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Review #1, by David Hill For the Future, the Present and a Past

5th January 2009:
What happened with the series? Are you still writing?

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Review #2, by pinkkkie For the Future, the Present and a Past

17th April 2008:
ahh thats the most terrible cliff hanger
in a good way :D

keep writing. i've spent a couple hours reading both of the stories.
and i pretty much havent done anything else all day.


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the 'little' cliffy. :D

Don't worry, even though we cannot write and update this story as quickly as we used to do, the next chapter is being written right now.

I hope you didn't have anything else to do the day your read our fics. *sigh* I know how it feels when you find an amazing story and you just want to keep on reading.

I'm glad you think our story is "amazing". :D Thanks a lot for the compliment, and for reading and leaving a review.

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Review #3, by juls For the Future, the Present and a Past

15th April 2008:
Loved it... once again a wonderful chapter added to a wonderful series of stories.

The kids are learning. and Pierin is learning how to be a leader, perhaps the hardway.

I loved it that Sorka is letting go of the fear the Seer created in her. Maybe not let go, but manage.

The Seer herself peaks an interest in me. where is she from, who is she- and just how correct is her prophesy??

Can not wait until the next chapter. please don't make me...

Huggles juls

Author's Response: Juls,

I'm so glad you loved it. Thank you so much. :-)

Yes, the kids are learning, and especially Pierin. The practice was almost a rite of passage for him. I'm not saying he's going to be different now, but he learned his lesson.

Like all Seers, the one Sage and Sorka met in the Ruins is a little mysterious. You'll soon have the answers to your questions.

Thanks a lot for reading and leaving a review, Juls. :)



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Review #4, by White_Dragon For the Future, the Present and a Past

15th April 2008:

First thing, you've created another fantastic Header for your story! The choice of objects and lighting, the unreadable text that is almost large enough to read, teasing us into staring at it until we are almost sucked into the picture itself. Your sense of composition is wonderful!

Your pacing of the story is outstanding. I'm glad you went into detail about the debriefing of the students following the lesson. This is where real learning and understanding occurs. The exercise of the battle scenario was one of pure emotion and undisciplined application of class room learning. In this chapter, the students begin to connect the dots. They get 'blooded' in a controlled environment, learning that they can come out of the other side of a battle with their wits intact, even though their egos may be bruised. They all need to get over their sense of self-importance and grow up. Sage and Sorka handle them very well, with patience and respect. There is no way of sugar coating the lessons they have to teach. I think they do a damn good job.

Sorka and Sage are so good together. I admire how Sorka took control of the situation, communicating clearly to Sage what her intent was, in no uncertain terms. One of the sexiest things I've read between these two.

The third portion of the chapter shows the next logical stage in the students training, for now that they know what some of those spells they have learned about can actually do and feel like, they are afraid to 'hurt' someone with it. The flashbacks to Sorka's earlier memories always fascinate me. I know that their is an alternate timeline element to this story, and I am always on the lookout for pieces of the puzzle which will help me to understand the big picture.

The ending is a very nice segue-way into the next chapter. I know that there is importance in the name Sabin... you never choose your characters names frivolously.

Well done, Anne!!


Author's Response: Jim,

Thank you so much for the compliment on my header(s). *blushing* I try to picture what I want to do and find the right photographs. Then I blend them and nudge them until it 'feels' right. I like to try new ideas (especially if it's a little challenging!) and use new tools. :-)

This story has been making its own pacing for a long time now - probably from the start. It's never been possible to rush it or to slow it down. A 'long' time ago, according to our chapter plan, everything that is now chapter 5 and chapter 6 and about half of chapter 7 should have fitted in chapter 5. But it was a long time ago, before the story, and particularly the characters, started to write themselves. And of course, even if they weren't, it would have been impossible to cram everything in one chapter. A couple of scenes were added as the writing was going on - like the one where Sage and Sorka visit the ruins. But they were necessary. The scene you're talking about is a good example. We knew what kind of lesson they wanted to teach the kids. But most of the 'how to go there' was a mystery until the writing truly began, and as always the characters did the rest. *shrugs*

