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Review #1, by amakama Conversation Eight:" When I die..."

16th March 2008:
That was beautiful!
You've captured the real Snape and how his personality changed through the chapters.
I actually felt tears coming. I loved it.

Author's Response: thanks... it was really important that I showed the change in his personality.

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Review #2, by bron Conversation Eight:" When I die..."

25th January 2008:
i am crying...
that is beautiful! you're such a good writer! that was a really good story, one of your best i think! really and truly well done. if i hadn't loved severus before this i would be crazy about him now

thanks for a great read

Author's Response: After reading Deathly Hallows, I literally picked up a laptop (right away) and started to write. I didn'twant to believe that the conversation on the steps was the last time they talked.

Anyway, you have been so kind in these reviews. thanks so much. I'm going to update across the board soon. I have a new idea for a story that popped in my head Thursday, I'm looking forward to getting that down. It's a Snape and Tonks. And I wrote a good bit of a one-shot Snape and Lily in my notebook. Yes, I have a notebook where I write ideas for original stories and sometimes fiction.

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Review #3, by bron Conversation Six: "I am scared, but we all are."

25th January 2008:
thats a really good chapter! its beautiful and sad at the same time. i nearly cried! i wish he could just be happy, but i know it never happens.

Author's Response: That's why I write Snape and lily too. To have some serious angst moments.

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Review #4, by SeverusWasLoved Conversation Eight:" When I die..."

24th November 2007:
This was really good. I loved the story.. my heart broke for Sev, but the ending was wonderful. Thanks for writing it!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading it. I had lots of fun writing it.

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Review #5, by SeverusWasLoved Conversation Two:"Why are you sorry?"

24th November 2007:
This is breaking my heart! They are so stubborn! Mostly Lily was then Sev... still. my heart breaks for Severus. He was and is always my favorite.

Author's Response: I love him too. I wrote this because I didn't like lily so much after Dh and I wanted to believe that she liked him more than she showed.

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Review #6, by bshis2010 Conversation Eight:" When I die..."

17th November 2007:
I loved it! The doe at the end gave me goosebumps.

Author's Response: Thanks...

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Review #7, by holly bergman Conversation Eight:" When I die..."

11th November 2007:
I nearly cried...I don't cry often...wow...that was... *bursts into tears*

ten on *sniff* ten

Author's Response: I love to make people cry.... I love writing angst. Anything that starts off happy... will always turn to angst with me... I can't help it.

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Review #8, by Diandra Conversation Eight:" When I die..."

10th November 2007:
The tears are rolling down my face. And this is the second time I've read it! Haha, this was the most amazing story ever, I'm so depressed that it's over! Gah...I'm going to be so bored; you're one of the only authors (whose stories I actually enjoy) that is still updating regularly. What am I supposed to do without this story?! Haha, don't worry, I'm not dramatic or anything ;D

So, overall this story was amazing. Probably my favorite of everything you've written. I can't wait for anything else you're planning on writing, I'm really excited for whatever you're planning next! Oh, by the way, send me those links...I want to check all that new stuff out. You know my email address, so send 'em over any time you want! Can't wait.

So, I'll miss this story. I do apologize for this never-ending, pointless review, though. I just completely loved this and am pretty devistated. Anyway, fantastic job! Hope to be reading more of your stuff soon!


Author's Response: You know how I love making people cry. Thank you again for being my most loyal reviewer and helping me out with this story and all.

I can't wait to send you a list of all the stories I like. I think you'll like them too. A while back I read some fantastic Snape and Lily stories. I'm going to have to fish them up for you. Granted, it was before DH.

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Review #9, by PrincessKathyBx Conversation Eight:" When I die..."

8th November 2007:
Ayyy The Story Ended, This Is A Sad Moment. But I Really Loved This Fic And I Hope You'll Keep On Writing More (even after Little Nymph finishes). You Really Have A Great Talent And Im Happy I Found You Here!

10/10 ;o)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading my fics. I really hope I can give you guys a good finish for Little Nymph as well. I have more stories to post.

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Review #10, by b Conversation Five: "Well all is fair in love and war, right?"

7th November 2007:
Excellent! I can not wait for the updates. The characterization is perfect.

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Review #11, by Diandra Conversation Seven: "I wish I had known,”

28th October 2007:
Hehe, you're so welcome! I have to tell you again; this is by far your best chapter. I love the happy-angst of it all and I love the way they communicate. You honestly had me crying...it's just so beautiful. Everything about it is just Wow.

