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Review #1, by Smith_Babe_1 Smile

6th February 2008:
Brill Story [3 cookies for you] damn now i want a really cookie lol

Author's Response: yes! I love cookies ;-) and reviews

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Review #2, by lostmoon Smile

27th September 2007:
you know that story could easily be pulled out of harry potter context and used for just a regular story? just a thought

Author's Response: I probably will actually ;-) I did it for a few of them.

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Review #3, by Erudessa94 Smile

6th September 2007:
OMG!! Thatwas soo sweet!

Author's Response: Thank you :-)

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Review #4, by RupertsPheonix [not logged in] Smile

7th August 2007:
Okay, I put that line below there, and I had a whole review typed out, but it only submitted that line... Whatev. That's my faovurite line of that song, which is one of my all time favourites! This oneshot was amazing--I absolutely LOVED it. Full round of applause sent your way! =) --Kate/RP

Author's Response: Thanks kate :-) It's mine too

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Review #5, by RupertsPheonix Smile

7th August 2007:
"But my God it’s so beautiful when the boy smiles."

Author's Response: which is my favorite line from the entire song ;-)

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Review #6, by wolf2010 Smile

3rd August 2007:
I really liked it :) You did great! It was extremely well written. I'm sure you've heard it before, but it would be better if you carried it on, maybe into a short story? Like, go through the troubles of him drinking and just go into it in more depth. But, of course, its great :) You don't have to change anything if you don't want to haha. :)

Author's Response: Ah haaaa... Yeah... sequals and I don't normaly happen. Just becuase I have the attention span of a fruit fly lol We'll have to see about this one :-) Thank you for the review!

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Review #7, by DAC Smile

2nd August 2007:
That was so adorable. A bit off Cannon seeing as James and Lily were 21 when they died, but I'm assuming that is largely in part becasue it fits with the song.

Great story though.


Author's Response: Well yeah :-) I don't like cannon writing O:-) but yes, you were right, it was to fit the song this time :-) Thank you for your review!

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Review #8, by al3x Smile

2nd August 2007:
Oh wow =]

I really really enjoyed this one-shot! It gave a complete different spin on the James/Lily ship. Everyone always has them getting together at some point in 7th year...i've never really thought of it from this way. And, i also think it's excellent how you got Lily to like James. Alot of james/lily stories have it so that she's liked him all along and one day she just realises it. But this was so much more realistic =D She usually falls for him because he's stopped being immature and whatever...but this worked so much better! I find it hard to get them together in one chapter, and i usually don't like one-shots about them because they're so unrealistic. But, this one had a background which we had very little detail about, yet it was enough to kind of sense Lily and James' relationship. It was great =]


Author's Response: Thank you for your nice long review!! I really appreciatate how much you liked it :-)

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Review #9, by jss242 Smile

2nd August 2007:
please write another!

Author's Response: Aw thank you! We'll see about more L/J one shots Brighteset features them though :-)

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Review #10, by TrogDorLuver Smile

2nd August 2007:
Awww, I love James/Lily! You've convinced me to write my own song fic! and I especially love this story because its cute without being, you know, TOO cute. Nice work...

Author's Response: :-) Thank you! I'm happy I could do that!

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