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Review #1, by Ginger Lust So Kiss Me.

28th July 2012:
I loved this story. Very nice.

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Review #2, by writergirl8 So Kiss Me.

11th August 2010:
This was a good story :) I liked how the map had AW and MP on it- that was really cute and a great twist. I also really liked how Hermione kept trying to interrupt Ron when he kept on rambling. Two notes: In the beginning of the story, you changed tenses a few times. I'm probably just being knit picky, it's not a big deal :) Second... well, at the end, when Ron kisses Hermione, it says that he leans over and lays a tedious kiss on her lips. Tedious means tiresome because of length or dullness: boring. Pretty sure that's not what you meant :) A kiss isn't tedious unless it's with... Severus Snape, for example :D Anyway, I think you might have meant either tenuous or tentative, both of which would have worked in this situation. So, if you ever feel like it, you might want to go back and edit that. It kind of made me stop in the middle of this really, really romantic and beautiful scene and go "Um. Ron finds kissing Hermione tedious? I thought he was in love with her! That can't be good!" Sorry if I was too harsh, I honestly did not mean to offend, I really liked this. ~writergirl8

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Review #3, by Ilovefred So Kiss Me.

22nd January 2010:
I love this story. The added part about Molly was great!

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Review #4, by girly1393 So Kiss Me.

5th April 2009:
Very well done. Great job.

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Review #5, by whisky So Kiss Me.

9th March 2009:
awww, shucks, how romantic, were they already together when this happenned? i mean according to u

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Review #6, by Jamoki So Kiss Me.

15th March 2008:
i give a 100/100 instead of 10/10. that was good. i liked it.

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Review #7, by jennainloonyland So Kiss Me.

9th March 2008:
aww, too cute!
i love this song too.

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Review #8, by converse_rocks345 So Kiss Me.

31st December 2007:
Awww I love this story. I was listening to this song yesterday night but it was the cover by new found glory

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Review #9, by RoseCrimson So Kiss Me.

3rd November 2007:
That was really cute :] Not a masterpiece, but cute nonetheless.

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Review #10, by haley So Kiss Me.

17th October 2007:
very very very very very cute. double cool with knobs. i love the song. keep up the writing your great at it

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Review #11, by crazygurl17 So Kiss Me.

13th October 2007:
aww cute story!!!

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Review #12, by prettywheezy So Kiss Me.

13th October 2007:
good job! i love the song you used ine of my favs!

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Review #13, by MaryMacdonald So Kiss Me.

13th October 2007:
Great, I like the way you write

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Review #14, by caer24 So Kiss Me.

8th October 2007:
This is a very cute story. I liked it.

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Review #15, by cmw So Kiss Me.

5th October 2007:
absolutely adorable!


r/hr forever!

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Review #16, by Bright Green Eyes So Kiss Me.

4th October 2007:
That was really cute! I love that song! You captured the R/H so wonderfully through your words!

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