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Review #1, by Katherine Darcy [ Secretly ] What In The Name Of Merlin's Underpants?!

1st October 2009:
& a spy eh? Oh I say :3

My lappys slow, I'll read more later darling; intreaged though.


Author's Response: xD
fanks you. (:

your laptop's slow?
smack it. ;D
it should work then. xD

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Review #2, by joy9494 Sherbet Lemon, Anyone?

7th August 2009:
Ok I know I should of reviewed earlier but I just have to say this story is brilliant.

Are Alana and Sirius gonna get together?

Author's Response: Aww, thank you. ;D
And you'll just have to wait and see now, won't you? xD

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Review #3, by A_Drowning_Fish Sherbet Lemon, Anyone?

16th November 2008:
Sorry this stroy is good and stuff, but haven't u like completely copied it?
i've read so many bits in other stories before.
the whole seer thing and dumbledoor skipping?

i was gonna read anyway but pouring her heart out to some dog who just happened to have Sirius's grey eyes?

sorry about such a mean review but its not fair to copy stuff.
although we have kinda taken everything of J.Ks . . .

sorry again, but i think you should change those bits.
you have AMAZING disclaimers btw. lol. i love them.

Author's Response: Hi. :)

Thanks for the review.
I enjoy constructive criticism.


And, just so you know, I haven't copied anything from this story.
It's all a sum of my twisted imagination.
So, sorry, but I haven't copied.

And this story - and my character - entirely AU. If you've have read on, you'd have known that the conversation with Snuffles is a key point in the story.

I know it's not written the best and i'm in the middle of rewriting now, but I think if you just give it a chance, then you might like it. :)

Thanks anyway.

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Review #4, by samitaclover Slytherin's And Gryffindorks.

26th October 2008:
love it! of course i wouldn't have objected if u had kept on writting ur old version. but i like this perspective too!


Author's Response: thanks soo much!! :D

i would have crried on writing the old version, but i'm sufferng with major WB atm in the plot line.

I know what's going to happen, just i dont know hoe to put it into words.

thanks anyways!!


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Review #5, by lostinwonderland Sherbet Lemon, Anyone?

25th October 2008:
Gawd I love this story!
but did you copie bits from other stories ... ?
cos i swear i read the whole seer thing in that tree hugger story and the bit about the skipping ... ?
or maybe its the same story and im just being totally confsed as per usual.
anyway 10/10 for amaazing chapter!

Author's Response: nahh, this whole story is just a crazy representation of my twisted imagination. (:

thnks for the review. xo

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Review #6, by ginny_weasley_54 Werewolves... Vampires... Flesh Eating Kneazles...

13th December 2007:
wow. why is the potion a problem? oh i'll just read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Well, I must have explained this looooooooads of times. I'll have to put it in an authors notw why it's bad...
You see, If Voldemort gets good luck, then that's bad.
Get me?

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Review #7, by ginny_weasley_54 Slytherin's And Gryffindorks.

13th December 2007:
i love. gotta read the next chapter.

Author's Response: =D!


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Review #8, by ginny_weasley_54 What In The Name Of Merlin's Underpants?!

13th December 2007:
wow. i like. ok off to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: You do that!

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Review #9, by Salamander me Sherbet Lemon, Anyone?

26th November 2007:
He knows he knows he knows!
What kind of problems?
Update! NOW!

loooved it:) didn't think it could turn out this way and I liked it:))


Author's Response: Yes he does indeed know.
You'll have to read the next chapter to know the problems. :)

And the next chapter's JUST been validated. :))

I know, it DID take a bit of a twist didnt it?



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Review #10, by marieluz Sherbet Lemon, Anyone?

23rd November 2007:
Alana is very, how do I say it? Very outspoken...

Author's Response: Yuhuh.
She is indeed.
Not afraid to say what she feels.

Thanks for the review.


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Review #11, by OneDamselsKiss Sherbet Lemon, Anyone?

23rd November 2007:
lol stacey! U have an amazing imagination...! I love it! I really love Alana's Sacrasm. She cheers me up! I love it girl and i cant wait for more! Great job! ~Damsel ps- i have a new chapter up! U should check it out and tell me what u think! love ya lots!

Author's Response: Aww thank you!
Alana's sarcasm is what i like best about her. Shes not afraid to say what she thinks and I wish i could be more like her in that department.

P.S, Will do. Ill leave a review too!!

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Review #12, by Steph Sherbet Lemon, Anyone?

23rd November 2007:
Hehe Remus knows. rnWonder what the others will say when they find out.rnGood chapter.

Author's Response: Thank You SOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!

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Review #13, by OneDamselsKiss I Don't Even Like Grapes!

17th November 2007:
short but cute... what was the dream about? lol i love it! good job!

Author's Response: MUAHAHAHA! You'll have to read on to see!!!

And I know it's short. Writers block (Y)

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Review #14, by OneDamselsKiss Werewolves... Vampires... Flesh Eating Kneazles...

17th November 2007:
i know how the rejection thing goes... chapter 8 of my story has been rejected 3 times so far. but alas. i finally have some free time and thought i'd read ur updates! I really like the Snuffles part... i find it really cute! Hopefull once my story is updated u'll review for me! lol but this was wonderful and im off to read more! Great job Stacey!


Author's Response: Thank you soooooo much! I've been okay with the validation for the last two chapters. Let's hope it stays that way. :P


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Review #15, by Skai I Don't Even Like Grapes!

