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Reading Reviews for The Diary of Scorpius Malfoy
34 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Mandy Aspen A Garden of Thorns

3rd February 2017:
Poor Scorp, he never had much of a life.

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Review #2, by Binka A Garden of Thorns

11th August 2009:
Not to be mean, but none of this made any sense at all.

Author's Response: Well, with the H/D, you would have to read "The Black Rose" or something of their romance to understand it. And with Scorpius...well, sometimes you feel like sitting down and sorting out your worries, like starting school. He was just having one of those "thinking" moments.

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Review #3, by light_blue A Garden of Thorns

21st December 2008:
The story actually continues to where Scorpius meets Rose at Hogwarts. As an avid Rose/Scorpius shipper, I've already written that part.

But I haven't added those chapters at all. Small wonder, no one really seems to like this story-thanks for reading though.

From light_blue

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Review #4, by R.M.V.P. A Garden of Thorns

20th December 2008:
How does this have anything to do with Rose and Scorpius?

Author's Response: Ah, that was a chapter WAYY before they were destined to meet. :)

But please read "Wind"-its pure Rose and Scorpius! :D (it'll come up in the next few weeks)


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Review #5, by iluvharrypotter The Memory Charm

21st April 2008:

Author's Response: :) Thank you so much!

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Review #6, by iluvharrypotter First Shock

21st April 2008:
I LOVE IT! I really like Draco being a good person and stuff. It sorta reminds me of Parenthood (a different hpff, i highly recommend it) I love love love love love love love it!

Author's Response: :) Thank you! XD

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Review #7, by iluvharrypotter Chapter Three: Tip of the Iceberg

21st April 2008:
Hey! I really liked it when you brought Dumbledore back, sorta. I realized it was him when he said Tom, but what does that have to do with the Malfoys? Great story so far!

Author's Response: The Malfoys are known for their relationship with Voldemort and his circle of death eaters. This is the main reason why the Malfoy name is quite disliked, especially after Harry Potter defeated Voldemort, and order was restored. In other words though, Dumbledore is trying to tell Scorpius that he shouldn't hate his "name" as much as he should-Tom did, and look what he went to become.

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Review #8, by iluvharrypotter Rooftop Rescues

21st April 2008:
WHAT IF WHAT?!?!?!?? AH!
I love this story! And you got a banner! YAY!

Author's Response: :)

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Review #9, by light_blue First Shock

20th April 2008:
Please review.this was more like a filler chapter

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Review #10, by missdagane Chapter Three: Tip of the Iceberg

6th March 2008:
Hello, i find your story interesting and hope

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I'm honored that you find it interesting! XD
So far I have a big plan for this story-which I am tightly bent to execute. :) I will definitely write more!

Thank you for the review. :)

Sincerely From light_blue

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Review #11, by Hanna's Mom Chapter Three: Tip of the Iceberg

5th March 2008:
Wow what a cliff hanger. You could definately keep going and going, or you could just let us think out the rest.
wonderful twists and turns. Loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I truly appreciate all your reviews-it was eye opening to see that people could see where I was at with Scorpius' Diary, what I was trying to convey! :)
Originally there had been four extra chapters...but I didn't like them. So I added "tip of the iceberg".
Ahaha, I will try my best to go on-and to produce the best writing I can for this story! :)
Thank u for your enthusiasm! XD Your reviews have given me extra confidence! :)

Sincerely, from light_blue

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Review #12, by Hanna's mom Rooftop Rescues

5th March 2008:
Your third "paragraph" didn't make sense, you may want to re-work that. Excellent story!

Author's Response: Thank u for pointing that out! :) Now that I read it, I see I haven't exactly narrowed down what I was trying to explain. :D I will without a doubt change it!

Thank you for the review! :)

From light_blue

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Review #13, by Hanna's mom The Memory Charm

5th March 2008:
Aside from a few gramatical errors you have my attention! Excellent twist in this chapter and although it is short it is well done.

Author's Response: :) That's wonderful news! I hope to make my chapters longer-I feel it is short too.
:D Thank you! That means the world to me :)

And again, thank u for your review! :) I really appreciate it! XD

From light_blue

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Review #14, by Hanna's mom The Diary

5th March 2008:
You are an excellent storyteller. I'm anxious to read the next chapter, but you asked for reviews. Touching to the heart and makes you think about the prejudices you carry because your family did.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I am overjoyed that you see my motive-it is hard for people to get over unwanted attention and judgments, which is what Scorpius has to go through. Hopefully this story will bring justice to his character. :)

Thank u for the review as always! :)

From light_blue

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Review #15, by iluvharrypotter The Diary

28th January 2008:
I love it! It is really good and I love the part where Draco is the one writing as the diary! I give it a 9/10

Author's Response: :) Thank you! Im really happy that you liked the Draco part :)

Thank u SO MUCH for the awesome review!