“I know,” she said. “Look at me...” I'm not sure if you intended her to say that wonderfully sad line, but it really made this chapter perfect for me. And then, when she explained what she felt for him, for six whole months. I just wanted to shake her and go "YOU FOOL!" Gahhh. so anyway, you did the most fantastic job. I'm so sad that the story is almost over.

I'm really interested in your newest story, the Tonks/Severus one that you talked about in your responce to my most recent review. I'd really love to beta that one, but if you don't feel comfortable, just let me know. You did say it might be too mature, but rest assured that I'm fine with all of that stuff. So, just send it over if you want, either way I'd love to read it. Sorry for the useless babble, great job!


Author's Response: Oh so you liked my Happy Angst the best. Sometimes I think I should write more happy-ish stories but for some reason anytime I try it always gets really dark.

The Look at me line I had to mut in because... well I don't know why I just wanted it in.

My new Snape and Tonks story is not that good at all. Snape is not that nice in it at all and it is very weird. I still have part three to write and I am so tired of Snape... he's pissing me off and I'm the one who's making him like that.... but he'll get what's coming o him in the next chapter he he.

The story was for a challenge so it was difficult to wark around the rules. I send you link to it. Some of it is actaully already posted... that last part will get very M. Oh this site has lots of Snape and Tonks. There is one with Kingsley and Tonks are just starting a relationship and Tonks finds out Snape is alive... that one is so good that I wish I wrote it.

Thanks again for being so nice with being my beta and all. I have a Snpae and Tonks in my head and Lily/Snape in my head that I would feel comfortable giving you to beta... The Snape and Tonks is AU, where Tonks and her girlfriends are craking up on men they know and Tonks says as a joke. "I'll could be with him... in another lifetime..." and nautaully the next chapter is another lifetime... Snape is Professor in a University and Tonks is... well you guessed it... ( a student.... probably postgrad... I'm not sure she should be undergrad, if she is she should be in her final year) and I have found a way to work in Lupin and Lily and everybody, It will be sooo intresting to write.

And the Lily and Snape is one-shot where Snape sort of spends the night at Lily's house... it is vey angsty. And no... nothing is going to happen...at least I think so...Hmm... it depends on how it goes when I'm writing it.

This response it too long now..

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Review #12, by Kristina1990 Conversation Seven: "I wish I had known,”

27th October 2007:
You got me close to tears here. Absolutely wonderfully written. And to know that this is the final meeting between them just makes everything worse...
Hope you update soon and for the final time. ;)

Author's Response: YES. Didn't I tell you, I love to make people cry. Oh but you said close to... Darn! I hope you might for the last chapter...

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Review #13, by PrincessKathyBx Conversation Seven: "I wish I had known,”

26th October 2007:
Er Its So Sad To Know There's Only One More Chapter To Go. But You've Had A Great Run. Plus Your Other Stories Are Good Too. Well Any Who, This Chapter Is My Favorite. I Felt Like This Was Their Last Conversation. Even Though It Was Sad, I'm Happy It Went This Way. At Least Sev Would Have This To Look Back On. As Always 10/10!

Author's Response: It's weird that I ended on eight chpaters. I never go less than ten unless it is 3 chapters long. But the end seemed to fit perfectly there. I'm suprised that people liked this chapter the best. The author always has different favs...
So thanks for reading and don't forget to look out for the last one.

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Review #14, by Diandra Conversation Six: "I am scared, but we all are."

14th October 2007:
Aw, toon, you should've had him let James die! I know, I know, this is supposed to be canon complient, but still. Wouldn't it have been great if Severus had just whisked Lily away and left James to his doom? Haha, sorry, I only wish. But anyway...

Great, awesome, amazing, wonderful, fantastic chapter. You really had me sobbing at the end. I love reading Severus in tears; it makes him seem so much more human than he is when he doesn't show emotion. But of course, it makes me terribly sad so I have to start crying.

I loved what he did for her; that he saved his most hated fiend just so that she would have the tiniest chance of loving him. His love for her really moves me, as I'm sure it does you. Great job with this one.

I just left you a little blurb on your 'Meet the Author' page, incase you haven't noticed. I can't wait for updates; I hope that the queue is short (TA's can't see how long it is.) so that I can read more of your fantastic work. I really want to read the 'happy angst' in the next chapter!


Author's Response: I wish James could just die.... Grr, I really hate him.

Thanks for the review and for leaving a comment on my Meet the Author Page. If you didn't tell me you left one I wouldn't have known. No one hardly ever leaves me anything.