14th November 2007:
At the very moment I am listening to the song, that you wrote, feels so perfect to happily sit here, while it is snowing outside, and to read one more chapter of a beautiful story :)
Thank you for updating ;) Though yeah, it's a short one, but a good one nevertheless :)

Author's Response: HEYY!
Like, i've said to the others, and what i forgot to put on the chapter --sheepish smile--, it IS indeed short, but the next one should be LONGER and BETTER.
So, should be around two more days in validation and... WAM!
We;re there.

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Review #16, by marieluz I Don't Even Like Grapes!

8th November 2007:
great chapter!

Author's Response: THANKS!!!

Next chapter should be here soon


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Review #17, by Salamander me I Don't Even Like Grapes!

8th November 2007:
At last!
Don't you dare to take so much time while updating the next chapter;)
Loved it, though it was short. The next one will be longer, right???

Will be waiting:)


Author's Response: =DDDDDDDDD
The next chapter should be a longer one, and i think if the next chapter is the one im thinking off, is the best one so far.
Should be here soooon.


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Review #18, by Steph I Don't Even Like Grapes!

8th November 2007:
I like this stor y, looking forward to the next chapter...

Author's Response: THANKS!!
Next chapter should be here soon. :)
THanks for reviewing


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Review #19, by toxic_rapture Werewolves... Vampires... Flesh Eating Kneazles...

1st November 2007:
Haha every chapter has something weird that makes me burst into fits of laughter. What was it this time?

"Get it? Wink? Eye? –Sigh— Readers... So hard to please now a days"

Sorry to quote but I loved it that much. And the bit with the dog (is it Sirius?) was so cute. (for want of a better word)

Author's Response: I hope to add a funny bit to every chapter. I admit this story's a bit... depressing so I thought "I know, let's make it a depressing comedy!" and I know that sounds absoultly... impossible, but i'm trying...

And you'll have to wait and see if it's Sirius. :)


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Review #20, by toxic_rapture Slytherin's And Gryffindorks.

1st November 2007:
YAY! You mentioned not only one of my favourite bands but also my second favourite song (after 4AM Forever) of theirs.

Great chapter btw

I love the argument with herself in her mind I like...never do that *shifty eyes*

Author's Response: Lostprophets = (LOVE)

I love Rooftops and Town Called Hypocrisy (sp?) and Broken Hearts and Torn Up Letters and Last Train Home... so yeah...


And yeah, me too. NEVER ever... Like no...


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Review #21, by slytherin_goddess_24 Werewolves... Vampires... Flesh Eating Kneazles...

27th October 2007:
OMG A cliffy! Another one!

I think that this is a brill story, and I will be tracking it through my Google page, and I shall review EVERY chapter.



Author's Response: OH MY JEEZ!!

Thank you sooooo much for reviewing!! I'll hopefully get the next chapter up soon.

If I can be bothered enough, that is...


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Review #22, by slytherin_goddess_24 Slytherin's And Gryffindorks.

27th October 2007:
Still a very good story - NO plot kinks in this one!


Author's Response: =D

Thank goodness!!


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Review #23, by slytherin_goddess_24 What In The Name Of Merlin's Underpants?!

26th October 2007:

So far, this story is pretty good! You're grammar is great, there are no plot kinks, and the characters are believable.

However, there is ONE thing that took me a little bit to work out. In the flashback scene with Dumbledore, you have written: I didn't give an answer, just went straight to the man in front of me.

This didn't click exactly, as I thought you meant the man in front of Alana when Snape asked her if she would be a Deatheater or not, not the man she was sitting in front of when she had the flashback.

Okay, enough criticism! I really liked the way you had Lucius with his head in Narcissa's lap - I thought that was a clever way to link to the book, and the same with the Dementor idea.

So far, I think this is a really good story. See you next chapter!



I told you I would review!

Author's Response: Thanks soooooooo much for reviewing!!!

I never thought of the situation with Snape/Alana/Dumbledore thing like that...

Obv, i can't change it, but that you sooo much for pointing it out. I hope you understand now.

Thanks again for your comments!!!!!


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Review #24, by Skaiste Werewolves... Vampires... Flesh Eating Kneazles...

18th September 2007:
Now that was something I didn't get, but I hope you'll explain more in the next chapter :) what does Felix Felicis have to do, project?
Anyway, I liked it :) and btw, nice banner ;)
Looking forward the next chapter (it'll be soon, right? :) )

Author's Response: I'll update ASAP I promise!! Well, if Voldemort gets the Felix, then he has good luck.
That means that everything goes KABOOM.
Hope that clears things up!
And you can thank Laura for the AWESOME banner!!

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Review #25, by Skaiste Slytherin's And Gryffindorks.

18th September 2007:
Hello again :)
The very first line of this chapter is hilarious ;))
"Disclaimer: HA! I own EVERYTHING! –JKGlares—Err... Okay... I own everything that JK doesn’t own...?"
And it gets more and more interesting :)
Also, I loved that conversation with her own ego :)) Reminded me of myself ;)
Great story, keep it up :) and I can't wait when they finally know that Alana's good :) well, you know :) kinda :)

Author's Response: Why thank you!
I do try...
Lol @ the ego thing.
Same with me.
I often have arguments in my head, which leads to shouting at myself outloud, which leads to scary stares...


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