I hope u keep reading! I love any kind of feedback

from light_blue

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Review #16, by HermioneWeasleyFan Rooftop Rescues

21st January 2008:
Oh no.is Scorpius going to be ok? Tune in next chapter to find out.hehehe Can't wait to read the rest of the story.

Author's Response: :) I think he will! He has many surprises in store.......XD

Thanks for reviewing! :) It made my day brighter!

from light_blue

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Review #17, by HermioneWeasleyFan The Memory Charm

21st January 2008:
I'm sorry but I'm kind of curious now. So, Scorpius kind of has a curse on him...what's the prophecy?

Author's Response: Don't be sorry! :) That's wat reviews are for!

“Long rest the dark arts, but as the dawn rises to let go of an evil one, she gives birth to another,” An old man had said this to Draco when Scorpius was born, which they deduced as a curse.
Following the uttering of the prophecy, Draco's father died-thus invoking the meaning of "to let go of an evil one".
I hope my story isn't confusing :( Please feel free to ask any questions about the plot or the characters anytime! :)

Thank you for the review! :)
From light_blue

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Review #18, by HermioneWeasleyFan The Diary

12th January 2008:
wow. I really like it. I didn't expect it to be THAT ...angsty. I like it.

Author's Response: :) That's awesome! Thank you-I wanted to put as much angst in the story as possible, especially the first chapter. :D

Thank you for your review(s)! :) They made my day.....a 100 times over! :P

From light_blue

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Review #19, by PureSlytherinSpite The Diary

4th January 2008:
aww ... you ok sweetie..?
i thought malfoys never cried..?
isnt it an act of weakness..?

lool jokin hehe

Author's Response: :) ahahahahaa im finee!
Well, I know scorpius is! :P
He was feeling really sad there, being treated badly as a young boy. Actually, the only reason he cried was because he WAS young- when he is 10 or older in the story, he wouldn't even THINK of crying! :P

:) Thank you for your review!

From light_blue

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Review #20, by Lilyscorpius The Diary

3rd January 2008:
i think its nice and original
it is quite sad too

Author's Response: :) Thank you!
I wanted to put the "scorpius" I saw in perspective...........and he is a sad child :(
But I am certain that he will be happier.... :) I hope you will continue to read the story! :)
Thank you for the review!

From light_blue

PS there is actually going to be some lily/scorpius in the story too, when he meets lily in hogwarts :)

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Review #21, by ScienceGeek The Diary

17th October 2007:
Heeyyy, guess what? lol, I gave you the unfinished banner! WHOOPS!

But I see you like it anyways, but if you wish to see the finished product (I had much fun with this one heheh) then just send me a review or message through here, or even email. p.s: YOUR STORY ROCKS MY SOCKS! 9/10!

Author's Response: thank u! :D im super happy nowww!!!
Really?! I didn't even notice! I would love to see the finished product though-whichever fits better! :)

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Review #22, by shadowkitty22 The Memory Charm

5th October 2007:
Quite the amusing book title you came up with there.


Author's Response: Thanks! :) I always knew there was something...bizarre in the Malfoys' library :D
Thank u for the review! :D

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Review #23, by shadowkitty22 The Diary

5th October 2007:
Somehow I think a guy might find it more manly to refer to his diary as a "journal". I thought it was interesting that you had Draco as the person who was actually responding as the diary. Poor Scorpius.


Author's Response: Really? ahahahah well you know more about being "manly' then I do-thanks for the idea though, maybe Scorpius would re-name his "diary" when he's older-all credit goes to u! :)
Thank you! :) Well, Scorpius is on a journey to get stronger :D
Thank u so much for reading! I was sooo happy when i saw ure reiviews! :)
From light_blue

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Review #24, by NevillesSoulmate The Memory Charm

28th September 2007:
Ooh, a memory charm. Interesting.

Author's Response: :) Thank u!

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Review #25, by JLHufflepuff Rooftop Rescues

17th September 2007:
I am anxious to see what happens next.

Author's Response: :D ahahaha, im happy you like the story!

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