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Review #1, by Dalek194 Welcome to the Sisterhood

25th February 2011:
Wow - definately very different to any other story I've ever read! It's a good idea, making a sort of cult within Hogwarts, and it's made even more original by the fact you're not doing it about Harry.

You write well, and keep up a constant air of mystery by not mentioning "his" name. The sisterhood's antics are also ever-so-slightly scary, which enables the reader to worry about Meghan's safety and symphatise. Overall, good work, I look forward to reading the next chapter! I've certainly never read a story like it before.

P.S. Thanks for being my 300th review while on HPFF! :-)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked this! That's an interesting way of describing it, they are rather cult-ish :p. Nah, Harry doesn't need it, he has legions of us around the world.

You have a sharp eye for noticing that. Truth be told, when I first concieved this, I was on the fence about whether to feature Cedric or Oliver Wood as the object of the fangirls' affections (at the time I wrote this, Oliver/OC was very popular). So, to cover my bases, I made him nameless when I put out this chapter. As you can see, I finally settled on Cedric ;). His story gave me more room for plot.

Thank you so much for your kind review and I should be the one thanking you for bestowing such an honour on my fic! :D

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Review #2, by LovelyMioneWeasley A Hitch in the Plan

18th February 2011:

This will bring my reviewing spree to an end :(. Which means I have nothing more to read. Which means I am now peer-pressuring you to have something else for me to review. I'll take another chapter of this, DL, or even Heaven/Hell part two. Or a new one-shot :D

No pressure. ^_^

ANYWAY, back to this little gem that is certainly giggle worthy. Oh fangirls, we are all a fangirl at heart about something! Truthfully, any mention of James Marsden, I'm pretty sure I basically just start hyperventaliting so I'm pretty sure I understand where these girls are coming. (Especially since you have Jensen Ackles on your banner...yummy.)

And really, poor Meghan is caught along for the ride but she is kinda representing the readers it seems. Amused at times, appalled at other times, but all the while, she stays because she is as invovled in this as we are. And making Cedric win is priority number one. Always.

I have to think that my favorite of these would have to Rita. Or Perks. Oh, heck, Rochelle can join too. They are all just so original. Perks certainly fits her name and probably has the one of the most condusive personalities I've ever read. She just totally reminds me of some of my own friends. Rita is quite the sparkplug; she reminds me of some of my friends' fearful mothers to be honest. And Rochelle...the hopeless brainac with a Slytherin penchant. Isn't that all of us on the inside?

-shifty gaze- Guess not; but that is certainly me on some level ^_^

I think you've done a brilliant job with this, Mist. Please, PLEASE, continue this because really, we are only half-way done!! I love you and enjoy everything I read!!

-tackle hugs Misty to the ground- Muhahaha.
Lindsey xoxox

Author's Response: Lindsey!!!

I have to tell you, I'm a mixed bag of emotions about this. On one hand, these reviews have been the highlight of my month and it makes me sad that there aren't anymore. On the other, I think you've managed to successfully reignite my writing flame *huggles*.

Ask and you shall recieve, my friend -points to the ultra dramatic 'coming soon' list-

That is indeed reality. Like it or not, there's a little fangirl in all of us. Why not poke fun and have fun at their expense? Though I really should crazy the girls up don't you think? -considers researching Bieber fever and infect this fic with similar strain of virus: Cedricitis- James Marsden... That smile kills me everytime, so I know where you're coming from, my friend. ;)

Clever observation! I never saw it that way but that's a great point! The way I see it, he's the untouchable hunky cousin who wouldn't look twice her way, poor thing.

They're all spitfires aren't they? I'm so happy that you're responding so positively to them. I almost feel rather bad that their story ends in just a few more chapters. They each really do deserve their own stories, though I don't think I'd be able to handle that much manic energy for prolonged periods. I'm like their proud mama who won't (or can't) pick favourites.

By hook or by crook, I will finish this, as with any other WIPs I may have. Thank you so much for always being there, Linds, and for all your feedback. Love you too!!

*is bruised... from love!*

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Review #3, by fatality Welcome to the Sisterhood

31st July 2010:
Your characterization is really wonderful. The pace of the story is good, but could be better with some improvement. It's an amazing start, however! :)

Author's Response: I agree, the pacing isn't one of my best :/. I'll definitely look into it and see what I can do to improve it. Thank you so much for the feedback!


