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Review #1, by LindaSnape Godfather

21st January 2010:
Wow, that was very gripping. I really enjoyed it.

I loved Teddy's anger and anguish, and finally his understanding. I can understand why he would be so upset, and yet I can understand Harry's indignity at it all.

This was very well written. I loved the emotions and depth of the characters and how you've given Teddy a temper. Most people don't do that.

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Review #2, by simi Godfather

17th June 2009:
that was really good

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Review #3, by Fireball Nymph Godfather

28th April 2009:
I loe this one shot. I think that Teddy would be mad at Harry. But Harry shouldn't beat himself up about stuff that he couldn't control. I love the quote at the end. This was great!

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Review #4, by NymphadoraLupinTonks Godfather

11th February 2009:
Very well written!
It really captured the emotion and I was able to picture it with little discription.

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Review #5, by Slytherinpureofheart Godfather

10th February 2009:
I loved it.It was amazing

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Review #6, by Sammy23 Godfather

27th October 2008:
This was wonderful. Thank you for writing it :)

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Review #7, by Ink Laden Quill Godfather

10th May 2008:
I never really looked at the situation from this point of view before. Rowling always said that Teddy was happy, but I guess that there was always room for a hit of anger. Now that I think about it, it was probably understandable.
By the way, I love the banner for this story. You made it, right? I've seen your work at TDA and think it's lovely.
Back to the story, I'm glad everything was resolved in the end. Great job!

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Review #8, by aks_potter Godfather

8th May 2008:
not bad for a one shot... good work .. keep it up...

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Review #9, by Lovely_Slytheriness Godfather

6th January 2008:
Wow, amazing writing. I loved how you captured the mood so greatly, I´m very impressed. Very original and well written story. Good job.


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Review #10, by Misty_Rey Godfather

28th December 2007:
I read this shortly after I finished reading DH but I don't know why I didn't leave a review then ^_^. Well, better now than never right? This was beautiful, Jen. So very heart-wrenchingly beautiful. I didn't think it would be this good as, like you said, you were quite rusty but I saw no sign of this and I'm usually good at nitpicking, as you very well know ;). Both Teddy and Harry were so wonderfully characterized that I don't know which I liked more! Harry is an incredibly hard character to write and the way you wrote him here was very reminiscent of JKR, the way he vented his repressed emotions, so Harry ^_^. Teddy was wonderful as well, a great show of teen angst while seamlessly flowing into apologetic-ness. The descriptions of emotions were well-written as well. The quote at the end was like the cherry on top a great post-DH fic. A well-deserved 10/10!


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Review #11, by Luna Lovegood Godfather

28th November 2007:
I thought this was absolutely precious. Great job Jen!!! And if that's your writing when it's rusty than I can't wait to see it when you're warmed up.

Much love, Lily

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Review #12, by kissedbyavampire Godfather

15th October 2007:
You should be published.

You need to get yourself a plot (that won't get you into legal trouble ~.^) and get published! Oh, my god! This was bloody effing brilliant!

Not to be cruel to other authors, but when I read them, I feel torn because of the mediocre writing, but with YOU I never ever feel those emotions. Reading your work is a relief to me, like a sweet tasting piece of chocolate with toffee bits and caramel after eating a few bittersweet ones.

Thank you, scorpius, thank you!

(this story was brilliant, btw)


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Review #13, by Smiling Ghost Godfather

14th October 2007:
That was beautiful.
Very,very lovely and completely truthful -I can see it happening very easily


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Review #14, by Hushabye_Mountain Godfather

9th October 2007:
That was very moving, I really enjoyed it. I thought it was put together wonderfully and the ending really did bring it all together. You did a very good job with this, rock on! :) Kate

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Review #15, by Dracana Godfather

4th October 2007:
Really great :D I adore Teddy thoroughly. You mastered the emotion and conflict flawlessly, and I don't really have much else to say, but know this - it was an entertaining read.

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Review #16, by jinx_pickle_jinx Godfather

3rd October 2007:
wow. i had never yhought that teddy would feel anything like this, but it really does make sense. this is great!

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Review #17, by slytherinprincess_xox Godfather

26th September 2007:'s so realistic
i can just imagine being there with them incredible!
;D 10/10

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Review #18, by Learha Godfather

7th September 2007:
Wonderful story ^_^ Very well written and thought of. I really like your idea of writing about Teddy and Harry this way, showing their emotions and feelings in a similar way. 5/5

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Review #19, by mini_marauder101 Godfather

7th September 2007:
Wonderful! I like how you put so much emotion into this =) 10/10!

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Review #20, by inabena57 Godfather

1st September 2007:
This fic was astounding. It was simply amazing. I love the emotion in it... It's sad that teddy feels this way toward Harry. It's a great plot idea though and the way you expressed it was just so outstanding. Too bad it wasn't any longer. lol
Loved it! adding to faves for sure!
100/10 [cuz the bar so goes up that high! :P]

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Review #21, by cookiemonster Godfather

1st September 2007:
Great story, I loved the emotion. Except for a few typos and grammar problems, it was put together very nicely =)

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Review #22, by wired2damoon Godfather

29th August 2007:
Amazing! Wonderful! Fantastic! I could go on lol!! 10/10!! Adding it to my faves and you to my fave authors!! Well done!!
~wired2damoon~ Xx

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Review #23, by ariane20070 Godfather

26th August 2007:
This was a very moving story and i am sorry you did not make it longer.
I have read it twice and it still is really good.

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Review #24, by rubix_cube Godfather

17th August 2007:
I love it. That was amazing and really well written. The highest of praise.
rubix (you really deserve a 50/10, but I can't give that to you)

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Review #25, by way2geeky Godfather

13th August 2007:
I cried, it was so beautiful, i loved it.

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