I can't wait to post the next chapter. Although this one was my fav, I think the other one is good two but in a totally different sort of way.

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Review #15, by Snapegirl Conversation Six: "I am scared, but we all are."

13th October 2007:
Aw this was so sad! That must have cost him so much, to save his rival, but he did it, out of love and honor, and that's what matters. Sometimes the greatest sacrifices go unnoticed, but they always mean something in the end. Great chapter! My poor Sev, he's always so alone and broken-hearted!

Author's Response: I am incapable of writing anything that is happy.

I wish he let him die... I don't like James one bit. However, the point of the story would have been lost.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #16, by snapegirl Conversation Five: "Well all is fair in love and war, right?"

13th October 2007:
Poor Sev, doomed to protect and love one who will never see him for what he truly is! It's really sad!

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Review #17, by PrincessKathyBx Conversation Six: "I am scared, but we all are."

13th October 2007:
Shiazza.What A Good Chapter Buddy. The Last Chapter Is Still My Favorite Though This Is A Close Second. But Are You Only Going To Write Untill Lilly's Death Or After That? 10/10 ;o)

Author's Response: There are two more chpaters to go. One is after she dies and the other is before.

I hope you like those as well.

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Review #18, by Kristina1990 Conversation Six: "I am scared, but we all are."

13th October 2007:
I really liked this chapter. My favourite so far!

Keep it up!

Author's Response: I liked this one best too.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #19, by Kristina1990 Conversation Five: "Well all is fair in love and war, right?"

28th September 2007:
I like the idea of doing several One-Shots. It fits really well and you have a nice writing style!

Update soon!

Author's Response: Oh thank you, your right I guess it is sort of like several one-shots.

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Review #20, by Diandra Conversation Five: "Well all is fair in love and war, right?"

28th September 2007:
Horray! When I saw this new chapter, I squeeled a squeel of happiness! I was so glad to see that it had been validated; oh how I love this story! Anyway...

A cliff hanger from you? We haven't gotten one of these since your Sometimes in the Middle! What is the world coming to? Oh please give us (meaning your loyal readers) a new chapter soon!

Now, I will actually talk about how much I loved loved loved this chapter! It was really excellent; it was really interesting to see that his Patronus is a hummingbird. I wonder why that is. Please do explain in upcoming chapters! And I really liked the way that you made them talk to each other; the tables turn. Instead of the vice versa, as it usually is, Lily sneers and Severus speaks gently. It's really nice to read someone so talented as you be able to pull that off.

It also still really hurts that she thinks that he'll hurt her or something. I mean, she points the wand at his heart! Doesn't she understand that he's just bloody in love with her? Ugg, stupid girl.

The ending of the chapter was fantastic. I'm glad that you had him emphasise (sorry if that's spelled incorrectly) that he was sparing her. Maybe she'll realize that he will never ever hurt her? I sure hope so.

Overall, this was another brilliant chapter. I swear you get me to leave the longest reviews with this story. It's just so amazing! So please update VERY soon, I'm really apprehensive about the next chapter. Well done!


Author's Response: Oh sorry, that wasn't mean to be a cliff hanger. What happened after there is that he went to meet up Voldy and his crew and they caused a little trouble in diagon alley.
Hey,thanks again. I was so happy to see it got validated because I am having a horrible day.

I chose a humming bird because it's dependant on flowers to live, like sucking the nectar. So I thought if Snape's patronus had changed, what is was before would have been something that shows his dependancy on Lily (the flower) and thier friendship (his life).I also thought the meaning should not be too obvious because Lily would have picked up on it. His true feeling are not fully develop yet, they don't consume him entirely, because he is still with the DE so his patronus is more reflects his depandancy on her and not his love for her. When gives up everything and decides to work to protect her sacrifice, then his patronus would change. I hinted as to why it would change to the doe in the last chapter but I never explained my reasoning behind it. Maybe I should have coming to think about it.

We'll see what Lily is thinking in like two chapters from now.

The next chapter, I believe is my best. I can't say that you would like it but it's really the turning point of the story.

No, chapter really continues because it meant to be flashes of what happened between them, like a memory. I guess this is what it would be like if Severus took a dive in his own pensieve memories. But in the end it all ties together, I think. It's ends sort sad. Yes, but there's a happyish chapter before the last one. Oh I should warn that the story is only eight chapters long.... one of the shortest multi-chapter story I ever wrote. Oh well.

