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Review #1, by Lunnah Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

30th March 2008:
Hello again!
This chapter was absolutely perfect! Your grown up characters are exactly what they should be and Ron is so sweet for carrying around that ring. I cant wait for chapter three! Please update soon! I even like your Ginny, and... well I am very seldom inclined to like her for some reason. Its all so lovely and well written; excellent job here! I'm sorry I dont have much to say, but I have absolutely no criticism for you :) Its such a lively read, and your dialogue is so pleasantly realistic and witty!

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Review #2, by Lunnah Prologue - Of Rings and Diamond Things

30th March 2008:
Helloo! :-)
I've been away from hpff FOREVER because of work and such, and I've just come back! I'm so sorry about how long it took to get back to you.. I was going through my old review thread finally catching up on all of them and I freaked out when I remembered I had another one of your stories to read!!! Hahahaha I was so excited! So here goes...

The beginning is so calm and powerful and meditative, I just loved what whole scene. And I love Ron! :-) He's so adorable, and such a man now! Yay! (I'm writing this as I read) WOW. That was such a great dream scene!! Heehee.. Your writing is so vivid and flows so well! No. Ron and Hermione should always be together! This is so sad :( Oh no! The ending is so adorable! I didnt find any spelling or grammar errors, so great job with your writing, it was superb! Them longing for eachother is absolutely perfect; its so tense :-) You had a perfect amount of descriptions and this is a very solid beginning to a story. I'm off to chapter two!

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Review #3, by _fan_1 Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

16th March 2008:
This story is awesome! Don't abandon it, I'll hunt you down with a chain saw if you do. This is one of the best, if not THE best Ron/Hermione stories I have stumbled apon. Keep it going and remember I can find out where you live.

Author's Response: Should I be afraid that you can find where I live? lol...
Don't worry, this fic isn't abandoned. I've just had a lot of school stuff on recently that kinda took precident over fan fiction writing, but as its easter holiday in a few days I should be back to full writing swing in no time.
Thank you so much for your lovely review!

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Review #4, by Girldetective85 Prologue - Of Rings and Diamond Things

28th December 2007:
Hey! I like this beginning a lot. The flashback was great, I think it's really realistic how Hermione is still affected by the events of the war and not even sure that she really loves Ron - after all, they had just had their first kiss in seventh year and had just been friends for such a long time. Poor Ron, though. I especially love that last paragraph of him trying to decide whether he would give her the jewelry, and comparing his relationship to playing with fire. The tension is definitely there! Very angsty. :) There were some grammar problems here and there - especially with run-on sentences. For example, this one:


Looking down, his thoughts were, once again, drawn to the neatly carved box he held almost tentatively in his hand, his fingers trembling slightly as he contemplated what was inside. It was a most unusually sentimental gift, a gift that implied great thought and loving care in its selection, not a gift that you could pass off casually to a friend for their birthday.


I think you might be better off breaking those down into smaller sentences, they just run on a bit long. Anyway, I thought this was a great beginning and I really enjoyed reading it. Nice job!!

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Review #5, by leaney Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

21st December 2007:
***Review For Chapter Two***

Ron...Ron...Ron. What Will We Do With Him? Haha. Denial Is Where He Is Living. I Love How He's Still Carrying The Ring Around. Its Too Adorable. This Chapter Definitely Made Me Smile. It Was Light-Hearted...Yet With A Purpose. Its Hard To Come Around Stories That Have Chapters That Achieve Such A Feat. This Chapter Was The Perfect Set-Up To The Party.

Im Dying To Know What Happens! Goodness. Im In Total Agreement With Ginny "Because If There's Fire, Getting Burnt Will Always Be Worth It". Sisters Always Know Best...Well Sometimes. Lol.


Perhaps Try Being Descriptive Of What's Going On Inside The Character's Mind While Being As Equally Descriptive About What's Going On Around Them. You Must Think Im Crazy For Suggesting Such A Thing But You're An Excellent Writer And I Know You're Capable Of Such! The Story Is Splendid So Far And I Cant Hardly Stand Waiting For The Next Chapter!



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Review #6, by leaney Prologue - Of Rings and Diamond Things

21st December 2007:
***Review For The First Chapter***


Okay I Adore This Chapter Very Much. The Beginning Was So Perfect! I Have To Say You Definitely Know How To Weave Your Way Through The Ends And Outs Of A Character. I Was Even More Impressed With The Fact That You Changed Views. It Was Purely Delightful To Read.

