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Review #1, by emerald_nellie 22 steps

12th March 2008:
I don't agree that this was out of character. I think most of the memories of Lily were actually very well done. (I think the kiss was a bit OOC, but she was drunk, so maybe not).
I thought it was really good how James played such a big part in the story, but wasn't featured in it. Know what I mean? Like, he was a big part of what happened, and that was mentioned, but he wasn't a character as such. I thought that was good. It really showed how he was just there and there was nothing Severus could do about it.
The last line was really powerful (as last lines should be).
I thought over all it was a really nice story. It was a sweet idea, yet some bits were very sad. It had a bittersweet feeling that was really obvious with the last line.
It was also written very well. I love your stories, all the ones I've read have been very good! Keep it up.

Author's Response: thank you very much! i'm glad you think it wasn't ooc... i did think the kiss was a little ooc on lily's part but i'm glad you think otherwise.
i didn't even realise that james hasn't actively featured in the fic until you pointed it out to me - you're right. ^_^ it does show severus' inability to change the situation.
i'm glad you enjoyed this fic - thank you for leaving such a sweet review!

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Review #2, by alyce 22 steps

6th February 2008:
gew ;A; this is very wonderful!! I really love it~ and who knows whether it's OOC~ I think it's perfect!!!

Author's Response: thank you so much, hun! I'm glad you enjoyed reading this. Perfect? *blushes* wow, thank you.

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Review #3, by beautiful_wreck 22 steps

3rd February 2008:
I loved it.
I was all teary eyed towards the end.
Your writing was amazing, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Teary-eyed! wow. "Amazing"? *blushes* thank you so much, hun. It means a lot that you enjoyed this fic ^_____^

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Review #4, by the_marauders_rock 22 steps

6th December 2007:
AW! this is super cute and sad!!!
^_^ 10/10

Author's Response: thanks! =]

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Review #5, by xSirius will never diex 22 steps

26th November 2007:
That was absoulutely beautiful.

Author's Response: thank you so much ^_____^

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Review #6, by essenni 22 steps

24th October 2007:
Oh my god! This is awsome. The last sentence is magnificent! It is the best last sentence I have read in a while. I can't believe that I like SS/LE so much. I feel so sorry for Severus. He had put so much thought in all those presents, he noticed and remembered all small details but it didn't help him to get Lily's friendship back. It's so sad. A really wonderful story!

Author's Response: Thanks! I put a lot of thougt into the last sentence, so I'm glad you found it powerful. ^_______^ Poor Sev =[ The whole ship is sad. I feel so sorry for him. =[ Thank you so much for the review! -hugs-

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Review #7, by Anonymous 22 steps

7th October 2007:
The prose plays together extremely well. Definitely one of my favourites.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. XD I was afraid with this fic. (as I tend to do in most of my fics) I leant too far to the poetry side of things so the prose is blurred - but I'm glad you though otherwise. Thank you again! ^____^

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Review #8, by tragicYETmagic 22 steps

25th September 2007:
omg that was good

i swear i think im about to cry acually

it was very good

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I never thought my writing could emotionally move people. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! ^_____^

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Review #9, by Nessa-Rose 22 steps

24th September 2007:
GAH! I love this story and I love you for writing it!!! Love the concept and it's very well written. So all-in-all, completely wonderful. *spazzes out and reads again*

Author's Response: OMG thankyou! -hugs- I'm sososososo happy ^_______^ thankyou hunny!

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Review #10, by TheDoePatronus 22 steps

11th September 2007:
Oh. My. Gosh. I absolutely LOVED it!!! I'm writing a fic similar to this (with the Snape/Lily/James love triangle), but it's going to be novel length.

I especially liked this spoke to me, or something, haha: ""She clutched the bunch protectively. “Because…” she drew out. And then she launched into the explanation. “I think white… it means something stronger. It means love lost… or maybe it means love yet to blossom. It symbolises…” but she couldn’t seemed to find the right words, so she fell silent.""

I also liked the descriptions (the descriptions of the apples particularly stood out to me) and I REALLY liked how Snape felt that he doesn't really belong in Slytherin so much. :)

Great job! It's going in my favorites!!!

Author's Response: Thank you hunny! I'll be sure to check out that fic of yours when I have some time. ^_____^ Actually, that paragraph was inspired by Anne of Green Gables. hahaha yeah. And personally I think if Snape had been in any where except Slytherin... bleh. The whole sense of him not belonging was very strong in "the prince's tale", and does tug heartstrings - to me at least - so I'm glad I could capture that! Thankyou again! ^__________^

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Review #11, by converse_rocks345 22 steps

9th September 2007:
Aww how sweet but kinda sad at the end yah know?

&hearts great story

Author's Response: i know. sadness. =[ thanks hun!

