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Review #1, by Weasleyfan Chapter 17: Give me advice about all that I want and tell me what I need

21st February 2010:
I think this whole fanfic is great! Probably the best one I have ever read and I think your take on Charlie is so amazing. He's my fave Weasley and this story is so well thought out.
Pls write more! I'd love to see Charlie and Kara through out the rest of the war and getting married (elope?). I always thought maybe bill would find out about their past or the other Weasleys too- that would be the best, but mrs weasley would probably kill them lol. But still it would make it all very interesting. I also think it would be so nice if they had a baby( I know you say she cant but it would be great if they could).

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Review #2, by harry_125 Chapter 17: Give me advice about all that I want and tell me what I need

28th May 2008:
i wonder wat happens next
cant wait

Author's Response: unfortunatly we'll probably never know exactly... but you can imagine as she the mother of Jenna and Grady. I don't think I'll ever get around to typing it. Sadly.

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Review #3, by harry_125 Chapter 11: Assigning Assignments

28th May 2008:
yea before i lied and continued reading even though i told myself i would stop but wateva
really good story
i want to know want happened to her but i really need sleep for tomorrow

Author's Response: lol when I first started reading fanfiction i was a fiend. I was like I . MUST. KNOW! And then it eventually wore off because now it's hard to keep my interest. I've read so many. thanks!

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Review #4, by harry_125 Chapter 7: The Tumultuous Tournament: Following Fleur Delacour

27th May 2008:
wow i jus started reading this story and all i have to say is another great story
i would continue reading but i have finals tomorrow and i want to be awake when i take them

Author's Response: have you read all my stories??? Lol thanks so much. I know I had finals the other day and I was like... read these next few chapters or study... oh definetly read. ahah thanks!

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Review #5, by Slytherin85 Chapter 17: Give me advice about all that I want and tell me what I need

7th April 2008:
I love this story... I'm totally hooked, I LOVE IT... Great story... I'm glad he finally propose.. I love this story.. Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: haha thanks! If you love this story then you'll really like where 'Revealing This' is going...

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Review #6, by YAY! Chapter 17: Give me advice about all that I want and tell me what I need

23rd February 2008:
Finally! A new chapter and a engagement and some truth! Don't keep me waiting! I love this story, it's beautiful! *love*

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Review #7, by Wave03 Chapter 17: Give me advice about all that I want and tell me what I need

23rd February 2008:
I'm soo happy! ^-^
I love this chapter!
*squee* He popped the question. :D
Write soon how they tell their families about the engagement. I especially want to see Tonk's reaction. :P
More Tonks/Lupin pls. ^-^
Update soon!

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Review #8, by Ann Chapter 16: Please Refrain From Touching the Death Eaters, for Your Own Personal Safety

4th February 2008:
please PLEEEASE update soon!!! I've waited for so long!

Author's Response: I am soooo soooo soooo soooo sorry about not updating this story I really am but it won't be up for a while. I'm seriously considering putting this story on hiatus but I'm seriously going to try and write another chapter.

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Review #9, by Ann Chapter 16: Please Refrain From Touching the Death Eaters, for Your Own Personal Safety

3rd January 2008:
Hey =) when are you going to update? I can hardly wait! ...=)

Author's Response: ahahaha.... well.... about that... I haven't even started another chapter, but I'm seriously trying here. I have alot of things coming up. I probably won't update until at most mid-january. i know its really sad but I can't help it.

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Review #10, by shadowkitty22 Chapter 16: Please Refrain From Touching the Death Eaters, for Your Own Personal Safety

27th December 2007:
Poor Kara and Charlie. Things just don't seem to want to go right for them, huh? And the Harpies are an all female quidditch team, so Charlie wouldn't have been invited to join in the first place.


Author's Response: are you serious? How do you catch these things lol. I didn't know thanks!

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Review #11, by Karen Chapter 16: Please Refrain From Touching the Death Eaters, for Your Own Personal Safety

23rd December 2007:
I LOVE THIS! please PLAESE update soon, I cant wait to see what happens next! Charlie and Kara are so cute together! ^_^

Author's Response: i know i love them together! they're perfect! thanks for the review

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Review #12, by Lynlyn2girl Chapter 16: Please Refrain From Touching the Death Eaters, for Your Own Personal Safety

21st December 2007:
omg omg omg omg

i cannot beLIEVE she did that

i absolutly lovvveee ur story!!!

Author's Response: lol i know. I've had this chapter in my head for a long time and I planned it to be a little more risque but it kind of made me think bad of Kara and so I toned it down a bit, but it's still bad huh? lol poor charlie.

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Review #13, by marygold Prologue

16th December 2007:
Luv how the story started!!!

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Review #14, by pyropanda Chapter 15: Ruin My Sunshining Day

8th December 2007:
okay you can't leave us with that cliff hanger for as long as you have been doing. please get to's getting so good.

