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Review #1, by lava lue The Broom Cupboard of Love

12th June 2008:
Brilliant!!! Ahh...teenage boys. A 10/10 on the fluff scale. You write your favorite genre very well. ;)

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Review #2, by al3x The Broom Cupboard of Love

23rd March 2008:
LMFAO that was hysterical...fair doos...sooo funny! yu should do a sequal ^_^

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Review #3, by James_Girl_Lily The Broom Cupboard of Love

9th March 2008:
That was hilarious! 10/10 =)

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Review #4, by SilverShadow04 The Broom Cupboard of Love

4th March 2008:
Ha ha oh my gosh this was so funny. I was laughing from beginning to end and James was so adorable and clueless. Great story I love a story that can make me laugh this is definitely becoming a favorite.

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Review #5, by lisapotter The Broom Cupboard of Love

26th February 2008:
oh my god! that was so cute and weird and just over all the best thing ever! haha, great job. even though it was pretty short it might very well be one of my favorite james and lily fan fics just becuase its so simple but still really good.

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Review #6, by Kelsey The Broom Cupboard of Love

1st January 2008:
Oh wow...uh, that was hilarious, totaly something my boyfriend would do. Whew! I had a good laugh.

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Review #7, by Lily_girl The Broom Cupboard of Love

15th December 2007:
That is really cute, I was laughing the whole time. In a good way though, don't worry. Good Job! Keep up the good work!

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Review #8, by Akiko44 The Broom Cupboard of Love

9th December 2007:
Completely and utterly hilarious, I stopped looking at the grammer 3 sentences in and by the 6 I was laughing up a storm.

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Review #9, by the_marauders_rock The Broom Cupboard of Love

6th December 2007:
LMAO! that was cute! ^_^ 10/10

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Review #10, by OneOfTheWeasleys The Broom Cupboard of Love

3rd December 2007:
Hey Gun Metal,

i was really sad that you didn't get a spot on my review list. You left such a nice comment about my sig that I decided to review you. :D

I'm really glad I read this one-shot. Usually, I'm not too fond of one-shots but this one was very different and left me content (which usually doesn't happen too much with a one-shot). It was very cute and so James. You stayed canon which is the best thing any writer could do and made it new at the same time.

I also like your writing style. It wasn't too fast nor too slow. Just perfect. Great job and i can't wait to read your other story!!! :D

Lots of Love,

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Review #11, by SilverThimble The Broom Cupboard of Love

3rd December 2007:
that was so funny! i loved james' awkward stuttering and pretty much all of Lily's sarcasm "No, this means I’m opposed to the idea of taking off my clothes in the midst of unknown and potentially dangerous cleaning supplies.” 10/10

Author's Response: :D I love Lily's sarcasm, too. She's brilliant. When I'm writing her, I spend days researching and thinking about comebacks. I'm really proud of the way this came out.

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Review #12, by dramione12 The Broom Cupboard of Love

2nd December 2007:
lol :) That was so funny! Thats exactly how I picture James acting! I loved this and its going straight on my fav's list!

Author's Response: Thank you soso much. I love James. He's my absolute favorite so I worked really hard at getting his character straight.

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Review #13, by Pingo The Broom Cupboard of Love

2nd December 2007:
Haha = Laughing.. hehe.. Very funny..

Let me see..There are some good and some bad things about it.. Let's start with the bad, 'cause then you'll have the good as a last impression and remember it. .The bad isn't actually bad.. Haha..
I just think the story is a little rushed.. And difficult to figure out.. The dialogs are very weird and it's like we just need a little more information about the time before.. Like where they were, I thought it was libary at first.. I like stories with all the information in the dialog, but maybe you could have told us what the letter was about.. I wouldn't imagine a sentitive girl as I imagine Lily is, to just "forget" it like that.. And when James pin her against the wall I would think she could throw him of her and so on.. Just being a little more like the fierce Lily we've got described in the books..

But I really like the story. It's very funny, but only too short.. You're good at putting information in the dialog.. I admire that.. I suck at it.. haha.. It's good, but what's with the James proposing? Isn't he ?? Hehe.. Or something.. ? I'm confused..

The story doesn't really have a plot, but that's also quite okay.. It's like we want a sequal to get a little plot.. I love long stories so that's probebly why I need more information..
You write very well..

I hope you'll r and r my stories.. Hehe..

I hope you could use my review to anything. .If not, well then there's just one review more to the collection.. ;) Hehe..

