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Review #1, by kittybabe444 Fade Away

2nd January 2009:
Great descriptions! great story, but...why would you want to kill Hermione? lame. but great story non the less

Author's Response: Thank you darling...its just a plot twist. Made it more realistic.

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Review #2, by Lovely_Slytheriness Fade Away

15th October 2007:
Oh. My. God. This fic sent shivers down my spine, it is so beautiful. Your writing is poetic, without being cheesy at all, it´s just pure and brilliant. Within the first couple of paragraphs I was completely hooked.

This story had everything; it was descriptive, emotional and angsty. And oh so beautiful. The ending is absolutely perfect, you should be so proud!

This one is going in to my favs, it is just... Breathtaking. I´m rambling now, forgive me. You deserve a lot more then a ten, and could I give you more, rest assured I would!

Keep writing, and thank you for making me feel so much emotion! xD


Author's Response: thank you for everything. That is an overwhelmingly kind review.

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Review #3, by Misty_Rey Fade Away

21st September 2007:
Lindsey! I gotta give you props; I stink at descriptions and this fic is chock-full of them which are soo well-written! The intensity as well as the absolute evil shown by the Death Eaters was freaky-ishly canon. My favorite part was when she realised that she was in Greyback's family tomb and he just snuck up on her like that, to me that was the most memorable and it really was canon, as per DH ^_^. Hermione usually annoys me in canon and although she was her usual snotty, pigheaded self here, it was more eanderingly written than usual. The regret and pleas for death were vivid which is a hard thing to pull off. The end especially really threw me off, nice twist dearie ;). Care to share why she was in that terrible state?

One small critic though, the opening paragraph slightly bugged me coz some of the sentences quite awkward. Does that make sense? Here's what I mean:
Tension and despair clung to the air desperately; the air thick and suffocating drowned out the pleading screams and quick, painful breaths that rang through the hills.
The repeated use of 'air' makes the meaning tedious. Maybe just joining the sentence or using another word to replace or symbolize air?

Gray and unevenly thin clouds stained the dark, flawless, onyx night sky.
I feel that you used too many words to describe the night sky. Maybe taking out one of the words will make it seem less forced?

I hope I'm not being too harsh, you know I *heart* you to bits ;D. Sorry it took me so long to review but overall, this is a great style for you and I hope I see more of it in future fics *grins*.


Author's Response: Thanks babe. It was a hard piece to finish. It haunted at me and ate away at me. I was so passionate yet frustrated with it. It was a tangle to deal with, but I am glad it came out so well.

The twist came to me as I reread HP about Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom and their minds. The idea is that Ron and Harry are hit with a spell that knocks them unconcious and Hermione, entangled with emotion, runs away thinking they are dead. In true life, she encounters the Death Eaters, and they toture her long enough before Ron and Harry can save her. From then on, she is unstable mentally and often falls into the fantasy of the dreaded night. Eventually, her own brain is convinced that she is dead and cuts off oxygen to her body. Out there, but doable.

I completely understand. It'll be edited...eventually :). Nothing is perfect and I love to have room to grow. I am working a one-shot that is much more...deep into the human perspective. Anyway, I am glad you enjoyed it.

I loved it myself. I love you more than it though! Thanks for the review lovey.

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Review #4, by author of seven Fade Away

14th September 2007:
Ew, god, I hate it when I'm talking to people online who roleplay or write fanfiction who haven't read all the HP books (but DH I can understand). It's like, Esus, if you're going to get involved in online communities, read the freaking books! (Oh, this is in response to your author's note, btw.)

DUBYA-OH-DUBYA descriptive wonderfulness *is speechless* Linds, you continue to amaze me with your writing skills and I am eternally jealous of you. I feel like I'm watching a Stephen King movie.

"Grime, mould and weathering had kept the family name their own secret." That sentence was just like WOW. It is so. Frickin'. Amazing. And so is this: "They were dead; her best friends, two-thirds of the Golden Trio, lay dead because of one mistake." So wonderful, so hooking, so cliffie-ish.

