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Reading Reviews for The Stranger
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Review #1, by AsMoon Mysteries

16th June 2005:
You asked me to review your story a LOOOOOOONG time ago, but unfortunately (for some reason) I didn't see your review of my story until now, so I'm reviewing your story! I like this chapter! I think this is an interesting premise for a story (I have a story in the works that has something to do with this story too, but I can't write it until I finish my current story). Anyways, I only have a few points of criticism. First of all, I think the chapter should be longer, because that's what it usually takes to describe what is going on and make it more real. Also, Hedwig is a girl. Lastly, the ending is a little abrupt. Besides those three minor details, I really liked it, though!

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Review #2, by Kari Mysteries

5th October 2004:
Utter crap.

Author's Response: ikhrASI YA KALBAY SHOM FACKRA HALIK YA HMARA TUDRAbi bi hal qasim yah jajhshay

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Review #3, by misspotter They Meet

30th August 2004:
no fair. cliffhangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could u please review mine?

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Review #4, by shelly They Meet

26th June 2004:
You evil woman!;-))your story is really great, it's pitty that the chapters are sooo short..:-// Anyway, awesome story,keep up the good work and update soon!PS: If you have time, you can check out my fic and tell me what you think..thx, Shelly

Author's Response: thank you very much for the comment and im sorry i f my chapters are toooo short for little miss shelly but i dont give a damn because i dont read this freakin stiry anymore so wutt the hell and i wont read your story ok?!

Author's Response: thank you very much for the comment and im sorry i f my chapters are toooo short for little miss shelly but i dont give a damn because i dont read this freakin stiry anymore so wutt the hell and i wont read your story ok?!

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Review #5, by You Are Untrustworthy They Meet

7th May 2004:
If you finnish this story, maybe I'llread it, okay? And I'll rate it more, I'm a high rater, so I could rate it...............high, so add more, 'til then, 1/10!!! Ooo-oo-ah-ah-aaaahhhh!!

Author's Response: hu the hell do u think u are i dont give a care if u rate me 1/10 because i have better things in life then to mooch on a stupid harrypotter site i used to like harry potter and i still like my story ao if u wanna make a point make it now because thats not very nice!

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Review #6, by m They Meet

17th April 2004:
cool story! please update soon im dying to know the end!

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Review #7, by bushyhaor They Meet

8th April 2004:
GOD!! You have to start writing, or else i'll strangle you:). pleeease, greaseball.

Author's Response: hahahahahahahha lol ok ok bushyhair im soooo buysi jsut cant find the time but soon i will

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Review #8, by dogstar They Meet

29th February 2004:
I HATE EVIL PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO LEAVE CLIFFHANGERS!!!! YOU MUST DIE!!!! *run's over to author's house and smashes her to bits, then screams "AAAAAAAAH wait, now I can't hear the end of the story!" Hastily pieces back author and races away* u evil evil person better update soon....or I will kill you! Mine as well do it now!!!!! AVADA KEDAVRA!!! oops, didn't mean it enough. grrrrrrrr enough of my cliffhanger hating rant looks good, but make your chapters a LOT LONGER!!!!!

Author's Response: ffff

Author's Response: hahahahahaha torture.....i'm good at it!!!!!!! EVIL EVIL EVIL! you cant kill me but it will be a longggg time until i submit soon so stay calm!

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Review #9, by bushyhair They Meet

23rd February 2004:
wow, this is an awesome chapter. i love your self-absorbing descriptions and humorous lines

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Review #10, by Ndudeconfuzed911 The Past

10th February 2004:

Author's Response: are yah confused?or is that just ur name?well thanx for liking my story if u have a story ill read it too..well thankyou for ur reveiw!!!!11

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Review #11, by Shera Potter The Past

10th February 2004:
Update soon

Author's Response: ok soon i will and thankyou for ur review~!!!!

