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Review #1, by Misstress Nicole Onward

29th August 2007:
If you are considering continuing this I'd support you. This could be a very interesting story, that I'd be willing to read. Only of course if it's Harry/Draco. I'm not picky about who's dom or sub, just that they're together.
You have many mistakes in this, and with it being short it catches the attention of the reader. You spelled realize wrong twice as relise. If you are English it's fine with the 's' but it still needs an 'a.' You also missed a few apostrophes in contractions and ownerships: didn't and Draco's. Weasel is spelled 'e' before 'l.' And this is a common error but I thought you'd like to know anyway. The correct spelling of the word is probably. Two b's. Response was also so spelled wrong, responce, unless you meant it as a play on words. Draco being a ponce and all. Oh, and Gryffindor is the correct spelling for the house name, unless this was another play on words.
Other then the mistakes I see this as being a great fic. I'd definitely would like to see more.

Author's Response: Thanks for your comment. I would love to know if you have any idias for the next chapter? ^..^

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Review #2, by snapdragon123 Onward

25th August 2007:
i like it its good you should write more

Author's Response: ^_^ you have any suggestions for the next chapter?

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Review #3, by dark-lord--happy-pants Onward

23rd August 2007:
hahahahaha! that was very good! and funny!

Author's Response: Thank you for the comment! ^_^ Do you have any suggestions?

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