Sage and Sorka are good together, all the more so now that they truly share the front of the stage. At the beginning, Sage's background and story were more in the shade than Sorka's. But somehow his personality was stronger, more well-defined than hers. So there was another kind of balance between the two then. The scene with Sorka and Sage could have been only a couple of lines, mainly dialog, with Sorka telling Sage that she wanted another baby. Some readers might have liked it better that way, less detailed, more straight to the point, without the 'unnecessary part'. I like it so much better the way it is, and I'm glad you liked it too. :-)

The flashback in the last scene was a spur of the moment addition. But it felt kind of right there, and I know that I like showing Sorka and Sage's relationship in the 'new' timeline. As for the name 'Sabin', you're right, of course. And our readers know that there was a reference to that name earlier in the story. ;-)

Again, thank you so much, Jim.


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Review #5, by juls The Ruins

12th March 2008:
Well, well, well... WELL worth the wait my dear. I loved it.

Another prophesy? Scary, but I'm sure Sage and Sorka can deal with what ever 'evil' is coming for them. I loved your descriptions of the ruins by the way.

I also applaud you on your action scene, and how you handled all of the participants. You kept them all involved- but Sorka got hurt. Bah

I like the fact that they are back to teaching again, and even if only one student is taking their words/lessons seriously, it makes them worth it. Pierin is a fabulous OC, great job there dear.


Great job! Please don't keep us all waiting so long next time. Looking forward to the rest of the action coming in chapter 6.



Author's Response: Hey Juls!

Yes, another little prophecy - can someone remind me, next time I want a prophecy in one of my stories, that I suck at writing them? Oh, right, I know of someone who will. :D

Action scenes aren't difficult to write. It's a question of rhythm, mostly. And may I add that writing action is fun? That makes it even easier! As for Sorka, she wasn't badly hurt. We wouldn't do that to her, would we?

It's good to have Sorka and Sage teaching again - well, especially Sage. I'm glad you like Pierin, since he'll have a recurring role in the story.

Chapter 6 is almost finished. It will be ready to post when the queue re-opens!

Thanks so much for leaving a review. :)


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Review #6, by Sabrina Black The Ruins

11th March 2008:
Loved it! Great action scene with the teenagers.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you loved it, and particularly the last part. Thank you so much for sticking to the story and for leaving a review. :)


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Review #7, by White_Dragon The Ruins

10th March 2008:

Definitely worth the wait!! It's a pleasure to read about the lives of two such wonderful characters again. The story feels as if there had been no gap in the chapters.

Early in the chapter, we see how close these two have become, and how they can read each others body language so well. And though Sorka is empathic, Sage is as in tune with her as she is with him. Then as they move about, doing the trivial little things, we feel the warmth of their love, and we see their dedication to their child.

Although the Atlanteans stay away from the Ruins, presumably by choice, one wonders how the children are dissuaded from visiting it illicitly. Although Sage and Sorka visit it during the day time, I cannot help but wonder what the night may bring? I think you have created a wonderful 'playground' that you will be able to re-visit quite often!

The whole idea of this duel amongst the Ruins is great. In real life, a place like that would be an invaluable tool for the training of the military and paramilitary organizations. In this far corner of the Potterverse, you have provided Sage with an invaluable training tool. I might add, I don't see how it would be a far flung idea that the Ruins may some day become an international school of Magic!

I can't wait to find out in the next chapter how Sage and Sorka review the exercise with the five youngsters. I am sure it will be interesting to find out how the students deal with what they have learned.

Finally, as the Anne McCaffrey fan that I am, I cannot help but wonder if the names Zara (not a totally uncommon name) and Donal (a much more common name) might be a nod to her stories!

Applause for a fine return to a wonderful story, Anne!!


Author's Response: Jim,

Thank you so much. This chapter was a slow process and I was afraid I had lost my ability to write Sorka and Sage. Or more to the point, my ability to write. Period.

Yes, Sorka is empathic, and one could argue that Sage is using the ring on her finger to read her. But I think it's obvious by now that he doesn't need it anymore. Those two bonded the first time they saw each other, and there is a connection between them. And now they have a child, and Jasen helps revealing other facets of their personalities as he reveals his own.