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm sorry you found parts of it confusing. I actually have the answers to all of your questions thought out. However, I do eventually plan on having a sequel to answer them.

I like to lead in without the reader having all the information up front. I'm sorry that confused you.

I imagine Lily didn't actually "forget." She simply got distracted. James, I believe, is very distracting.

I know Lily is fierce (though this seems to contradict the idea of her being "too sensitive to forget the letter even though she's having her face snogged off) but she's no where near as strong as James is. He's a star Quidditch player: And not a seeker, either--he got too big to be a seeker. He's a chaser. She's a bookworm. Not only that, but they're already going out, so I doubt Lily is quite as fierce towards him as she used to be.

James . . . wasn't proposing. He was assuming that they were going to get married. Then he thought about asking her, but Lily insisted that that was neither the time nor place.

It has a little bit of a plot: The only real plot I wanted, that is. James tries to shag Lily and everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Murphy's Law.

Thank you for my review. I will certainly take your comments into account in the future.

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Review #14, by Kahlan The Broom Cupboard of Love

18th November 2007:
This was wonderful! Though this consists of mostly dialogue, we got a good picture of the situation! And the dialogue was really good as well - very natural!

I think you've done a good job with the characters, and the humour works perfectly, and I smile even more at lines such as "Who ever said I was going to marry you, Potter".

I'm sorry I can't leave anything lengthy, but I just don't know what to say - I loved this! (favouriting ^^)

Author's Response: REALLY? FAVOURITE? *dies* I love it when people say that to me. It makes me weak in the knees. You sure know how to treat a girl 'round these parts. *fans*

I'm really excited that you think it's funny. Seriously, that thrills me to pieces. AND I LOVE that you told me your favorite line. It's those sorts of things that inspire me to keep writing.

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Review #15, by Hopeless Romantic The Broom Cupboard of Love

17th November 2007:
All I can say is Lol!

Author's Response: I know what LOL means, but I can't figure out how to say thanks in chatspeak.

Thnx, I think? Yes, thnx!

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Review #16, by wicKeDwitch1316 The Broom Cupboard of Love

13th November 2007:
Aw, this is really cute! Slightly awkward, but quite charming. Good job!

Author's Response: Aw. Thank you. I believe I'm reading one of your stories right now. Oh wait, yes I am. I think you're a wonderful author and it's very touching that you've reviewed something of mine. *fangirl squee* This is almost as good as the one time Libba Bray replied to one of my e-mails. *breathes really hard*

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Review #17, by Dollmage The Broom Cupboard of Love

1st October 2007:
hahaha-just great.

Author's Response: :)

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Review #18, by Antipodean Opaleye The Broom Cupboard of Love

18th September 2007:
HILARIOUS! loved it, keep up the good work, omg you are a great writer I absolutely ADORE it!

Author's Response: Aw. Thank you. I love how I have tricked all these people into thinking I'm funny.

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Review #19, by mrsJP4ever The Broom Cupboard of Love

29th August 2007:
i love the ending thats so funny!!!

great jpb

Author's Response: :DD I'm funny? This thrills me to pieces. Hahaha, go me.

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Review #20, by hermirror The Broom Cupboard of Love

25th August 2007:
I never stopped laughing. There's something endlessly charming about this. And the way you managed to keep everyone in character is lacking in almost all fanfic. Great work.

Author's Response: Meep. *blushblush* I think this might be the most eloquent review I've gotten so far. "Endlessly charming"? Me? That means so much.

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Review #21, by Silver Whisper The Broom Cupboard of Love

23rd August 2007:
Very cute - very amusing!

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you. That means a lot to me. I love that people keep calling my stories cute.

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Review #22, by em The Broom Cupboard of Love

22nd August 2007:
that was actually quiet funny!
u got the teenage hormones down good! haha

Author's Response: Well, *puffs out chest* I do try. Haha, I'm glad my teenage angst has ammounted to something productive.

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Review #23, by JimJams The Broom Cupboard of Love

18th August 2007:
lol this was so funny lol bless james though lol great story

Author's Response: Ah, poor James. This series (yes, I intend to write several more similar/related one-shots) will be as cruel to him as the other (the first chapter hasn't been validated yet, but you should read it when it is) is to Lily.

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Review #24, by innocent lily The Broom Cupboard of Love

16th August 2007:
Hahahah. That was funny. Great story!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

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