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Review #1, by Fireball Nymph Jay's Revival Technique

5th April 2009:
This was really good, but slightly weird. I like it, and Jay was funny. So was George. And Fred, and Dennis. Well, basically, all your characters are great. You get my point. Thanks!

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Review #2, by someone___1 Jay's Revival Technique

3rd January 2009:
if only that really happened...

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Review #3, by looneylovegood Jay's Revival Technique

17th May 2008:
i believe you! this has to be what jk forgot to put in!
it all makes sense!
btw im egsagerating (sp?)
10/10 for the wondeful excuse

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Review #4, by ilovelunaforeva Jay's Revival Technique

27th March 2008:

me like!

nice explanation but what i want to know is where exactly did she come from.

Author's Response: You like? Thanks!
Where did she come from... hmmmm... I dunno. Um, Albania - yeah, she's Mouldy-Voldy's kid, isn't she! How could you think otherwise? HAH! Nah, that was just a joke - I dunno where she comes from!!! Make somewhere up.
Atlantis. Duh!

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Review #5, by unicorn_magik Jay's Revival Technique

23rd February 2008:
Random, unbeliable, unrealistic... AMAZING! This thing is so weird, I actually love it!

Author's Response: THANKS! Are you serious? You love it? Weird, 'cause it's DEFINITELY my least favourite story. ANYWAY, thanks SOOOOO much for reviewing and I love ya!

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Review #6, by HP7LVR Jay's Revival Technique

30th December 2007:
Moony: YAY I LIVE!!
Padfoot: what about Sirius eh? What about James and Lily?? Why must u discriminate against them just cuz they didn't die in the right book?? *sobs* i cnt believe you brought back moony but not me!!
Moony: don't mind her, she's suffered a severe disappointment, in time she'll get over it *rolls eyes*

Author's Response: Snigger. You're a funny reviewer (as in funny ha-ha!)
I love your style of reviews! And thanks for that. I've been getting a few not-so-good reviews and that lifts my spirits! If only I coulda brought back the Potters and Sirius - they were some of my FAVE characters - but alas, no such luck. :(

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Review #7, by blimey Jay's Revival Technique

5th November 2007:
that was interesting.
i wondered who jay was, but just pretending that they were alive again made me happy. it's nice to dream. :)

Author's Response: HELLO! I LOVE YOU!
Will you *gets down on one knee* marry me?

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Review #8, by Galita Belmont Jay's Revival Technique

19th August 2007:

I didn´t really like it; I mean, it will be great if everybody could be back from the dead, but the teory is not quit good; because, as a start, Fred die because of the explosion and not because an Avada Kedavra, so that`s silly; and second of it, I don´t believe the Avada stops the heart, I feel that is most like a rip of the soul and the body; because is instantly, and the muggle doctors could have tell if the heart stops just like that. I mean, the concept is good, but I believe you didn´t take enough time to think about the background of the story; your character is interesting, and I´m intrigate about her country; but the story needs an improvement. So, thats all I can say; you can call back if you wish.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your VERY constructive critiscism! To be honest, I actually agree with you in that my story sucks. I've completely given up on it so I'm not even bothering to edit it now.

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Review #9, by Richter Vans Jay's Revival Technique

18th August 2007:
wow!! its very interesting, it might not pleased the fans, but is a very intriguin character, this jay character, whats her last name?.. the magic use is well presented, like the idea of wandless magic, although, wizards are capable of performing wandless magic too, not that powerfull though.. remember snapes and quirrells fight over the broom of harry in first year, it was wandless chanting curse, and dombledore used aresto mommentum without his wand, as also the vanishing with fakwes in 5th year... another thing, avada kedavra dont stop the heart, it extracts the soul from the body, causing no harm to the body in any way... so you could explain better that she revive the person by using the last remnants of magic in the body to recall the lost soul, and unite them once more.. but if you like the heart teory better, a simple muggle tecnic is more than enogh, heart RCP. or a magical electric shock to the heart, no need for strange spell... love your imagination, hope to reacive answer of this little review. yes little. ;)


I think. It is easy to forget these things.

HAVE 1 MILLION (unfortunately virtual) DOLLARS! Y-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-Y ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Those are some very interesting and good points. A bit too much to take in all at once so I'm now going to re-read it again.

Okay, I've re-read it now. Let's do point by point responses, shall we?

It probably won't please the fans, but I figure they'll cope. Perhaps I'll be pelted with fruit, but what the hey! I like fruit (well, some of it. But no fejoas, magoes, tree-tomatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins [which actually are fruit - or maybe herbs, I forget], bananas [which are actually herbs], lemons, red apples, kiwifruit, passionfruit, any berries [are they fruits?], and many more).

I don't know Jay's last name. Maybe she doesn't have one. Ohhhh... mysteries!

Thank you! Yeah, wizards can do magic without wands. I think if they're trained to control it it could be more powerful, 'cause nothing's filtering out the power or anything.

Everything you said is right - but to be completely honest with you I've given up on this story so I'm not editing it... yeah... okey-dokey.

Very small review.


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