The problem, with the young Atlanteans, is that they aren't like most children in the world. They aren't as curious or adventurous. Now, of course, some of them are... I'm sure you know who I mean. :) So they wouldn't visit the Ruins at night. Plus the Ruins are rather isolated.

Concerning the Ruins, I think that the Atlanteans ignore them because they can't explain them. And that's the reason why they would like to tear them down. They like being able to explain everything. They like the idea that their civilization is the oldest in the world.

You know, that's why I like reviews so much, because you saw potentials in the Ruins that I had not seen till now. And an International School of Magic, no less... Wow! So much to ponder now...

Yes, I did it again. When I have to find names for characters, I generally think about characters that I've liked. I borrowed Zara to Anne McCaffrey. Now, she probably used the name Donal at one point - OMG, when I think of all the names she needed for a book like Dragonsdawn...! But Donal was one of the main characters in Stormqueen!, by Marion Z. Bradley. I know, I'm bad. :P

Thank you, Jim. :)


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Review #8, by White_Dragon A Letter From Home

22nd February 2008:
This is a great chapter, Anne!

First thing that comes to mind is that Blaise and Domic may now have some sort of connection, whether it be by blood, or by emotion (hatred, etc). I doubt we have heard the last of Inea and Domic.

The love Sage and Sorka have for baby Jasen is amazing, and quite lovely. Your ideas about the school system are of great interest to me, and I hope for more on that subject in the future.

Everything in the story just fits together so well. Nothing feels rushed.

Your observations about the young girl being more comfortable in the hands of the House Elf tell me quite a bit about the quality of your writing style.

I am very anxious to read Chapter 5! I know it will be outstanding. (smile)


Author's Response: Jim,

Thank you. *smiles*

Concerning Blaise, Inea and Domic, you will have to read on.

The school system now. Atlantis is a wizarding community, so obviously they need a different school system, because they can't depend on the Muggles' for the education of their children up to the age of eleven. Of course, they could all be taught by their mother and/or father, but why not schools, since the wizards and witches there don't have to share the island with non-magical people.

We both like House-elves, but I must admit that I have a hard time each time I have to write one - or at least their parts in a dialog. Oh well... Anyway, I'm glad you noticed that part about the baby girl and the house-elf. And that it told you so much.

Once again, thanks for your review. Chapter 5 should be up soon. Really.


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Review #9, by White_Dragon Where The Heart Is

17th February 2008:

This was such a nice chapter to read on a rainy, wintry, Sunday afternoon! The pregnancy portion of the chapter was just right, in both length, and descriptive content. Nothing about the so-called cliches was even remotely objectionable. It is my theory that couples experiencing their first pregnancy look forward to being the focus of some of those old cliches.

The way they both deal with Pierin throughout the chapter is very admirable. Once again, everything is paced just perfectly!

Their love for each other throughout the whole story, to date, is very mature and a pleasure to read. The emotions they express make me, the reader, feel very comfortable, and welcome.

The idea that Atlantean society may be a stagnant one is very interesting and very plausible. Kudos to the both of you for thinking about it!

Well done!!


Author's Response: Jim,

I'm glad some of the warmth in this chapter poured out of the screen on that rainy, wintry Sunday afternoon.

When you write about pregnancy, it is impossible to avoid all cliches. And though we didn't want to describe it from beginning to ending, we owed our characters a few moments, because it is an important time in their life. But still we didn't want to endure the unavoidable cliches, so we made them fit and help reinforce our characterizations.

When we introduced Pierin, we hoped that our readers would like him. Obviously, he's going to be a recurring character. I'm glad you liked the way Sorka and Sage deal with him in this chapter. There is more to come.

The love Sage and Sorka share has been developed throughout almost thirty chapters now. I'm glad you think it is mature and a pleasure to read. I realized not so long ago that the dynamic between the characters changed on the day they both admitted they were in love. *smiles* I was so much into the story then, and into the characters (and I hope I still am) that it just felt right. There is so much more of Sage now - and being his number one fan, I'm glad it is that way. I think that the 'new' balance led to the full development of both characters, and the readers who have read them from the start are now completely comfortable with them. And thus with their feelings and emotions. It it makes any sense.

