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Review #1, by GryffindorSeth37 Prologue - Fractured

17th September 2007:
WOW! It's great!!! Really nice! Plz continue!!!


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Review #2, by Clowee_tee Prologue - Fractured

15th September 2007:
Wow. That was quite a start. The language used in this was brilliant and i loved it ^_^

Chloe xx

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Review #3, by Skit Skit Prologue - Fractured

9th September 2007:
You and your cliffhangers... update soon!! I want to know what happens!

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Review #4, by Wizardora Prologue - Fractured

8th September 2007:
*cries* Oh this is so goood!!! "Hermione Weasley had been murdered by a curse meant for him!"

Oh wow. This is amazing. Possibly my favourite of all your writings, Phyllis! I was reading this like *awe* You are seriously talented!

The language you used is so poetic which is juxtaposed by the vicious content! Lmao! I joke of course, because that probably made no sense in english language terms.

Oh! Why doesn't Hermione answer him? He's waiting for her message and everything ;P Maybe she's just playing dead, y'know, doing a Harry and everything. ROBBED.

And get you! A dramione? From Phyllis? Dear lord!! What is the world coming to??? But it's okay because it starts off in canon. It could be worse, if you were writing a Harmony I would have deleted you off all my favourites.

But uber wow at this chapter. I suggest you update quickly! *comforts Ron* THOSE DARN DEATH-EATERS!

Now I am off to listen to this Staind song :]

10/10. Completely.

Lv Hilary

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Review #5, by panicwithmagic14 Prologue - Fractured

3rd September 2007:
This is a really great story so far! Hope you update soon.

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Review #6, by Luna_ Lovegood Prologue - Fractured

1st September 2007:
You captured the depressing mood well. I don't have anything bad to say about it so keep it up.

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Review #7, by njhill22 Prologue - Fractured

1st September 2007:
This was a good prologue, just enough info and action to get the reader's attention and have them wanting to come back. Obviously Hermione isn't dead, considering the summary for the story, and it's going to be interesting when you start the first chapter years least that's what I'm going to assume you're doing. I'm also hoping you fill in the blank as to what exactly happened to Harry. Good job =)

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Review #8, by mrskimberleyweasley Prologue - Fractured

30th August 2007:


Next chapter immediately.
You know what will happen to me if you don't update. I'll become delusional and strange. I'll say things i didn't mean to say to Ron (who commented me back!!) Phyllis please! Bring her back!
See, i'm already deranged, i know you bring her back because it says so in the summary. God I'm thick. But still, poor Ronald! Where is he going? Are they going to hurt him, hurt my Ronald? No! Damn you for getting me involved in this fic, Phyllis, when you know how opposed i am to even the slightest hint of Dramione! And damn you because i need more fic, and this will be third one of yours which i am hooked on, with no idea when you will update ever!

How's that for a review eh?
I am so going to go read it again, with Staind in the background!
Next time, put the song recommendation at the top love. People like me won't get confused then. But yes, Joan knows.
Love you
Joan x

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Review #9, by noraxslytherin Prologue - Fractured

30th August 2007:
wow. that was simply BEAUTIFUL! i loved this A LOT. wow, poor Ron. your descriptions are amazing, and what really jumped out to me the most is when you were describing blood running out of her mouth. this is just brilliant. *adds to faves* UPDATE SOON! :]


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Review #10, by AussieAnatomy627 Prologue - Fractured

29th August 2007:
It's really good so far! Update soon!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you ^_^
Chapter two is already half-written, so I'll be sure to do so as soon as possible.

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