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Review #1, by CrazyForYou Crossing The Lines

22nd September 2007:
hey really cleverly done! =)
1 creepy teacher Cerberus
2 she will get over it...after a while
3 harry/ginny lol i really love them together
4 um probably not until later...depending on how long you make it, about halfway
5 reading it because i LOVE hermione/draco, thought it was a very interesting idea, and yep. basically

Author's Response: Thanks :D. I'll take your answers into consideration when I finaly update the story ;).

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Review #2, by HelpfulHermione Crossing The Lines

16th August 2007:
ello love :] just thought I'd leave a review

1. definitely the DADA teacher :D
2. No I don't think she will confront him about it, hold a grudge maybe but no confrontation
3. Harry/Ginny and Ron/Lavender hehe
4. well as long as they dont immediately have sex lol evn thou thats the best part ;D lmfaoo reading bcuz ur my bestie and dramione=love and the idea is coolness :)
ily :D

Author's Response: Ahaha. Ily woommannn! =D.

Even though you already told me this, I appreciate your review =).

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Review #3, by undiscovered_legend Crossing The Lines

14th August 2007:
Hell hath no hurry lke a woman scorned!

hehe. so i love this story and i think the interactive idea is kinda cool.

Soo i shall try...

1 -- i have no idea.

2 -- i think that she should not confront the teacher BUT the teacher should congratualte her on the duel or something like that...

3 -- umm... i dont really know at this point.

4 -- NO no extreame devolopement because then it just seems unreal and very out of character. Draco and Hermione would never fall for each other that fast.

5 -- Umm i like it alot...And i am a draco hermione fan...

I had an amazing idea while reading this story...actually Im rather
quite proud. hehe. Ok so maybe I believe that something [i dont know what] should make hermione interested in the Dark arts. And Draco helps her learn them. And then like old voldy finds out and wants Draco to seduce her or something along those lines...
BUT he ends up actually falling in love with her and the same with he with him.

&& he ends up persuading her the drak arts are badd and that they need to run away together.then it kind of goes from there...

hehe yeah...umm those are my ideas darling. Hope they
arent too stupid. xD

*huggs* Ashley


Author's Response: Ooohh creative, creative! Thank you so much for that idea! I may be able to build a bit off of that =). I probably won't use that exactly, but from that I'll forge something =o. Thank you for answering the questions and I'm glad that you liked it =D. I hope you stick to reading, since I'd love more great reviews from you ;). I'm working on the next chapter right now so hopefully I'll get it soon!

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Review #4, by change of heart Crossing The Lines

10th August 2007:
cool story, keep on writting, i really cant wait to read the next one:)

Author's Response: Thanks :D. I'm glad someone is anticipating it!

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Review #5, by Twippy Crossing The Lines

9th August 2007:
1. The evil DADA professor
2. No
3. Maybe Harry/Ginny
4. Depends on how long the entire fic will be and how the character and relationship development goes. Too early and it seems rushed; too late and it gets annoying (not in a good way).
5. yes, yes, somewhat, no.

Thanks! :)

Author's Response: Oooh... nice choice for number one. I like ;). I hadn't even thought of that! Thank you for the insight and for answering the questions =). Happy reading ^.^

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Review #6, by xsh0rty Crossing The Lines

9th August 2007:
1. i'd like the stalker to be draco. although it is very cliched, i think it would help in the development of the D/HR ship.
2. i think a nice, civil confrontation would be nice. haha also a little explanation of why dumbledore chose such a horrid teacher. maybe even an expulsion of the teacher, hearing so many complaints from students.
3. H/G, of course. maybe even R/Lav?? :)
4. hmm.. i love seeing subtle changes within the characters. any chapter is fine as long as it isn't.. BOOM! "I LOVE DRACO", "I LOVE HERMIONE".
5. i'm reading it for all the reasons! i wanna see where this is going and i LOVE the idea of how you're getting input from the readers.. thats love right there! haha

Author's Response: Thanks so much :D. Hah, I'm with you on the side ships ;). Those are my favorites! But I've got a few very interesting suggestions that I'm leaning towards. I can't wait to see what I choose (lol). And with... er... number four, I agree. I like having the characters 'adjust' into the romance, nothing sudden. Thanks for being the first reviewer! Hats off to you! :D

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