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Review #1, by taylor (screen name: RonLover99) Good Bye

4th December 2008:
It was a very touching story. I loved it! It made me cry, though. Still, very good. This is the only story that I have ever givin 10 out of 10!

Author's Response: Really? Wow, I'm sure she's honored. The original author died, but I believe in God so I'm sure she knows.


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Review #2, by Lilly Rae Good Bye

27th February 2008:
*Tear* so sad. Oh, my gosh. that was really sweet but SO sad.

Author's Response: I know it's sad but it had to be that way. I hope you read the seqel. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #3, by BalletShoes Good Bye

8th January 2008:
Hiya!!! That was a pretty good songfic you wrote there. It was actually very sad. I was a bit confused when i started reading but in the end i figured out that Hermione was dead and he was saying goodbye to his daughter which was older then i thought she was. LOL! I'm gonna go read the sequel now!!!

Author's Response: Well in the memories she's young. My sister told me it was confusing but I paid no attention. guess I should. Thanks

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Review #4, by Izzy Potter Good Bye

27th December 2007:
Great job, love this story and song!!! What's the sequel called?

Author's Response: The seqel is called Dominic. I hope you like it. If you can't find it leave another reveiw and I'll find it. ka Or just click my name mrs katiepotter

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Review #5, by slytherin_goddess_24 Good Bye

21st November 2007:
Poor Draco...

I am bit slow on the uptake so - Hermione is dead, and Shey's going to be a dress designer?



Author's Response: Yes, Hermione died to save her daughter. Now Sheys all grown up and going to be a dress designer. :-)

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Review #6, by DracoMalfoy'sbabe Good Bye

1st September 2007:
That was really sad. I had tears inmy eyes at the. Poor Draco. Did he ever get to see her again? I wish you could write more. But, It's a songfic so, you get what you get.
Good job. *Wipses tears away*
10/10 *Gets a tissue*

Author's Response: No he never saw her again. But there is a seqel coming out. I have the first chap writen but the fourth chap for my fanfic Thanks to Draco is in valdidation so it will be up in about three weeks. I hope you'll read it. I think you'll like it it's about Shey's kids, Dominic and Hermione. I hope you enjoy it.

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Review #7, by Missiheartdraco2 Good Bye

14th August 2007:
i knew that would make me cry when i read the summary and saw what song you chose to use. :) nice job!

Author's Response: Thanks I'm real glad you liked it and for takeing the time to review. There's going to be a seqel because two people have asked me to.

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Review #8, by dragon_lyoness2022 Good Bye

13th August 2007:
awsome story. u should totaslly do a sequel

Author's Response: Ok I will thanks for the review

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Review #9, by Maccoronipenguin Good Bye

13th August 2007:
I wish there was more!

Author's Response: Ok I'll make a seqel I don't know how but i will ka

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