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Review #4, by evil evie A Hitch in the Plan

31st December 2009:
HA HA! This story is hilarious! I like how in the first chapter it was very lighthearted and comedic, and it's kind of becoming more serious now. It's a little sad, too, when you think of what happens to Cedric . . . I try not to.

I like how you made Meghan a three-dimensional character, and are writing the story both to narrate the plot and to develop her character as it goes along. Also, I think it's original that the three members of the "club" or whatever it is are very unique and different, not the type you would expect in a stalking fangirl group. I would probably have just made them all like Perks, but you had the brilliance to include one crazy Quidditch player and one maniacal genius Slytherin! Perfect!

I can't wait to read more. Great job! What a cute idea!


Author's Response: Oh wow, really? Thank you so much! It's surprising that you feel that way. I never meant for this story to be anything other than a light-hearted satire about fangirls/stalkers but I guess the darker tone can't be avoided, considering what happens to Cedric. I do promise there will be more humorous situations in the coming chapters. (Sneak Peek: Can you say spying in the prefect's bathroom and Yule Ball catfight? xD)

Yay! I'm so glad you picked up on that. Meghan will definitely evolve in the coming chapters and it will be because she was a part of the Sisterhood. Hehehe, Perks probably is the most normal from the three. Rita is a classic megalomaniac while Rochelle is a repressed mad scientist genius type. It's a wonder how Perks is as normal as she is, hanging around with those two lol! Aaw, you're so nice, thank you!

Thank you for the uplifting review, it was a wonderful new year's eve gift! Perfect end to a good year =).


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Review #5, by Meda Black A Hitch in the Plan

27th December 2009:
Oh. My. God.
This is so funny, yet not. It is really good.
I love the idea of Cedric having a anonymous fanclub, or stalkers, whatever it is. I am just wondering about one thing... When are we going to see Meghan, Cedric and the fangirls talking or anything? :) I'd love to know the deep-ness of their (Meghan and Cedric's) relationship. :)
By the way, I rated 10/10! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This story was my first attempt at humor and what would make a better subject matter than to poke fun at the fangirls/stalkerness in all of us ;). As to when we'll see them all interact together, I'm still on the fence about that. I don't know if I can conceive a good enough scene for it but we'll see ;). Same goes for Meghan and Cedric though I'm leaning towards them having at least one conversation before he... well, you know. Thank you so much for the review! It really was lovely to read.


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Review #6, by Alassie Welcome to the Sisterhood

21st December 2009:
Haha, oh, these girls are so crazy! They have a deep, everlasting love for Cedric, huh? Its pretty funny actually, the degree to which they are going to stalk him. Arranging to be his potions partner? Knowing his birth number? All just a little strange, but very funny. I like how they felt the need to invite his cousin, like she would be able to offer valuable insight. Are her and her cousin close?
Good work.

Author's Response: Aren't they? xD No sense of reality whatsoever. Sounds familiar? *cough*Twihards!*cough*. I kid, I kid. But yeah, they are going to great lengths in the name of their one true love.

Ah, poor Meghan, dragged into such a weird situation. Yup, it's one of their ways to be closer to him, through someone who shares familial ties. Hmm, no, I wouldn't say they're particularly close. She does have a bit of a crush on him herself though.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #7, by Insert_Witty_Comment_Here Deceiving the Goblet of Fire

15th July 2009:
Hey! I'm already really into this story, even though it's only been two chapters. It's a really original idea, and I love it! I can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Hello! This story is definitely a lot of fun for me to write, it's a pity I'm not able to devote as much time as I'd like to it. It really means a lot that you're enjoying it so far. As for the next update... gah, I can't say for sure. But stay tuned. ;) Thank you for the review!


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Review #8, by Blissbug Deceiving the Goblet of Fire

21st January 2009:
Hi Misty-Rey :) I'm back for your second review. Have to say first off, love the chapter images, they're really well done and a lot of fun, very engaging.

So I'm loving the dialogue as before: your characters have real personality and energy on the page. I'm wondering about this line before though.
ex)The explosive confrontation between the two girls couldnt have come at a worse time
Everything that proceeds this line (the whole conversation and actions) do not seem explosively confrontational to me. Its catty, yes: snippy, annoyed, vexed but if you want it to be truly confrontational, you'll need to make the conversation really be harsh, the words truly biting.

