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Review #1, by miss author The Circle

23rd August 2014:
Wow! Good story! I mean... brilliant story :)!

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Review #2, by miss author Harry's Pain and Hermione's Bane

23rd August 2014:
WOW! I really, really like this!!!

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Review #3, by miss author Finding The Letter Box

23rd August 2014:
You're really original!!! Brilliant idea!!! Your story's amazing!!!

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Review #4, by Emma The Circle

22nd November 2011:
Hello! Where are you? I want the last chapter (or more)!!! You have to write the last one soon!

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Review #5, by SimplyStupified77 The Circle

28th December 2008:
aw this is sooo sweeet! i can't wait to read the next chapter! update son =)

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Review #6, by REYNA The Circle

19th October 2008:
I love the story!
cant wait to read more!

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Review #7, by scarlett potter The Circle

21st May 2008:
really good. i know it's short, but i can't wait for the last chapter! please update quickly!

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Review #8, by ginny_lola The Circle

17th May 2008:
wow this story is amazing! I LUV THE LETTERS the ideas jst amzing!

sry, iv been sayin amazing a lot but thats jst 1 word that sums up the story! cant wait 4 da nxt chapter!

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Review #9, by AceShooter The Circle

9th May 2008:
Cool story, I hope you continue. I see its been a while since you updated but I'll keep looking and bugging you til I see a new chapter :)

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Review #10, by anonymous The Circle

15th April 2008:
i love it!!! can't wait for you to update!!

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Review #11, by SiriuslyInspired The Circle

8th April 2008:
you can't leave us here!
the story is great, I can't wait for the last chapter!

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Review #12, by australia_horse The Circle

24th March 2008:
love it!!! update soon!!!

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Review #13, by illuminatia The Circle

23rd December 2007:
three words:
i love you

Author's Response: wow...thanks!

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Review #14, by Lily Potter2 The Circle

21st December 2007:
I love this story, it is such an awesome idea plus you are a great writer. Can't wait for the next chapter

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Review #15, by charmed_heart25 The Circle

12th December 2007:
THis story's so interesting and original, and I love it for that :) Except that the letters are a bit unbelievable and some are kind of pointless (no purpose in the present time, the time when the whole Potter series actually happens) except to tell Lily and James whats been going on. Whatever, the plot line's awesome anyways :)

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Review #16, by Paul The Circle

8th December 2007:
I like this story a lot. Well writtten but more importantly a great idea, this story has something which only a few stories contain - imagination. It's a story that's unique, it's a great idea instead of writing about something which has been done many times before you wrote about something interesting. this story gets the reader involved in the story. Most stories on here are only alright because they're so bad that I can laugh at them and at all the mistakes and the amount of unrealistic ideas. It's a good serious story and it's an easy 10/10 for me.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Personally, I think the story line is a little over-the-top in this story. But after all this is magic we're dealing with, and I knew if it was going to be read it would have to be both over-the-top and unique.

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Review #17, by calliet2b4g The Circle

24th November 2007:

can't wait for the next chapter

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Review #18, by James_Girl_Lily The Circle

22nd November 2007:
I really liked this chapter. James and Lily know everything now. Harry's letter was touching and sweet! I am glad that they will send a letter back, its a fantastic idea. Post more soon! 10/10 =)

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Review #19, by 33hesta333 The Circle

21st November 2007:
yay! mazing story!! plz continue!

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Review #20, by QuidditchRocks777 The Circle

21st November 2007:
I loved the letter that Harry sent to Ron and Hermione..It was really good! I can't wait for the next chapter! =) You are a fantastic writer! =)
~QuidditchRocks777 =)

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Review #21, by Mira_Marauder The Circle

20th November 2007:
Awww... That was so sweet. I loved Harrys litle joke about Ron and Hermione's kissing. :) It was sweet. I just love this story, though I was starting to get worried that it was abandoned. I am very happy with it. 10/10 as usual. :)

Mira, Laura, and Saves.

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Review #22, by ginnyXharry The Circle

20th November 2007:

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Review #23, by emi potter The Circle

20th November 2007:
i really loved this!! you finaly updated!! woo!! it was all amazing except harry's letter seemed to be telling ron and hermione things they already knew which was a bit weird
anyway, great chapter!!! please please please update soon!

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Review #24, by MrsRadcliffe14 The Circle

20th November 2007:
One of the best stories I read. I just wish there were more letters to read!!!
Its still briliant!!!
I'll come as soon as you write the next chapter!!!

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Review #25, by Harrysgirl35 The Circle

19th November 2007:
This was a great chapter!Please update soon!1000/10

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