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Review #1, by maskedmuggle The Prologue of the Grey Lady

13th December 2010:
This is definitely intriguing… I've never read anything like it before..
A really great start, good characterisation on the Grey Lady, perfect really. The idea of this collab is great.

And whoever wrote this wrote it really well! :)

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Review #2, by AndrinaBlack Cho's Revelation: Toxey's Wand

13th February 2008:
Of course I read this first quite long ago, but I noticed that I haven't reviewed it yet.

This is a really original story. I liked it that we here have an elf that we don't really feel for much in the end showing that not all elves are good and pitiable. Though I'm wondering a bit if this was somewhat on the Lestranges' orders. But I guess they would have thaught the magic to the elf themselves in that case. It also gives a very good reason for a passion that Cho seems to have here. Though I hope Cho would be fair in her job at the ministry if she got it and not judge everyone as a Toxey. Great chapter!

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Review #3, by AndrinaBlack Orla's Story: Of Pink Cats And Purple Hair

13th February 2008:
I really liked this story! First I was a bit afraid it was something about a metamorphmagus, but then it turned out not to be that. I think her mum was quite mean, or really she didn't understand at all how her much shyer daughter felt. I liked how it ended with Orla not thinking that her hair was cool or something like her mum thought, but simply accepting it and ignoring the people who teased her about it. I also like it that she learned to find her real friends that way.

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Review #4, by Thejoin3 Cho's Revelation: Toxey's Wand

4th December 2007:
BTW this is wink also- YAY good job guys! I can't wait for the rest to be up!

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Review #5, by Voldemora Luna's Tale: Wings of Inspiration

18th September 2007:
Oh, this is even better than when I last read it! I love the new bit about posiedon, although I must be stupid, because it took me ages to figure out that 3-ended wand was his trident. Silly me.

Buut, good job! Loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the review!!! I'm happy you liked it. I was in fact quite happy with the idea about the three ended wand :D And you figured it out eventually, so you're not stupid at all.

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Review #6, by x0xcaitlinx0x Luna's Tale: Wings of Inspiration

16th September 2007:
That was beautiful, with the inspiration and the hippogriffs. You must have had to do lots of research! It suits Luna too. I really loved that.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Yes I did some research. That wasn't too hard though. Just a little google search ;) Then I chose what I wanted and used it as I wanted.

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Review #7, by x0xcaitlinx0x The Prologue of the Grey Lady

16th September 2007:
I forgot to review the first time I read this, so I'm doing it now. Great job, really nice. A tad bit short, okay really short. But there really wasn't much more that could be added especially when you don't fully know what the rest of the people in the collaberation are going to write.

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Review #8, by Thejoin3 Luna's Tale: Wings of Inspiration

15th September 2007:
good job Andrina!! it's a really good story

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!!!

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Review #9, by Thejoin3 The Prologue of the Grey Lady

16th August 2007:
Yay I cant wait to read the rest!!

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Review #10, by greylady_Ravenclaw The Prologue of the Grey Lady

13th August 2007:
I can't wait to read the rest and hopefully I will be able to write one.

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Review #11, by sayhitokath The Prologue of the Grey Lady

12th August 2007:
that was really good!! i can't wait for the rest! i want to know the stories!!!

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Review #12, by zrose The Prologue of the Grey Lady

11th August 2007:
This sounds like it's going to be amazing.

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