The converation about the mouse had me laughing, I loved it. You've got such a gift for dialogue.

I also greatly enjoyed the details of the castle. You know how to set the scene and your writing moves at an excellent pace.

Beyond those small things I pointed out in the beginning I foudn nothing more glaring. This was a good chapter and a very nice read.


Author's Response: Hehe, the credit belongs to the talented artists who made them. I'm just honoured that I'm able to display them. ;)

Dialogue in general is my favourite to write in any story, I always try to make them realistic and dynamic at the same time. It was especially a joy to bring out the personality of each individual girl through their words.

I completely agree with you about that line. I also felt it was a bit exaggerated given the previous circumstances. I'll try think something else up that'll suit the sentence better.

Thank you for your lovely compliments, I'm so happy you thought so! And thank you again for another very helpful review.


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Review #9, by Blissbug Welcome to the Sisterhood

20th January 2009:
Hi Misty_Rey, its Blissbug from the forums to do a review for you.

Right off you start with an action word that draws in my attention, good job. I do notice though that the wording gets some what awkward here, take a look:
ex)The girl meekly got closer, her head bent down and concentrating on the hard stone floor.
You might consider rewording the bit about the girl concentrating...
ex)The girl meekly DREW closer, her head bent down, HER EYES concentrating on the hard stone floor.

Your dialogue moves very easily. There's real personality in each speaker which does a lot for characterization, kuddo's!

Be careful not to get repetitive with your word choices. You have 'sharp' here said twice, when maybe a different word for the second sharp might be a better read.
ex)Freckles dotted over her upturned nose while large, sharp eyes scrutinized Jillian so sharply that Jillian thought she was in a display window.

I'd also caution you about tense. You're writing in the past, but here you've got a little slip.
ex)The pictures were in chronological order, from when he was just a first-year with baby teeth to the stunner he is today. (wrong)
ex)The pictures were in chronological order, from when he was just a first-year with baby teeth to the stunner he WAS today. (right)

I also love the character of Rita, she's a lot of fun and a very powerful presence on the page. Its obvious you've got a real sense of who she is, I like that.

Hm, I notice you tend to rush your words. You might consider reading your work out loud, or having the work read out loud by some one else. This will really help you to catch those little mistakes like missing words, wrong tense, and so on.
ex)Why did she even agree to this was insane. (wrong)
ex)Why did she even agree to this? THE WHOLE THING was insane./Why did she even agree? IT was insane! (right)

This seems like a really fun fan girl story. I'm looking forward to reviewing the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hi! I'm so so sorry for replying so late to your reviews, I feel awful about that. RL has been hectic and I wanted to give responses good enough for your great reviews. So here I go.

Thank you for your suggestions and taking the time to point out all those mistakes! This chapter was definitely a rough draft so any suggestions of improving it is very much appreciated. Due to certain circumstances at the time, this chapter was written in a hurry, which is why I'm not all that satisfied with it. I'll definitely take aboard your suggestions the next time I revise this chapter.

I'm glad you like the OCs. I am concerned that they might be percieved by some as Mary-Sueish so I'm relieved that you don't think so =).

Thank you for the great constructive criticism, they were very helpful.


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Review #10, by confusedlover Deceiving the Goblet of Fire

15th January 2009:
very lovely. sorry for the shorter review. i am on a tight schedule at the moment.

i think that your characterization is continuing to go well. i can honestly tell the distinct differences between each of the four main OC's and that is very appealing. each of them has their own little unique personality and i think that that will continue to draw in readers of all sorts.

the flow is better in this story. i personally like the length that this second chapter offered and am happy to see that it offered a little more adventure. the first chapter was a nice little introduction, but this was more interesting.

i like the connection between this chapter and the last. with some stories, two chapters seem as though they could be separate stories with the same characters and similar plots, but with this story i noticed that the connection was prominent.

overall, i thought that this is a wonderful story. this plot is very original and appealing and i think that this has major potential to become a very successful and lovely story. keep writing.

Author's Response: No problem =). I'm sorry I'm responding so late, haven't really had the time.