I Love The Way Hermione Still Misses Ron. I Feel So Bad For Them. Its The Classic Case Of Them Both Really Liking Each Other But Thinking The Other Doesnt. Well That's The Way I See It. haha.

Oh I Love How Ron Wants To Give Hermione The Ring. I Despereately Hope He Gets The Courage To Ask Her Before She Decides to Move On!


Your Writing Is Beautiful. I Would Love To See More Sensory Details. Keep Up The Fabulous Work! Im Dying To Read More!!



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Review #7, by charma_10 Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

6th October 2007:
I am completely hooked. Absolutely completely hooked. If I add this to my favourites will I get an alert when it is updated? Because I don't want to have to go looking for them. I'll most likely forget.

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Review #8, by SilverThimble Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

4th October 2007:
ooh I really liked this! It was so well written, and the characters were excellent. Sorry for the not very in depth review, but it was good, and thats all I have to say. :)

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Review #9, by bshis2010 Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

23rd September 2007:
You're descriptions of everday things is amazing. I think you have kept all of the characters within their character. I will be anxiously awaiting updates. 10/10

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Review #10, by Magical Me13 Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

7th September 2007:
Yay, a canon shipper! How you portrayed each character is so accurate and almost every single fact is right according to what we see in the epilogue and what J.K. says. The plot is shaping up to be great and can't wiat for the rest of the story. Moving onto the actual spelling and grammar; as far I can see, there wasn't any problems that jumped out. Keep up the good work! 10/10
Magical Me13

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Review #11, by goodnesselite Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

5th September 2007:
I really enjoyed this story. I think it has really great potential to continue on. The characters are all well developed, even the sub characters. I really really want another installment. Not that I'm begging or anything but- pretty pretty please. ;)

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Review #12, by Generally_Insane Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

2nd September 2007:
*deep breaths* I got here *celebrates*. Anyways...
I really liked how much you revealed in this chapter, but I'm still curious: who broke up with whom, and does Ron blame Hermione secretly if it was her?
You had a lot of really witty lines here, and they made me laugh a bit.
I still love your writing style--its a good blend of descriptions without going overboard.

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Review #13, by Luna_ Lovegood Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

1st September 2007:
This is a really good take on what happens to Hermione and Ron after Hogwarts. I can't wait to read more

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Review #14, by Luna_ Lovegood Prologue - Of Rings and Diamond Things

1st September 2007:
Your characterization and description are wonderful. I'd like to see a bit more of the senses for description like smell etc.

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Review #15, by Generally_Insane Prologue - Of Rings and Diamond Things

1st September 2007:
I absolutely adore your writing style--first off.
Ron and Hermione are perfect for each other, as I'm sure most have realized, but to see the aftermath of the battle put this way--when we all assume that they (like Ginny and Harry) rushed to be together the second Voldemort was gone--its a bit sad. Ok, really sad, but still.
I don't know if you're planning on letting us know, but, out of curiosity, how long has Ron had the ring? Was it his or Hermione's idea to break it off? If it was Hermione's...does Ron feel like he wasn't good enough or does he understand?
Oh, and, this one I sort of really would like to know: How old did Hermione turn? Obviously, she turned 18 in DH [in September because she's older than the rest of her year], so she could be anywhere from 19 or in her mid 20s--so I was just wondering what her age was.
I adored, like I said, the way you started this off. Usually, I hate prologues, because they tend to be slow, boring and tedious. Not this one though, its one of the few that were not. It was full of all the necessary information, but it wasn't stated line after line. Definitely a nice change.
Anyways--I was glad to review, and thanks for posting in the thread--I needed something to do today :).

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Review #16, by padfoots girl Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

1st September 2007:
OK, love the last line. Brilliant! Then paragraph before that as a typo somewhere I think because I couldn't quite understand what you were trying to say. Anyways, the rest was amzing. "Perfect Ron logc.and that's an oxymoron if I ever heard one." Hehe. Perfect. You're an amazing writer. Good luck with this story and any others you have!

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Review #17, by padfoots girl Prologue - Of Rings and Diamond Things

1st September 2007:
Wow. I love your descriptions. Just the way the words flow are amazing. I don't know what else to say. I have nothing bad about this. Amazing job.

Author's Response: I like it when people have nothing bad to say.
It's a nice feeling. Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by nana_banana_xx3 Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

31st August 2007:
Hey there! I've come to leave my review. :)

I really love this start so far. As you can see, I've added it to my faves. :D You've done a reall lovely job and I really don't have any CC to give you, sorry. :( Or is that a good thing, lol?