Poppet? Hee hee, POTC flashback. Loved that movie (but not nearly as much as Without a Paddle and Little Miss Sunshine).


I love you. Srsly.

Hugs, Al

Author's Response: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Al, I love you. Seriously. You are simply amazing.

Al, you have absolutely no reason to be jealou of me-you are infinitely more amazing and talented than I could ever be.

Aww, I'm glad you liked it.

Yeah, yeah, poppet-hehe! I love POTC and Without a Paddle and LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE! SOME OF THE GREATEST MOVIES-EVER! 'I'm not getting back over there until java gets back in the hut.' 'I dedicate this to my grandpa.' 'Aww where is he?' 'In the trunk of our car.'

You liked the twist-I loved it. I thought it was *clever*. Al, you rock my world. Srsly. You rule more than anyone else.

I love you more than words can express.

xx Lindsey

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Review #5, by NamelessAnonymous Fade Away

2nd September 2007:
I was too sleepy to show much emotion for the story, 'till the end, which almost made me almost cry... Again, I'm too sleepy to be thinking right now. Good writing...

Author's Response: Thanks! Get some nice res :)!

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Review #6, by PhoenixxFlight Fade Away

25th August 2007:
This was nothing short of amazing. Your choice of word's and descriptions were perfect. I can see why you are so proud of this, it's both beautiful and heartbreaking, with a unexpected twist at the end.
You have a gift, as always I look forward to reading more by you.


Author's Response: Jenna!

*tackle hugs* Hi hunny. How are you doing, my love? [probably a dumb question to ask seeing as how you can't answer me...duh.]

Anyway, *blushes* I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Its just another sign of how much I've improved...check out my earlier stuff and you would see that it is quite cringe worthy. I had a fantastic time writing the one-shot and I'm glad you liked it.

Psh, I have no gift, but you my love certainly do. You're nothing short of amazing, my love.

Much love back to you!
Lindsey xox

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Review #7, by Snitchsista Fade Away

10th August 2007:
Um, hiya. Do you mind if I dedicate 'Conscience Is A Sin' to you? I've put it up anyway, but if you feel uncomfortable, I'll take it down. I just wanted to think of a way to thank you for all your lovely reviews. Mind you, I am still reviewing yours!! I've nearly finished my novel and so when I have, I'll be round yours!!




PS- Excellent story once again! Believe in yourself. It totally rules!!

Author's Response: Aww are too amazing, Rachel. You are seriously amazing...I am honored to have it dedicated to me. Thanks, love.

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Review #8, by MajiKat Fade Away

7th August 2007:
hunny!! *sque* thank you for the dedication!! *hugs* okay, i;m reviewing as i go, cause i don't want to miss saying anything...

The sweet smell after a rainfall would have mingled in the air if it hadn’t been for the pungent scent of burning flesh and death. - that is just - wow. simply amazing, vivid imagery and i adore it. i am blown away by this line. its beautiful!

The once young teenager of carefree spirit had taken the toll of the war and his youthful face was full of worry lines, wrinkles, and his sparkling eyes were clouded with the truth of the horrors the three had already seen this war. - that is a heartbreaking image. well done Lindsey. i can clearly see his face, and this line makes me really feel for him, for them all.

the whole opening scenes were fantastic hun!! absoluelty marvellous. i loved hermione's flight through the forest - again, the imagery was wonderful and i could see everything.

“It always brings me more joy to watch them squirm before we even touch their dirty bodies.” thats wonderful. totally creepy and dripping with disgust. i love it!!

the torture scene - wow. very dark and it left me shivering a little. truly, it was amazing, such evocative language and wow, hunny, beautiful writing. creepy.

i loved the twist. it was excellent and it really worked with the story and with hermione's character. this whole piece is wonderful lindsey, and you should be very proud of it. its the best thing of yours i have read. it is clear you did alot of work on this, and it paid off. totally excellent hunny!!

again, thank you for the dedication and this is going in my favs!!
luv ya heaps hun!!
Kate xx
oh and a massive 100/10!!

