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Review #1, by jessica Hollow Storms in Shattered Teacups

1st March 2004:

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Review #2, by FroBoy Hollow Storms in Shattered Teacups

29th September 2003:
I think its a great story!!!

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Review #3, by Andrea Hollow Storms in Shattered Teacups

26th July 2003:
I think your story is really good but i just don\'t know whrere you are going with it. What else is there to right about?? Your the one with the ideas tho. Well good lucj with your story!!:)

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Review #4, by ginnymalfoy Hollow Storms in Shattered Teacups

21st July 2003:

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Review #5, by cassidy Hollow Storms in Shattered Teacups

20th July 2003:
oh. this is so sad. It\'s awesome though. You\'re incredibly descriptive in your writing and i like that. If you have time, I\'d appreciate it if you check out my story. Please write more. This is great. :)

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Review #6, by loopylupin Hollow Storms in Shattered Teacups

19th July 2003:
I haven\'t had time to read ur story properly, but from what I\'ve read it\'s great!! Really good idea to move the action to the end of the war. So sad, sob...I am a manic Lupin fan, so v sad that Lupin died! Pleeze write more, maybe find out how all those characters died. Not that I want Lupin to have died a really heroic death or anything...if u have time, could u r/r my fic \'The Last Marauder\', which is about, well, guess who? He he he. Keep writing!

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