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Review #12, by Story 22 steps

28th August 2007:
That was amazing. I only wish I could think to write something like this. I agree that last line is incredible. I can't think of a single criticism...well done!

Author's Response: Ohhh thankyou ^_^ hahahaha you'll have to thank Damien Leith and his song "22 steps" (yup, even though I hate him =P ) for inspiring this fic. The last line was something of a spark - like, a sudden brainwave - "hey, that'd make a great last line!" hahahaha. yeah. I like all finesse whatsoever. =P

Thanks hun! ^_^

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Review #13, by thegirllikeme 22 steps

28th August 2007:
Okay, give me about three minutes while I convince myself not to cry...whoa...

All right, I think I'm okay now, but do you honestly know how powerful that last line was? Gosh, I don't know how much of a decent review I can leave on this one, because I honestly loved everything about it. The way you worded everything with the poetic discription left me captivated from the get go and left me breathless until the final sentence (which almost made me cry, which rarely ever happens to me. Congrats).

I loved the flow between the memories and the present, showing that each and every gift had a special meaning. I loved the roses and the meaning of them, and I grinned like a bafoon when Severus said 'Something promising'. I always thought that Severus had a romantic side, no matter how much he tries to hide it (why else would he have threatened to sleep outside of Lily's dorm in DH?). I loved how he loved her so very much that he didn't take advantage of her when she was drunk. It just proves how much he loves her, because no lesser man would have done as much.

Even though, I did find her actually getting drunk a bit OOC for her, but there are many explanations for it. Pressure by James. Stress from school. Or maybe she really did miss Severus. In the end though, I didn't really mind, because everyone makes big mistakes, and the result in the long run was brilliant.

There were a few typos and grammar issues, but I don't think I could point them out and explain how they need to be fixed, so you might want to find a beta for it, just to look over those and smooth out the few rough edges in this.

I thought you expressed Severus' emotions perfectly. That sweet, powerful, unrequited love that I know he had for Lily--it's just...wonderful. And when he said 'I love you' to the closed door, I ached for him. None of it was OOC at all. Make no mistake about it, Severus LOVED Lily with the power that you described.

One of my favorite lines: It was the only way to describe it. She kept the darkness at bay. It was always how I thought Severus thought of her and attracted him to her, because she was his one light in his dark world. I loved that line.

Thanks so much for requesting a review. It really was a brilliant story, one of my favorites. As much as I love Severus/Lily, it's not often that I find one that I like, but this one is awesome! I'm going to have to recommend this, and it's going straight to my favs.


really can't express all the things that I loved about it.

Author's Response: oh wow. I think I'm going to cry. I came home from school today to check my unanswered reviews and then I read yours and I was like - wow. I'm seriously moved that you could draw such emotional depth out of my simple little one-shot. ^_^

I'm glad you found the transition from past the present smooth. I myself had a high awkward time writing it. ^_^ And yes, Lily getting drunk is rather OOC. I was trying to imply something about James, but made it rather subtle. ^_^ hahahaha.

I'll think about getting a beta. I think I will eventually. I'm just a little too protective of my fics. hahahahaha. ^_^

I've always liked the "Lily was the one light in his darkness" idea. Yup, suck for dark, unrequited romances. Only, not when they happen to me, of course. =D

Ohhhh. I'm glad it's not OOC. I was really worried about the fact that I hadn't made Snape's character dark enough - that he was too... lovey-dovey.

You're recommending it? hggnmxfhskjgnx,mn THANK YOU! ^_^ I'm so happy hun, I could dance. -dances- hahahaha.

And thanks for the 10. You've made my day. ^_^

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Review #14, by xambsx 22 steps

28th August 2007:
Its pretty good! :)

The writing is good. Makes it easy to read.

There's something in the way you connect the past excerpts that is strange, but I guess it all works out quite well, past and present.

I was a little shocked about the baby, because I hadnt yet realised that he had already been born.

My favourite part was the last segment, especially the ending:
"Gently, she took hold of the door and swung it shut, just as he parted his dry lips.
“I love you,” he said to the closed door.
Twenty-two steps he took then, out of the driveway and out of her life."

Congratulations! xxx

Author's Response: hahahahaha it's good you were shocked about the baby. you were meant to be shocked. ^_^ after all, sev had no idea, the poor man. =[ i always hate it in fanfics when they underweigh the influence of a baby in the story - like yeah, hermione goes off and get pregnant with draco's child and makes a safe delivery in the hospital wing at hogwarts.

buuuuut, i'm going off track here =P i'm never really comfortable with the past/present mix, so i'm glad you find it worked well. =]

thanks so much for the review! =]

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Review #15, by symphonyofwords 22 steps

28th August 2007:
this is excellent.