Thank you so much for the review - for sharing your thoughts about our story and for the compliments on our writing.


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Review #10, by White_Dragon Uncharted Waters

4th February 2008:

The descriptions of the house were spot-on. Somehow, even if I didn't know where this island was, I'd know this house was Mediterranean in styling. Of course, I know you've got more experience with Mediterranean architecture than most readers/writers.

I like the various inhabitants that you are showing us. I do wonder why there is a shortage of potion makers. At first, I didn't realize they were planning on setting up shop, or a home, on Atlantis.

The part about the 'virus' also threw me a bit. Maybe I missed an earlier reference to it. But I'm glad...very glad, it is just morning sickness!

Their love for each other just feels so good!

Well done!


Author's Response: Jim,

I'm glad you liked the descriptions of the house. A Mediterranean architecture has always seemed right to me as regards to Atlantis... don't ask me why, I have no idea. lol. Now you're right, I probably have more experience with it than most authors/readers - because of where I live, and because I'm older than most and have been travelling some.

We had to create some Atlantean OCs. And show them as normal people, in spite of being Atlanteans, and yet different, because they were born and they live on an island/continent and have no interactions with the people from the Outside. There is a shortage of potion makers because the fine art of making potions is not magical enough for most Atlanteans. It's as simple as that.

Yes, Sorka and Sage plan to stay on Atlantis. They have to find why Blaise wants the young woman before they can live in the Outside again. So it made sense for them to not just wait, but keep on living as they would have in England.

There was no other reference to the 'virus'. It's nothing life-threatening, of course. Just some illness the Atlanteans are falling to at that moment in the story. But obviously, neither Sage... nor Sorka. It was quite fun to write her like that - not sick, but jealous and passionate. lol.

I'm glad you think that their love for each other feels good... I have the feeling that they have been writing themselves for some time now. As if they were real, in their own world, and we knew everything about them... I'm not sure I'm making sense. Maybe they have been part of my life for too long now.

Thanks a lot for reading and leaving a review, Jim.


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Review #11, by White_Dragon The Secret Island

26th January 2008:
Well, shame on me for taking so long to begin to read this story, and its wonderful first chapter!!!

They complete each other so well, that if someone told them they couldn't use Magic for the rest of their lives, I should think the love that they have for each other would would simply overflow into that hole, filling it instantly!

Nice reference to Anne McCaffrey, Anne -Smile-

This chapter shows such great creativity. The whole idea of Atlantis, and their particular form of Marriage... I actually felt apprehension... until it was explained what their test involved.

Switching the POVs back and forth was very effective.

Well done to you both!


Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked this first chapter, Jim - and that you're sticking with this story. :)

And I knew you'd catch the reference to Anne McCaffrey. :D Yes, I found the name 'Larak' in "Damia".

Sage told once that he could do without any magic. Having been brought up the way she had, Sorka could, too. So I can't say that you're wrong. And they do love each other that much. It is the kind of love that instead of depriving both of their freedom gives each the opportunity to blossom. It is a love that frees instead of acting like chains.

I must admit that the Atlantean form of marriage was a spur of the moment thing. lol. Strangely, some of our best ideas have been... As for switching the points of view back and forth, it just felt right that way. I'm glad it worked for you!

Thank you for reading - no, it didn't take you so long, certainly not as long as it's taking me to respond! - and for leaving a review.


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Review #12, by juls A Letter From Home

15th December 2007:
Dearest dearest Anne and Sage~~
This was a lovely chapter, too long of a wait though. I was pleased to see it in my favorites as finally updated.

Yes~~ I understand your bottom note, and feel a certain sadness over it as you do. I'm glad though that you will continue writing it, for it's a testement of you both.

First... amazing imagery on the baby bath time. Believe it or not, I miss that time when my own son was dependant on me for the small as well as the big things in life. Ah... memories.