That is great to hear! Each of the OCs are very different people and it's important for the readers to understand their differences. The unlikely friendship and camaraderie between them plays a big role in the story.

Hehe, I agree. This chapter was miles better than the first chapter and not just because of length ;). It was alot of fun to incorparate adventure into a humor/sortofromance story. I'm trying to stay completely canon with GoF with a dash of artistic license of course. This won't be their last 'mission' though. Hehe.

Wow, really? That's an interesting observation. Thank goodness it worked in my favour xD. It is a bit of a jump from the first to the second so the fact that you felt there was a connection between the two is a relief.

Aaw, you're really sweet! Thank you for your encouragement and support!

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Review #11, by confusedlover Welcome to the Sisterhood

15th January 2009:
very lovely.

your characterization is seeming to have started off wonderfully. just by reading this first chapter, i have gained enough information to really tell each of the four girls apart, and that is a good sign. i like how you introduced each one of them, noting on what they did, their house, and their personalities. there really is not that much to say seeing as this is only the first chapter of two, but as of right now, you have a great start to each of your main characters. just make sure that none of them turn in the mary-sue direction. with four female OC's all playing what seems to be a major role in this story, it could be easy to fall into a cliched story. i noticed a few traits that could fall under that so be sure to watch out in future chapters, because trust me, the ache will surely be there.

i like your plot so far. it offers many different possibilities, and really, it just seems as though you can do a lot and still draw readers in. i think that you have a nice introduction for the rest of this story and think that this has major potential.

the flow and pace of this story seems fair, but it could use a little improvement. i felt as though you sort of rushed through a few parts. it is alright the way that it is, but maybe while writing the next few chapters you should take a little bit of time to slow down and write naturally.

overall, i think that this is an amazing start to a story and cannot wait to see where things go with this. this is a nice little introduction to whatever is to come next and i think that this will really keep attention.

onto the second chapter in a little while.

Author's Response: I'm happy and relieved that you thought this is a great start. The Mary-Sue issue is something I am nervous about. It's like you said, with four female OCs, there is a big risk of them being infected by the 'Mary-Sue Syndrome'. While I am trying to be careful, I find it's better not to overthink it as I want to keep the flow as natural as possible. This is an indroductory chapter which is why there isn't all that much depth to it, OCs included. Hopefully it will get better as the story progresses.

I completely agree with you about it being rushed. There's a story behind it but to paraphrase, I had to get this first chapter out in a certain amount of time, hence the rushed nature of this chapter. It's definitely on my list to be revised and improved though, as I'm not altogether happy with the quality of this chapter.

Thank you for your review. =)

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Review #12, by Foxtrott Deceiving the Goblet of Fire

9th January 2009:
This chapter was very smooth and interesting. It really captured my attention. I liked your foreshadowing on Moody, it was good. :) Once again, your plotline is very fresh, and I enjoyed reading this very much. Sorry I haven't written much in this review. I'm really tired right now, it's 1am here. *Yawn*

Allright, best of luck with this story, it has a very good foundation - develop on it! :)


Author's Response: Yay!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. For this story, I want to keep as close to GoF-canon as posssible, hence the little Moody cameo ;). Thank you so much for your review and encouragement!!


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Review #13, by Foxtrott Welcome to the Sisterhood

9th January 2009:
Hi! It's me from the forum. :D I'm really sorry I haven't reviewed any earlier. :(

Anyway, I thought this was a very interesting idea, and not many would use this approach for Cedric/OC stories. I also like it that you don't reveal the identity of Cedric in this chapter. :D Nice incorporation of humour into this chapter. It was overall a very enjoyable read, although some parts like the one concerning his St. Mungo's number a bit vague, and took me a while to digest. It's just a suggestion, though.


Author's Response: It's alright, we all have busy real-life ^_^.

I wanted to try something different and fangirls, although apearing in passing in some fics, can have an interesting story behind them and I really wanted to explore its dynamics. Haha, the 'secret identity' thing has a story behind it. I came up with the fangirls first and had a tough time deciding who would be their object of worship. I think I even held a poll over at the HPFF forums. I still couldn't decide but went ahead with writing this chapter. It was only much later when I finally settled on Cedric Diggory. Hence why he isn't mentioned at all. I will look this over on how to improve it. I admit, it isn't as good as it could have been. Thank you for your review!