I have an enormous amount of typing to do because some evil being stole my flash drive. I am so close to crying right now. Everything is on that drive. I had the edit to Little Nymph on that flashdrive as well. It was really good and I know nothing I write now will ever be equal to it. I have to type it all over to boot. AHHH. I hate this. All my stories, even an original screenplay I was working on... gone. OH NO all my orginal stories gone as well. All I have is the plot in my head. And all my music too.... I like to listen to music while I write but now it's all gone. This is what Severus must have felt like when he lost Lily.

Thanks for the review. I better get typing I have a lot to do. Damn that bastard.

Oh No I just realised I had Final Conversations is on the drive too. WHYYYY. Now I hope I can find it somewhere. Sometimes I email my stories to myself or store it somewhere on the net.

This really sucks..

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Review #21, by Kestral Conversation Four: "But I do admire the white."

25th September 2007:
Excellent, the conversation seemed really natural

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Review #22, by Kestral Conversation Two:"Why are you sorry?"

25th September 2007:
Really good emotion

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Review #23, by xsn Conversation Four: "But I do admire the white."

23rd September 2007:
I really like your story, especially the way you make me tear through such innocent words that snape and lily use. you're very good with dialogue =) keep up the great job!

Author's Response: Ohh Thanks so much. I always work so hard on my dialouge. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #24, by Diandra Conversation Four: "But I do admire the white."

16th September 2007:
Oh wow, this was so powerful and (once again) sad. You make me sympathise with Severus as nobody but JKR can. I really admire the way you write; you have this certain style that carries on throughout all of your stories. Also, I think that you're right about the way he would change; nobody could stay semipleasent after hanging around with the Death Eaters. It only seems realistic that he would be meaner after turning fully over to the dark side.

It made me so tearful when he became hurt because she thought he would hurt her. Does she have a brain!? The man loves her above everything EVER, why the heck would she think he could even fathom hurting her? Good job with that, it's exactly what would've happened if he was placed in that position.

Now, I think that the idea of him showing up at the wedding was just brilliant. Its such a Snape thing to do. And then the closing line; "But I do admire the white" was just amazing. And the quote before it, "I've had many dissapointments in my life, but none so great as this one" or something like that, was also really depressing. I mean, did she have to hurt him like that? Grr...stupid Lily. Haha, I love this story so much. Please update soon, I can't wait for our happy angst moment!


P.S. I'm so grateful for that lovely review on my last story. I just responded to it, sorry it took so long. I had no clue how to answer something so amazing. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thank you once again. Sometimes I feel like people miss tragedy of his life and they take his character for granted. I feel like I obligated to point out the possible reasons for why he acts the way he does and the things that are most likely going trough his head. The change in attitude was something I had to do. I wanted it indicate that he really developed into what he is when he was away from Lily (sort of like Lily is fire (like you decribed her in your fic except this one is a good fire) and she is all this source of ligth and warmth and the further he moves away from it, the colder and darker he becomes. Well I think he might have gone so far that he was in darkness for years and became cold as a result of it). Sometimes I get these images in my head to decibe him.

Yes, you know how I love making people cry. I rejoice every time I read it in a review. Long ago when I first started writing fanfiction, it was for Dark Angel, I never could get real emotion across but I came up with some innovative plots. Then good ole Snape came into my life and I just went crazy with the angst. It's all I write all the time. People must think I'm a sucidal or something. But I'm quite happy most of the times.

The white comment was just let him say something out of order and just to indicate that he has thought about sex with her already and maybe many many times thereafter...he he. It's a shame he wasn't one in this story...

About my review: It comes and goes. Sometimes I can write good ones, sometimes I can't. I think it must have been because I just read Agnes Grey (the best book by a Bronte in my opinon) and I was so inspired by her style that I felt like writing. Then you went and wrote a chapter that was so absoutely brilliant and emotional that my wanting to write happened to come out on your review page. I'm still feeling the effects from Agnes because here I am writing a long response...

I think I should say FIN now...

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Review #25, by Snapegirl Conversation Four: "But I do admire the white."

15th September 2007:
Yes, but I also think you should have her wonder a bit about his motives here. Maybe have her think about what it would have been like if she'd married Sev instead? A shadow of regret? After all, once she loved him, right? Just a suggestion. This is really good, however. You should continue with it. Would you mind reviewing my fic please? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Author's Response: I don't normally read Snape/OC but for you... and Diandra I will give it a go. You guys are the best reviewers ever.

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