The arranged marriage thing? Those parents need a lesson in life, for I don't think their own child likes them at the tender age of 1. Poor kids. love Sage's reaction though.

So Blaise is still about creating havoc for a war that was lost? Silly Death Eater spawn. Though-- the reasons he wants her intrigues me, and I can't wait until you reveal it. Even the name change (Sabin to Zabini) is interesting. Ponders it all... and waits for the revelation.

I love how truly well Sage and Sorka work together as a couple. Both are strong, independant- but dependant on each other. Love it. Love it. Love it.

~~huggles my dear,

Author's Response: Ah, Juls, I have to agree. We should have updated this story earlier. We are very sorry for the delay.

I knew you'd understand my Author's Note. I have to and I need to keep on writing this story. I just can't say goodbye to Sage and Sorka too.

Even if I don't have a child, I know how it feels - I have two nieces and one nephew, after all. Yes, fond memories here too. Not just memories, though. My nephew still needs a hug when he's out of the tub and dripping. :)

The arrange marriage part... It shows that in spite of everything the Atlanteans may believe, their society is not perfect. They are human beings, after all.

Concerning the revelation... don't worry, the reason why Blaise wants her will be revealed. (Yes, we are evil... hehe.)

I'm glad you love this story and the way Sage and Sorka love each other. They work together and being together has been giving each of them the opportunity to blossom. That's how love should always be...

Thanks for reading and leaving a review, dear.


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Review #13, by sinwillys822 A Letter From Home

11th December 2007:
you have my condolences for your loss and i will keep reading the story

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you like this story and you want to keep on reading it. There will be an update soon, I promise.


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Review #14, by POTTERRULZ Where The Heart Is

9th November 2007:

Author's Response: I'm so glad you love this 'little' twist of ours. We do love to expand on the Potterverse. The next chapter should be up soon now.

Thanks for reading and leaving a review. :)

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Review #15, by tasharooo The Secret Island

30th October 2007:
awww, i loved the first story and i think i'm going to like this one too

Author's Response: I'm so glad you loved our first story, and I do hope you'll like this one too. Thanks a lot for reading and leaving a review. :)

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Review #16, by MaeveWeasley Where The Heart Is

23rd October 2007:
I need more!!! I'm addicted now and I need my daily fix!!!

Author's Response: "Daily"??? Oh my... I'm not sure we can update daily. But I promise we're doing our best so there will be an update soon. Unfortunately, rl has been very busy for my friend and I lately. There is always the unexpected... Have you read our Halloween story yet? It's called The Ghost of Halloween Future and it's a Sorka and Sage story. We'd love to have your feedback on that one.
Thanks a lot for reading and leaving a review.

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Review #17, by Silver Rain Where The Heart Is

5th October 2007:
I LoVe ThIs StOrY! 10/10 PLZ UPDATE

Author's Response: I'm so glad you love our story! Thank you for reading and leaving a review. We'll update as soon as possible. :)

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Review #18, by forvereading Where The Heart Is

29th September 2007:
i really love the idea of atlantis.
sorka and sage are so sweet as a couple!
i'm so glad they had their baby!
amazing job!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you love the idea of Atlantis. We're having fun creating our Atlantis. lol. And Sage and Sorka are sweet together. They are living a peaceful life in Atlantis, and it helps. We're very happy to see that people like the idea of Sorka and Sage being parents. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #19, by Tabi Prewett Where The Heart Is

26th September 2007:
They logged me out..GR... Anyway loved the chapter. I love the name Jasen I might just have to name my next boy that name.The names you come up with are so Pierin that is really different and now Sage gets to be a teacher again I bet he really loves that.
You know I never really thought about it before but Spartan should be alive in this timeline casue that evil never happened. But did you really have to bring up the name Damien..geez I am still in hidding over him..Shhh don't tell anyone you saw me here...

Keep up the great work...

Until next chapter...Tabi

Author's Response: Jasen means 'healer'... I chose it because I like the sound of it though, not because of its meaning. We like choosing different names, from different origins.