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Review #14, by LovelyMioneWeasley Deceiving the Goblet of Fire

1st November 2008:

DARLING-where have you been all my life? I can't believe its been ages since I read wonderful works of yours. Anyway, this was precious. I must say I'm rather fond of Perks' answer as to why she has joined the "Sisterhood." And I love the idea of bringing in his cousin.

They all have various reasons I am sure for why they join and knowing you, they will all eventually be revealed. Incoporating "Moody" like that sent chills down my spine. What an evil, evil man. Of course, I know its not the real one-but still!

Anyway darling, I loved it-almost as much as I love you! So I hope all has been well for you since we reviewed/emailed. That reminds me to pop you an email soon. I have been working on your second one-shot but I am still having issues with it. So hopefully you will be able to help me.

All my love,
a billion jillion google infinity/10

Author's Response: LINDSEY!

'Ello Loff! *hugsquish* It's been ages since I've updated.. I'm so happy to hear you're still enjoying reading my humble little pieces. I was iffy about Perks' answer to be honest. It seemed choppy but apparently not so phfew!

LoL! You see right through me ;). Your guess is right on the money about the girls. I wanted to keep it as canon as possible as well as add in some ironic twists and turns ;). I don't think I did 'Moody' justice though, he was a bit tricky to write.

You're absolutely incredible Linds. Absolutely. All is well if a bit hectic. Ooo, I do miss our email chats. Please do drop me a line, I can't wait to hear from you! I'm always here to help in anyway I can, my inbox is always open ;). I'm still eagerly awaiting that one-shot hehehe. Thank you so much for an as always lovely review!

Massive amounts of huggletackles,

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Review #15, by ChellDaBelle1030 Deceiving the Goblet of Fire

1st November 2008:
First to review the second chapter! Ido like where you are going with this. Your characterizations and flow are good. I love your desriptions and your dialogue isn't choppy. They're are fluent and well placed. Great job so far. Good luck :]

Author's Response: Yay! Glad to hear I'm doing something right ;). Thank you for your sweet and encouraging review!


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Review #16, by Jianne Welcome to the Sisterhood

26th October 2008:
Cool! This is really good. Not many people could pull off this idea, but you've done it with style! Grats.

Author's Response: Really? Wow, thank you so much! With style eh? ^_^ You made me blush. Thank you for the review!


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Review #17, by blimey Welcome to the Sisterhood

18th March 2008:
Wow, this is really funny! I'm kind of struggling with what time this takes place in relation with Harry's time at Hogwarts, but since this is the first chapter, I think it works great how it is. Your imagery is very elegant, and your characters are very intriguing. Please write more soon!

Author's Response: Aaw, thank you so much! ^_^. Yeah, I'm afraid it's my bad for not making it very clear but the whole picture will come into form in later chapters since this is the intro page, just like you said =). Thank you for your lovely compliments and review, I'll try update as soon as I can.


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Review #18, by Stiletto x Welcome to the Sisterhood

5th January 2008:
That was too good. Loved it. You are amazing!

Author's Response: *blushes* Aaaw, you're too sweet ^_^. Stay tuned for more upcoming chapters!


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Review #19, by yougivemefever Welcome to the Sisterhood

27th November 2007:
Hah, I love the concept so far. Cedric Fangirls unite!
Can't wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I thought I'd try something a little different than the whole 'bumping into him in the halls' and stuff ;). Personally, Cedric isn't my type (Remus =

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Review #20, by Girldetective85 Welcome to the Sisterhood

16th October 2007:
Fantastic chapter! I got pulled right in. Your original characters are each unique and very interesting. The idea of a Sisterhood of stalkers is terrific. I laughed out loud when Rita said his training robes' sweat smelled divine - she reminds me of a lot of rabid female sports fans I'm friends with. You're easily one of the best authors on this site, with your rock-solid, non-showy writing, and definitely a favorite of mine. Can't wait for the update! (The queue fairies heard me and now the wait time is TWELVE HOURS, can you believe it? ;) 10/10

Author's Response: Wow, thank you dear! I'm still kinda worried that they'll turn into annoying stereotypes but glad to see they're shaping well so far. LoL, that was one of my favorite lines too, Rita is definitely the most 'overenthusiastic' of the lot. And why not, she's the one who gets to see him hot and swaty after Quidditch practise ;). Ooh, that's sounds cool, you gave me an idea with that rabid female sports thing, I could use a bit of inspiration. No way! I don't deserve that high of praise *blushes*, still have so room for improvement but thank you so much, it means alot =D. Heheh, I'm not sure when the update will come, I'll do my best. (Congrats! Wow, the validators must be working major overtime. Can't wait for an update from you!) Thank you for the great rating!