Your characterization is spot on, I think. I love the way you write Ron. He's just the way I think he should be. :) I'm really interested to see what you'll do with this story in the future. This is definitely one to watch! :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much for adding it to your favourites and for the lovely review!
I hope you enjoy the rest of the story as I will be updating soon *gasp*
Thanks again!

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Review #19, by musicgirlhp14 Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

30th August 2007:
Okay, so just going to take a moment to once again tell you some of my favourite lines. Though, this time I really only have one. In this instance, saying that Ron has the emotional maturity of a teaspoon would be an insult to pieces of cutlery everywhere… Bahaha...

I loved this chapter, for lack of a better word. I like how you brought back the fire metphor (I believe that's what you could call it). I did find some minor mistakes, as I often do because I have egal eyes, you know (no, you probably don't because I am mad). ...they’re expecting. Harry Potters child, is it really? I don't think you meant to put that period there, did you? But I do have some place where you can put it... In traditional Weasley fashion You didn't put the period.

Anyhow, minus those minor error's, this chapter was just as brilliant as the first, and I look forward to the next one. I will definitly be adding this story to my favourites.

Author's Response: It's amazing that you have favourite lines!
Once again, thank you so much for your lovely words, as they spur me on to write even
Oh, and thanks for pointing out those errors in punctuation, as I'd never have spotted things like that. It all helps!
Anyway, thanks again for the great review, and I hope you enjoy the future chapters that are still to come!

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Review #20, by musicgirlhp14 Prologue - Of Rings and Diamond Things

30th August 2007:
Can I just say that I am jealous? Jealous of the fact that you can write so beautifully. Here are just a few lines that I absolutely adored: Her eyes betraying the many horrors that she’d had to live through over the past few years. and... You must be going mental, Weasley. Up this early, it’s disgusting… and... Trying to stay 'just friends' with her is like playing with bloody fire. Except hotter. And more confusing.

The last one is my favourite. Anyhow, while reading I caught this little mistake: “We’re not like this” You forgot whatever puncutation mark needed.

Anyhow, back to your wonderful writing. You capture the pair's emotions wonderfully, to the point where you too can feel how they feel by relating it to something you've felt. I think you've done Hermione and Ron's characterization's brilliantly, and captured how they feel, think, and speak. Sorry, I'm really big on characterizations.

This chapter was brilliant, and I look forward to reading the next one. Amazing job!
~Alex 10/10

Author's Response: Aww, you're so sweet! Thank you so much!
I'm glad you like those lines as they are particular favourites of mine too, and I'll be sure to change that mistake. And yay for characterizations! Lol...
Writing the characters is my favourite part of fan fiction, so it makes me happy you think I do a good job with it.
Thanks for your lovely words!

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Review #21, by chick_fic_luver_erin Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

28th August 2007:
wow, you should really update soon, i really really think this is going to be a great story!

Author's Response: Oh, how sweet! Thanks so much for your review, and I hope you like what's to come!
(The next update will be very soon1)

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Review #22, by chick_fic_luver_erin Prologue - Of Rings and Diamond Things

28th August 2007:
ouch. this is going to be good.

Author's Response: ^_^
I'm glad you think so!

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Review #23, by darkmistress Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

28th August 2007:
OMG! This story is great! I love how this story is a much different take on the Ron/Hermoine relationship. I'm really enjoying! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you.
So glad you're enjoying it, and I'll update as soon as possible.

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Review #24, by marauder_lover Chapter One - The Theory of Just Friends

28th August 2007:
Awesome chapter again, I love they way you describe things like the cup of coffe at the begining being warm. Also, your chracters have depth and a personality to them and that's really great to read. Ginny totally calling Ron out on everything is something that I could really see her doing, really great. I love that bit at the end.

And what’s a relationship without the fire? Because if there’s fire, getting burnt will always be worth it.

Awesome. By the way, I love the chapter pictures too. Keep it up, and update soon!

Author's Response: Yay! You like my second chapter! Lol...
I hope you come back for the chapters to come as your review have been lovely *hugs* and I personally like that line too! Lol...
Thank you for reviewing ^_^

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Review #25, by marauder_lover Prologue - Of Rings and Diamond Things

28th August 2007:
Wow, loved this chapter. The bit at the begiining was really good, threw you right into it. I like how you have portrayed both Hermionie and Ron well and kept them in character, and developing them to this story as well. I like the story line too, it semms really interesting. I'm off to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, I'm really glad you liked the opening, as I was kinda trying to snag readers in ^_^
Glad you like my Ron and Hermione, too, as I sometimes find Hermione a little hard to write. Anyway, thanks for the lovely review, and I hope you like the next chapter!

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