You're right, Spartan could be alive in this timeline because he and Sage never went to the park where he used to 'live'... and where he died in the other timeline. But then he never met Sage in this timeline, and in the other timeline, he would probably have died sooner if he had not. So, who knows?

Thanks for the review. They are always most appreciated. :D


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Review #20, by Tabi Prewett Uncharted Waters

26th September 2007:
Well that was very interesting...Sorry for my delay I am really bad bad and need to be grounded..Anyway...on with the review...

I am so glad that they had magic to fix that house it sounded like it was in terrible shape. That would have taken hours upon hours to fix. I think I would love to be Atlantean they sound like a few tight family so tight that 16 yr olds think they can go around seducing married men. I cannot believe Sorka didn't hex her becasue I surely think I would have done it. Sorry for Sage never seen Sorka get that jealous before but he seemed to think it was very becoming.

From the beginning of the chapter when she was getting sick the first thing that had come to my mind was that she was pregant. I mean I couldn't she how she couldn't be they seem to shag like bunnies...LOL

I totally loved the chapter can't wait to find out more...Just their luck they would have twins.

Keep up the good work...

Until Next Chapter...Tabi

Author's Response: Obviously, I have to be grounded too... for not responding earlier. Sorry, Tabi. I thought I had...

Most Atlanteans live their whole life on the island and never see any other place. So they are kinda a close-knit community. And Sorka could have hexed Niala, but she would have felt so guilty afterwards. The girl is not so bad. And Sage was wise enough to get out of the way. Then of course Sorka's jealousy boosted his ego. He's great, but he's a man, after all. lol.

They "shag like bunnies"??? Ow, no true! They are making up for all those years they spent far from each other. lol.

Thanks for reading and reviewing! :D


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Review #21, by juls Where The Heart Is

26th September 2007:
I loved this chapter- yet again. Dorka and Sage have a wonderful relationship, and a baby just completes it. Least you didn't drag out pickles and ice cream =P
Pierin sounds like an interesting young man, and you have created another lovely OC for me to like. Good job there.
I like the thought of Sage (and Sorka!) teaching dueling, for it's a part of them. It's also good that the kids are learning how to protect themselves. Theory vs practice? Practice! hands down.
This chapter had just the right mix of sweetness with all the action.
More please!

Author's Response: Obviously I've been lazy. Or maybe too busy... Yeah, I like the latter better. :P

Pickles and ice cream... I knew we had forgotten something important! Actually, I told Sage we had missed one cliché, maybe the most obvious one about pregnant women: the cravings. lol.

We could have made Sage and Sorka teach at the Atlantean school, but what they are doing here is more important as regards to the rest of the story. And they need to practice, so they won't get too rusty. ;)

More soon... I hope. Thanks for reading and reviewing. Huggles ~Anne

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Review #22, by IwubHarry Uncharted Waters

17th September 2007:
I love this story. When you throw in a detail, you always have a purpose. I'm talking of the tattoos but it's not just them. Quantity = quality and trust me not many authors can do it. Obviously you've been putting a lot of thoughts in your story. If you're not already writing an original story together you should do it. You have a unique way of weaving things in, like Sorka's pregnancy. Every one of your chapters leaves me speechless.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you. Well, to tell you the truth, when we started writing this story, I thought it would be a short story, or a novella at the most. It turns out it's now a novel, with a sequel... and there will be a third part... Now, as long as our readers keep on thinking, like you, that quantity=quality, we are happy authors. :)

You are right, we've been thinking this story through. We think about it, bring in our ideas, process and tweak them and then the pieces fall into place. And of course we talk and talk about every detail... lol.

We're very glad some people love our fic and take the time to tell us so... or/and leave some constructive criticism.

Thank you for reading and leaving a review.

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Review #23, by IwubHarry The Secret Island

17th September 2007:
Amazing! I wondered why the existence of Atlantis wasn't widely known in the wizarding world and you answered my question. You're not really writing about the world I've grown fond of anymore, but I love the world you've been creating in this story. When I read one of your chapters, I love your world even better than JK Rowling's. The transitions were wonderful. From one point of view to the other, from one room to another, from one lost character to the other... You are superb writers.

