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Review #1, by jerryfs1 The day after the End

2nd May 2015:
nice start to your story so far lets see what happens

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Review #2, by Gamer Opening Soul's Eyes

2nd October 2014:
I'm sorry, but this is terrible. The story line isn't bad but the grammar errors and word choice make it almost un readable. That and the characters are almost nothing like they should be.

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Review #3, by john Back To Normal

29th June 2013:
good so far i like it

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Review #4, by Anonymous Epilogue - My Small Universe

12th June 2013:
I really liked this story! You're a great writer, but you need to check your spellings first. Like St. Mango, it is supposed to be St. Mungo's. I hope you write more H/Hr stories. I promise to read all your stories.

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Review #5, by Appalled As she is Away...

5th November 2011:
I didn't think anything could be worse than your grammar but to have Harry physically striking Ginny, maintaining that he's done nothing wrong, with no one saying a word against him for going too far, and the Weasleys still allow him in the house? Friend of the family or not if anyone treated their daughter like that they would have asked him to leave. In the least Harry would have immediately realised that he had gone too far, tried to appologize, or offered to leave himself.

Abuse of any kind should never be author sanctioned or left unredressed. The characters must be made to account for their misdeeds. Bad form, Ms Potter.

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Review #6, by LT New Bginnings

13th January 2011:
"McGonagall had owled them telling Ministry people would meet them in the 15th so they could decide what they would do with the houseóGodricís Hollow. Harry wasnít sure he wanted to be back in that house in the state it was. But, he could probably find his parentsí stuffs, like photographs and other objects."

Correct English:

McGonagall owled them, letting them know that ministry representatives would meet with them on the 15th to explain to procedures of repairing the Godric's Hollow house. Harry was nervous about returning to the house while it was still in disrepair, but he was anxious to find any of his parents belongings that might still be intact.

Also, "Stuffs" is never a word.

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Review #7, by LT Back To Normal

13th January 2011:
You need an editor desperately, this is painful to read!

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Review #8, by Rama Epilogue - My Small Universe

19th December 2010:
This is an awesome story. One of the few I've read here that does not have Harry/Hermoine getting godlike powers or being heirs of the founders or queen and kings. The story moved me to tears.
Excellent work!

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Review #9, by Hermyownknee As she is Away...

4th December 2010:
I am liking the story so far but can't stand your grammar..sorry..it really is awful

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Review #10, by Meg_ The day after the End

25th August 2010:
Well done. I love the plot. Hermione slapping Draco was great. I thought she was going to be kind for a second with her touching his chin like that. I feel like you should've made that part a little more menacing instead of like talking to a small child.

As a side note you have a lot of spelling errors. Mostly with tenses. You've also put in that 'Harry released...' instead of 'Harry realized...' There's loads of other stuff in there. I would recommend going through it again and editing. It's a great chapter but the errors in verb tense are bad.

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Review #11, by HG_HP_fan Life is Changing

15th August 2010:
I don't know where it is, and I should have commented on it when I saw it, there is one paragraph that makes no sence at all. Please reveiw your own work and look for it. It's in the last three or four chapters.

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Review #12, by HG_HP_fan Epilogue - My Small Universe

15th August 2010:
I really enjoyed your story. There was enough danger and intrigue to make it interesting. The relations with Ron and Ginny were pretty good.
I don't know what a beta is, but if it like an editor, they need to recheck your work. The is a lot of gramatical errors and some of it just didn't seem to flow like it should.

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Review #13, by poonam Back To Normal

17th July 2010:
Wicked. but i love it!

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Review #14, by poonam Against Everyone

17th July 2010:
just a little something i've noticed: hope u dnt mind.
it's realised not released.
just plss tk cr of tht whenevr u next edit..

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Review #15, by poonamj Opening Soul's Eyes

17th July 2010:
I am falling in love with this story as it proceeds.

moving on now!! can't hurry enuf 2 d next chapter.

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Review #16, by miaa The day after the End

21st June 2010:
i read a few paragraphs in and i cant continue, the grammar is very horrible. And Kreacher is meant to be talking in 3rd person and not saying stuff like 'random'. Cliche'd story, i dont like it

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Review #17, by aj Epilogue - My Small Universe

24th December 2009:
Wov a very interesting read alltogether ..i like it very much...thanks

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Review #18, by aj The day after the End

22nd December 2009:
nice .i like it very much and am trying to reach the minimum required 20 characters.

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Review #19, by jrchalut Epilogue - My Small Universe

14th December 2009:
I absolutely loved your story! thanks for writing it, now I'm gonna go find more of them so I can read them too!

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Review #20, by i_love_harry_12721 Epilogue - My Small Universe

13th December 2009:
this is one of the best. i regret your decision not to make a sequel. :( but otherwise, i enjoyed this story a ton. =D


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Review #21, by Concused_Duck Epilogue - My Small Universe

29th October 2009:
I loved this, I really did! I kinda wish it was longer but you can't have everything right? The last chapter was excellent but it would have been cool if Harry had announced to everyone that he had a son, like James did in the memory. But hey thats just my opinion =] Also, the bit where he tells James everything was a little cheesy but apart from that I loved it =]

Great job!

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Review #22, by lavender82 Epilogue - My Small Universe

25th October 2009:

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Review #23, by cdiggory23 Epilogue - My Small Universe

3rd October 2009:
That was so sweet! Great job and very well done! I loved seeing how nurturing Harry was with James and I loved everything about it. :D

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Review #24, by RiouxsDarkSoul Epilogue - My Small Universe

7th September 2009:
I am more a fan of the dark and painful but I have to admit this was a very good story. I am a big H/HR fan so its nice to see another one. keep up the good work you wrote a great story.

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Review #25, by zabini Epilogue - My Small Universe

15th August 2009:
it would hav been better if dey wer both married

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