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Review #12, by LoveSpell The Past

8th February 2004:
Hey i was told by a person called to someone to review ur story and so i read it and i think that it is very good please keep going and keep up the good work

Author's Response: thanx and hu is this someone? well thanx for ur review and ill submit soon!keep readin' and reviewin'~

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Review #13, by bushyhair Mysteries

6th February 2004:
gurrrr. when are you gonna write. i've been waiting for a kajillion years.

Author's Response: hey i knbow im quite busy sorry it was my lil' sises bday party so we were busy all day soon i will update as many chapters as i can!how do u like the sound of that? ok then e.t. phone hommeeeee lol

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Review #14, by sunshine The Past

6th February 2004:
hi ur story is good so far, thanks 4 reviewing mine,

Author's Response: thanx for the review keep reading i will be submitting soon!

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Review #15, by max_wiseacre The Job

5th February 2004:
This last chapter was pretty good. I'm not really a fan of the "Harry-Has-A-Secret-Sister" stories, but your story is well written nonetheless. Head Boy and Girl are chosen in 7th year though. :-)

Author's Response: thanx for the comment...i luv ur story too...and yah i just remembered that head boys and girls are 7th year rite after but i cant change it now...and its my story isnt it?so yah i can change thngs around a little bit and thankyou once again for ur review keep reading it will get better!

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Review #16, by the writer of the year Mysteries

5th February 2004:
Ok pretty short. Make chapters longer and make them more suspenseful if u can.

Author's Response: ok ok ill make them longer and more suspensful dont worry ur little mind about this stuff because ill take care of it later thanx for ur review!

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Review #17, by darkbeauty The Job

4th February 2004:
ok. the way you spell "sweetie" is that. you r calling her "sweaty." you know, like perspiring. like the way you sweat in PE. just letting u know. Great chappie! cannot wait 4 more. rating: 8/10

Author's Response: ok ok sorry....ill make revisions soon...thanx for ur review and plz read more!

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Review #18, by darkbeauty The Past

4th February 2004:
what's happening? update soon.

Author's Response: thankyou for ur review i will submit soon and u will find out what happens soon...

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Review #19, by darkbeauty Mysteries

4th February 2004:
whoa - great stuffs! cannot wait 4 more.

Author's Response: thanx for ur review i read ur stories and they rock!!!!!! i will soon be submitting but u know...skul and hw...well yah once again thanx for ur review~!

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Review #20, by bushyhair The Job

2nd February 2004:
please write more are you dead or something, it's really good

Author's Response: ok guess what my comp is fixed ill be submitting soon o kthanx for ur review and im not dead ok then et phone home lol

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Review #21, by Fiery greaseball Mysteries

30th January 2004:
hehehe i like ur story plz plz submitt soon its been taking yah a very looonggg time!

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Review #22, by rose_from_the_ashes The Job

29th January 2004:
good stori so far! and thanks for reviewing mine!

Author's Response: well it was my pleasure thanx for ur reivew!

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Review #23, by nosy pose The Past

29th January 2004:
that was a great chapter. i hope you write more!!!

Author's Response: thanx for reviewing and soon i will submitt thanx keep reviewing!

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Review #24, by lilperuvybabi The Job

28th January 2004:
Hey, it was alright, I think ya should explain it a bit better, and the whole thing about Harry being head boy..I though u could only be head boy if u were in 7th year, oh well, ur story, anyway, him havin a sister, nice change of story, its probably Sara, atleast thats my opinion. Keep on goin! Update soon! Thanks for readin my fic too!

Author's Response: ok ill try to explain things better thanx for the reviewand i messed up on the head boy thing.....oops.....well anyways thats story was my first one and its messed up so yah!thanx for reviewing!

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Review #25, by bushyhair The Job

25th January 2004:
I really like your story. Pleeeeease keep writing, oh and you spelled sweety wrong.:) Rating:1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Author's Response: uhh i dont care if i spelled SWEATY RONG hehehehe jkjkj luv yah story!

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