I love how the end corresponded to the begining.

Author's Response: Thankyou! It was one of my better plot bunnies =P

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Review #16, by dracoslover1 22 steps

27th August 2007:
This was a good story. There were a couple of grammatical and spelling errors thoughout the piece. I think it was a little OOC because I do not think that Severus would go and stalk someone. Overall, I liked it.

Author's Response: hahahaha and here I thought it was OOC because I hadn't made Sev dark enough. Well, maybe I went overboard. ^_^ Considering his love for Lily... although I wouldn't have called it stalking... LOL ok, Im confusing you and anyone else who reads this. ^_^
It would be nice if you could point out these grammar/spelling errors to me so I can fix them. =P
Thankyou! ^_^

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Review #17, by angel721 22 steps

27th August 2007:
awww cute story :)

i'll go listen to the song now!

Author's Response: Hope you like the song! I'm glad you found this cute. ^_^

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Review #18, by Rapier 22 steps

27th August 2007:
Another Aussie huh?? Haha fantastic story, I loved the way it was written abosolutely superbly planned out and I really enjoyed it. This is one of the first Snape/Lily fics I've read since DH and so far the best by a long shot, honestly you've done a fantastic job with this, if I have enough time I'll read some more of your fics (if you have any) Great job, keep it up!! -R@pier-

Author's Response: YAYS! Another Aussie! ^_^ I'm glad you liked this fic. I'd love it if you read more of my fics -hugs- Thankyou, hun! ^_^

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Review #19, by prettyiris 22 steps

26th August 2007:
wow. This is amazing work. Very Poetic if not 100% accurate, but hey, it is fanfiction. Well done. The banner was great too.

Author's Response: awww thanks. glad you like the banner. i'm wondering what you found inaccurate though?
thanks ^_^ im glad you found this amazing. ^_^

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Review #20, by goodbyetoyou 22 steps

26th August 2007:
oh my god. I loved it. It was an amazing story. Especially the ending. Wow. Just wow. Amazing Job. Terrific job. Unbelievable Job.

Author's Response: -blushes- THANK YOU! ^_^ You're so nice, m'dear ^_^

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Review #21, by flyaway 22 steps

26th August 2007:
Amazing. i loved it!

Author's Response: awww thanks hun =]

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Review #22, by Zacharias_Smith 22 steps

26th August 2007:
Argh ... what to say? I don't know where to start! Well ... this was incredible. The structure was brilliant. The flasbacks mingled perfectly with the present time and the days of the week thing just gave this a theme that made it stand out beautifully. The different presents and the reasons behind the presents were amazing. I loved especially the bit with the glass and how she cut her arm. That was all so well written and so striking.
The white rose motif was wonderfully but subtly used and the last sentence brought tears to my eyes - actually the whole thing did.
I must say Sev/Lily is one of my all time favourite ships and the sadness and heartbreak of it just gets me. But you brought it out in one of the best ways I've ever seen. I certainly didn't think it was OoC!! Your portrayal of Snape was spot on - the whole situation was extraordinarily true to canon, with the kind of half stalking her thing because he is so in love with her.
Erm...just to be a little constructive in this review..well, there were some typos here and there. Nothing terrible, although one did strike me as taking away from the meaning a bit: you make your choice Now I'm not completely sure that this was a typo but it did stand out as not quite sounding right so I'm presuming it was. It seemed like 'made' fitted better there.
But overall this story was perfect and fantastic and well I'm rapidly running out of positive adjectives to use to describe it so I'll stop here. XD
Great work and keep on writing!
x Katie x

Author's Response: Yeah, it was a typo. Thanks for pointing it out, I have fixed it! ^_^

I'm glad you found Snape in character. Really, did that come across as stalking? LOL hahahaha yeah.

Sev/Lily has also been one of my favourite ships to write because it is very delicate and you can never be sure where it'll take you.

Thank you so much! ^_^

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Review #23, by Brilliant 22 steps

26th August 2007:
Wow. This made my do sad. :( Poor Snape.

Author's Response: =[ Yeah, poor Snape. Thanks!

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Review #24, by pheonixgirl 22 steps

25th August 2007:
This story is just beautiful, but sad. Nicely written and he whole idea of Monday, Tuesday...its really nice. I especially love the part when Severus found out Lily had a baby. Its sad but beautiful, well done.

Author's Response: Thankyou. I'm glad you find my story beautiful. -blushes-

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Review #25, by DarkLadyofSlytherin 22 steps

25th August 2007:
Wow. I really liked that. The end, so sad. But now, now they can be together without having to worry. Even though she would be with James still. :D It was amazingly well written and flowed. And the creativity of it all, I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thanks hun ^_^ I'm glad you liked this. Yeah, Snape/Lily = doomed. Oh well. =[

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