Author's Response: Kate! *squees back* You seriously deserved this. You put up with my worthless writing and your stories always sent me off into a whole nother world! *hugs back* Alrighty ;)!

It took me forever to get that right...I had to look up like seven different words with a thearus before I found one I liked for everything...but I'm glad it was effective ;-)!

It's still an awkward sentence...I really need to work on my awkward phrasing..but I'm glad it worked. Thanks, Kate ;-)!

Imagery was key for this was the main focus along with the plot-line. It was meant to be huge...every one-shot I do from now on has a starting point and something I'm trying to one-shot is symbolism I believe. Can't remember :P!

My favorite thing to do evil is dialogue..there are so many ways to make someone evil just by using words!

That was really hard to write because I didn't want to mess with ToS, but still wanted it to grab you and scare the reader.

The twist came to me as I worked on an Alice/Frank fic! One trapped in their own twist I've ever had. *jaw drops* Seriously??? The best? *giggles happily and blushes* You seriously are too sweet. In faves...score! Thanks, was my honor to dedicate it to you and I love you too!
xox Lindsey
*blushes* Thank you!

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Review #9, by a_shooting_star Fade Away

5th August 2007:
Well you know how I felt about it, Lindsey! I absolutely loved it as I do with all of your stories and for your first attempt at horror/dark was awesome. You should be proud of this! :)
Um first off, you left one of my notes in there. ^-^ Its in the second paragraph. :P Second of all, your description was amazing in there. Third, I loved the last line; Hermione Granger had reached her fading point. - It was a real effective way to end it. You've got such an imagination, Linds!
10/10 Hope you had a nice holiday! Love you! xoxo

Author's Response: Steff, you always make me feel super special. Thanks, lovely. You are too sweet, my love.

I found that...sorry about that ;-). Thanks for pointing it ou there. Seriously? I worked so hard on the have no idea how amazing you are. *blushes* Thanks, lovely.

I did have one! Thanks, beautiful. Love you more!
xoxo Lindsey

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Review #10, by Snitchsista Fade Away

4th August 2007:
Oh, I'm in tears! I think . . . . Oh my Merlin. LovelyMioneWeasley, you can write! Wow, you can write. I apologise in advance if I haven't reviewed for a long, long time. I was away for five nights without my laptop, so couldn't read. I am so glad I did. Hermione was in perfect character, and wow. You're a winner for this so far, (well, there's no winner, but this has been my favourite fic) Wow. I can't stop saying 'wow.' Anyway, I am so pleased that you entered this challenge, and please write more! That was really sad when we found out that Hermione would forever be stuck in a surreal nightmare of visions. I cried at the end, on the sentence, ''She's gone." Oh, oh dear. My eyes are still wet. This really did scare me, your writing is amazing, and please don't ever stop!!




Author's Response: Aww I'm sorry! *hands tissue over quickly* Pish posh, seriously, little to no writing skills over here. It is so fine that you had to wait to review...I'm just glad you reviewed! You seriously liked it? So glad! I'm so glad you enjoyed it; it was my first challenge entry and I'm glad it turned out so well. I will continue to write more-no worries. Jeez, I'm so sorry...but I'm glad you got scared. *still blushing* Love you, Rachel!
xox Lindsey

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Review #11, by Redheads_4ever Fade Away

4th August 2007:
Oh my goodness gracious, I was terrified. All the descriptions were so real and I know I, sure as anything, wouldn't have wanted to be in Hermione's place. Especially if Greyback was chasing me! That would be a scary way to die (being a prisoner to your own mind). I loved it. I can see why you're proud of it and I am in awe! You're such a talented author :) Awesome job! -Allison

Author's Response: Seriously? Yay! It worked! Terrified is a really, really good thing ;-). Aww thanks, Allison. I wouldn't Greyback chasing me either. Pish, posh, *blushes* I'm not that talented, but I am proud of this. Thanks so much, Allison! I'm soooooo relieved you liked it. Love you!
xox Lindsey

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