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Review #21, by aCCIOcOOLNESS Welcome to the Sisterhood

13th October 2007:
Fangirls of the world unite! :)
(yeah, okay that was kinda lame)

Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed this story.
I've never read a story like this, and I thought it was hugely original and fabulous in every way.

Can't wait for an update!

Author's Response: Heheh, there's a fangirl in all of us, whether we'd like to admit it or not *winks*.

Yay! That's good to hear.
That's why I decided to write it, it's not going down the route of quiet girl attracts hot guy and they end up together ;). These are strong-willed, full of personality, driven girls who are going after the guy. Original and fabulous, wow, those are great words, thanks fo much!

I'll do my best about the update!
Thank you for the rating!

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Review #22, by a_shooting_star Welcome to the Sisterhood

17th September 2007:
I can't believe I missed this :S especially as it has such a lovely banner! :) I love the premise for the story and boy, are those girls obsessed. I kinda feel sorry for Cedric having them that obsessed with him. I liked the way you introduced all the characters and how they go out of their way to interact with Cedric - it was very funny!

I can't wait to see them in action - I once even collected some sweat from his training robes and it smelled divine.” - that's so creepy but so funny. The fact that they've got all that stuff is just slightly weird. haha.

I'm interested to see what exactly they're going to do about the triwizard tournament. Does this take place after he's been chosen? They're certainly going to be very protective about him. And I can't help but wonder how they're going to react to Cho :)

Amazing beginning m'dear! Sorry that I took forever to review - I completely missed it. Can't wait for more! :)

Author's Response: Heheh, Steff, you do realise that you aren't obligated to read any of my stories right? ;) But I gotta say I love the gesture! Isn't the banner gorgeous? The artist did a great job, I just had to have it even if the story's rather mediocre :p. Oh yes, obession is a scary thing but has oh so much potential for comedy. And this will be a comedy of errors, to borrow from Shakespeare. Ah Poor Cedric, the downside of being a pretty boy.

Ooh yes, I think you should be afraid, VERY afraid when they put their methods to use. They will definetely be expanding their collection in the near future ;).

It won't be anything major, but yes, they will have their minor parts. I haven't decided yet whether it should be before or after, i'll think it over. Oh yes, very. But all while he's completely oblivious ;). Hehehe (rubs palms together in a very evil manner), those scenes are going to be a personal favorite of mine to write. Can you say CATFIGHT? *wink wink*

Thank you so much dear! No problem at all, I'm honoured you even read and reviewed it. Thank you so much!


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Review #23, by LovelyMioneWeasley Welcome to the Sisterhood

10th August 2007:
Misty, my love, you've done it again! You've sucked me into an interesting story that is full of fun and surprises. I love it already. Your OC characters and plot descripations are enticing as ever and very, very alluring. They suck you in from the very beginning and hold you captive until there is nothing left to read. *is very jealous of writing skills* Love ya darling...seriously ;].

One quick ?: when is the email going to be popping by-Steff and I have missed you!!!

Lindsey xox

Author's Response: Hehe! Thanks so much Linds! Bleh, between you and me, I actually am still iffy about this chapter so most probably in the near future will edit it somewhat. But you're a sweetie as usual, seriously!

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Review #24, by forevereading Welcome to the Sisterhood

5th August 2007:
i thought this chapter was pretty good, you are a good writer! in the next chapter i would like to see a little bit more action, and a description of the classes. but great details, 10/10!

Author's Response: Seriously?! Aaaw, that's really sweet of you to say, I myself feel I've got a long way to go before I'll feel myself to be a good writer ;). I definetely see were you're coming from, this chapter was written in a rush and therefore I just kept it simple and indroductionary. The next chapter will have alot more going on but I haven't fully written it out in my head yet ;P. Thank you for the amazing rating!


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