Author's Response: Yes, a good story should always answered all the questions, at one point. And we're really trying to think this story through. As for your compliment... Wow, thanks! But really, it's still the Potterverse, just an extended version of it. lol. Anyway, that made our day! Thanks for reading and leaving a review.

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Review #24, by juls Uncharted Waters

13th September 2007:
This was... fabulous darlings. Truly. I like how they claimed a house-- or maybe it was the house claiming them?
I love the relationship between these two chars. It's rich, full-bodied, and show a healthy respect for the culture around them. (I didn't understand that, hopefully you do.)
I also like how they are building a new lives for themselves-- and that Sage only has eyes for Sorka, even though temptation literally sticks in his face.

Have I told you lately how much I love this story? Well here-- I LOVE THIS STORY!!

O.o and the little surprise coming. I like it-- enjoy writing it.

~~huggles juls

Author's Response: Thank you, Juls. They claimed the house, but in a way it had been waiting for them, for people who wouldn't be afraid. And they turned it into their own 'home sweet home.' lol.

We love to write Sorka and Sage's relationship. It is easier to write it now than it was at the beginning, knowing how it was going to develop - or at least we thought we knew, because characters have a life of their own! I think I understand what you meant... or maybe not, since you didn't understand it yourself. :P

About Sage and temptation... First off, Niala is truly just a kid in his eyes. And anyway he's just not that kind of man. He's *gasps, because there aren't many who are* trustworthy. lol.

I'm so glad you love this story, dear! As for enjoying writing about a pregnant Sorka? Didn't I whine and whine about all the clichés - I kinda remember that I did. (poor Sage! and poor Juls and Tabi... I'm so sorry guys).

Thanks again for reading and leaving a review. Huggles. :D

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Review #25, by Ydnas Odell Uncharted Waters

10th September 2007:
I love everything here. From the Atlanteanian convention for names to the tenderness to new OC's (especially Niala); the line about if you want to get a man's attention you don't ask him a question about something he is interested in was brilliant.

You and Sage have created a wonderful world here. Just superb and now they get to create a family. I'm sure Sage will be wonderful as a dad and you're going to have fun creating the children.

This makes me wonder about names. Is Niala just 'Niala' or is it d' (her mother's name) until she marries someone? Are s'(his father name) or another letter for the Atlanteanian equivalent? Or are they all sons and daughters of Atlantis and to some degree community raised.

Also Atlantis must have a small school the equivalent of Hogwarts right? Could Sage and Sorka teach again?

Even the run up to the big surprise at the end was well done. It was extremely realistic and actually may end up teaching the younger readers who shouldn't be reading this a thing or two.

I learn myself learn so much about characterization from reading all about Sage and Sorka who along with Firefawn's Kallindra are my three favorite fanon characters.

Author's Response: Ok, I'm going to try to respond again and hope it will post. First off, sorry about the delay...

I'm glad you loved the chapter. We're trying to create an Atlantis as realistic as possible. It must be part of the Potterverse, and yet it must be, well, Atlantis. At first glance, it looks too good to be true..., doesn't it? lol.

You like Niala? Hehe, she's an interesting character to write. Should we have made Sorka hex her? That whole part was fun to write. lol. And somehow, it made more sense to have Sage realize what it was all about before Sorka. They are atuned, but that's not why we wrote it that way. Sage comes out as a bit arrogant, but it's just a facade. There is so much more to him, so much more depth. But I'm sure you know that.

As for the names... Niala isn't just Niala. Her last name is Demetres, since she is the daughter of Renata's brother. But after introducing a few characters using their first and last names, and knowing we wouldn't use them again, it just made sense to write only Niala's first name.

There are so many compliments in your review. *blushes* Thank you. You really think this could teach the younger readers (yes, I know they shouldn't read this, but if you're right, then it might be a good thing they do) a thing or two? The professor must be rubbing off on me... and I'm not saying it's a bad thing! (He will probably smile when he read this, the proof that he doesn't have a bad influence on me. LOL.)

Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing. :)

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