 2009:
Very nice. Clever, too. I'm always on the hunt for another good draco/hermione story, and I think I've found my next good read. I especially like the Fawkes portrait. I've never seen that done before.

I like the Draco torture, but the pinning against the wall thing surprised me in its abruptness.

Good job! I'll read on, and keep letting you know what I think.

Also, I'm fresh to the whole fanfic ordeal, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a look at my first attempt, Scorching Blue: The First Tale, and let me know what you think!


Author's Response: Thanks! I'll try to update soon.

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Review #6, by Yuri The Test

6th January 2008:
Aah! You have to update now! I absolutely love it!!!

Author's Response: Thanks ^_^
I've been trying to finish up chapter 5, but I've got major writer's block, it's so horrible.

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Review #7, by harry_lover_09 The Test

4th January 2008:
love the story hate the way this chapter ended lol i hate cliff hangers plz undate soon

Author's Response: Lulz. I'm writing/finishing up chapter 5 as we speak!
Writer's block is so horrible V.V

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Review #8, by Dracosfan The Test

15th November 2007:
WOW!He kissed her.''WOW"that all i can say anyway great chapter and update soon!

Author's Response: lol! Yes, he kissed her. ^_^

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Review #9, by Who Knows The Test

2nd November 2007:
oh baby!

wow thats suprising>


Author's Response: yeah... there's a lot of surprises on the way. lol

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Review #10, by brooklynsam3_ The Test

25th October 2007:
AWW! I love it! Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the great work and update ASAP. Thankz.

PS 10/10

Author's Response: -points to brooklynsam3-
I LOVE THIS GIRL! she's one of my most faithful reviewers.
I'm doing my best!

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Review #11, by LadyLatina The Test

25th October 2007:
aww cute story please update

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm trying to update as soon as possible ^_^

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Review #12, by Tigermusic The Test

25th October 2007:
AWSOME...keep it up

Author's Response: Thanks!!

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Review #13, by Lya Darkfury The Test

25th October 2007:
oh damn! =) I really like this story! The plot is developing at a perfect rate, not too fast, not too slow, and everything that is going on totaly reminds me of high school =) Very well written, I can't wait to read whats next!

Author's Response: Thank you =]
I'm trying to keep it at a steady pace, but it's difficult when I've got so many different ideas popping up sometimes.

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Review #14, by Stacee xx The First Day

25th October 2007:
You do no that Zabini is a boy? Did you read the 6th book when they where in slughorns compartment on the train?
Very good non the less

Author's Response: Trust me, I've read them all. I'm entirely aware of Blaise's gender in JK's books.
However, in fanfiction, JK has most generously given us the choice of given Blaise a male or female role. Or at least, someone did.
For more information, scroll down to see the other comment on this topic ^_^

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Review #15, by Dracosfan An Apology

12th October 2007:
WOW!That all i can really say,I mean he likes her and she likes him and I think that sweet.But the way you make him sound is so hot and nice and above all sweet!Good chapter update soon!

Author's Response: well, it's not all sugar and everything nice; there's a lot of spice coming, so stay tuned.

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Review #16, by Mystery Lover An Apology

22nd September 2007:
its really good and i am looking forward to more excitement!

Author's Response: gah... I am currently facing a very large writer's block. sooo I'm not quite sure when my next chapter will be up. also, college classes, paired with work, make it difficult to write. =[[[
I'll work on it, though!

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Review #17, by brooklynsam3_ An Apology

4th September 2007:
I'm a little skeptical but I know you are going to prove me wrong and do a fabulously. Keep up the good work and update ASAP. THankz.

PS 10/10

Author's Response: ^_^ I'll work my hardest!
thanks for the rate!

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Review #18, by Who Knows An Apology

3rd September 2007:
Great chappie and it wasd surprising to see another side of Draco. Very Nice!

Update soon

Author's Response: thanks, working on the next chapter

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Review #19, by HarryGinny4eva An Apology

2nd September 2007:
"A connection had been made, and she didn’t want to break it…" GOODIE!!!
"but she did want to test it." Uh oh... dun dun dun

I didn't find it tedious at all, so keep on writing! And, please update soon. Thanks!

Author's Response: lol! well, it does get a lot more interesting; all I'm saying is, don't get too comfortable with your popcorn ^_^

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Review #20, by maraluvshp An Apology

2nd September 2007:
Nice chapter, but draco really got ooc very soon...oh well lol
Keep the chapters comin'!


Author's Response: ooc?
[sorry, first fic... and fairly new to the site as well. somebody translate?]

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Review #21, by dracomalfoylover123 The First Day

2nd September 2007:
well good! love the whole draco/hermione concept. You should maybe make things more deatailed but overall it was really great! Can't wait for the next chapters! Good luck x

Author's Response: thank you very much; I'm trying to think of how they would act/talk.

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Review #22, by Charysma The First Day

24th August 2007:
I like this so far and they have only gotten through their first week! Keep more coming!!

Author's Response: unfortunately, submissions have been blocked for non-trusted authors... and seeing as this is my first fic, I am quite helpless.

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Review #23, by Heir of Ravenclaw Dumbledore's Announcement

24th August 2007:
You know if I read one more story in which Malfoy pins Hermione against a wall I'll scream! Talk about overused cliches!

Author's Response: I personally haven't read any... meh. anyways, sorry that you feel that way.

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Review #24, by thebfsgf The First Day

24th August 2007:
Good grief! They're so. gr, they just need to get together and be happy, lol

Rebecka M.

Author's Response: trust me, it's coming ^_^

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Review #25, by Who Knows The First Day

23rd August 2007:
Loved how long your chapter was and it was wonderful too! Just one small detail. I'm not sure if you put this into consideration, but, in the books Blaise Zabini is a boy. Just to let you know.

Author's Response: yes, I know... I have read almost all of them, and am aware. But in fanfiction, JK has been generous enough to allow us the choice of giving Blaise a male or female role. or at least, someone did... well, whatever, kudos to them.
I chose a female Blaise, I thought it would be more interesting. true, it robs Draco of his "best mate"... but Crabbe and Goyle play their part.
however, props to you for the insight!

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