Author's Response: I know unfortunately that's the way its staying for a bit. I hardly have time to write but I'm trying. I'm writing three stories at one time. This story is finished in my head. Just not on

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Review #15, by Lynlyn2girl Chapter 15: Ruin My Sunshining Day

8th December 2007:
omg omg om gomg omg!!
omg omg omg omg omg !

i cant breath!!
i cant wait for the next one!!!

Author's Response: I know I'm so sorry but I don't think they'll be a memory in the next one. I haven't written it yet, but I'm almost positive there won't be. SORRY!

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Review #16, by aberforthisababe Chapter 15: Ruin My Sunshining Day

8th December 2007:
So THAT'S why Charlie moves to Romania! And she's scared of babies! Aha!

Great story, btw. Although I personally prefer Grady. That one's really great, and I always like the ones not set during the time of the actual books. I always think it gives you more to work with. Not that I ever publish mine. NOt gutsy enough for that.

Anyway, your's are great!

Author's Response: Ah! thank you! finally someone who reads both my stories! and just for that I'll tell you that they tie together ;)
oh and yeah that's why charlie goes to romania and the babies. very perceptive.

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Review #17, by Toby Chapter 14: Send the Firewhisky Around, Now.

25th November 2007:
Really good story... I think it would be a bad idea to skip right to the epilogue... You are writing FANfiction, it does not need to follow the book exactly, you could make up your own and throw in some stuff from abook ince in a while just to help us readers know how much time that has been. Why is Kara afraid of babies? Update soon!

Author's Response: Yeah but I really like sticking to the books. It's really the whole point of the story. Oh and Kara's afraid of her babies. Maybe that will give you a hint.;)

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Review #18, by Lynlyn2girl Chapter 14: Send the Firewhisky Around, Now.

24th November 2007:
HAHAHAHAHAH babies?!?! thats hilarious!! btw, exellent story i absolutly love it :]

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #19, by shadowkitty22 Chapter 14: Send the Firewhisky Around, Now.

24th November 2007:
While I like the idea of continuing your sideline romance amongst the main story line, I think you should do whatever you wish the story. Be that skipping book6 and going to an epilogue or plowing your way through it all. Because honestly, Charlie doesn't get much action in the last books until book 7 if I'm not mistaken. But whatever you do, I'm sure it will rock and be utterly charming. Emilie =^_^=

Author's Response: Thank you! you see my point right? and there's really no plot I could link my story into. It'd be really really hard. I'm probably going to skip it.

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Review #20, by shadowkitty22 Chapter 13: Can We Ever Not Be Mad At Each Other?

21st November 2007:
Exactly how old are Kara and Bode? The only reason I ask is because you mentioned Bode being a "crumpled figure" which gives me the impression of an old man, like in his 60s, while I picture Kara (and therefore Bode's dead wife Laine) as being somewhere in her 20s. It just seems rather odd, so I'm hoping that I'm wrong but it could have always been a case of true love for the two despite the huge age difference.

Oh and it's three times that you must think something in front of the RoR before the door appears, not two like you had.

I simply adore your story and am curious as to what Laine wrote to Kara that she never got around to sending her. Oh and I loved the image of Charlie in nothing but boxers with toast hanging from his mouth. I can just picture it now.


Author's Response: I thought I put his age in there? maybe not but Bode's only in his late forties. Stress can make a person look ten times older. And thanks for the edit, I knew it was three times, but I guess I just typed it tow. I'll fix it later.

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Review #21, by ILOVEIT!!! Chapter 13: Can We Ever Not Be Mad At Each Other?

20th November 2007:
I love this story! Please hurry with the next update! I want to know whats in that letter!!!

Author's Response: Ah thanks! you'll see.

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Review #22, by siriuslylovinpadfoot Chapter 12: Don't fret, everyone just date Brett

24th October 2007:
OMG this is freaking amazing!!! i started to read this cause i love charlie and think more people should write about him. but im like addicted now! i charlie acts like i think he would act. keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Thanks!! I know Charlie's awesome. I really want to write more of him in here but it doesn't work out and it is kara's story and HES ALWAYS IN ROMANIA. I'll see what i can do.

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Review #23, by shadowkitty22 Chapter 12: Don't fret, everyone just date Brett

23rd October 2007:
I was wondering what was up with the chapter title when I saw it sitting on my story tracking page, but now it all makes sense. Brett was such a prat and Lainey was a bitch. But I'm glad that Charlie knows now what was in Kara's past.


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. i was like wow everyones going to hate it. but thank goodness! Thanks so much your such a faithful reviewer!

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Review #24, by shadowkitty22 Chapter 11: Assigning Assignments

18th October 2007:
Well if you're talking about the font going into italics at the end there, it seemed to work rather well since it was a scene from the past. Or at least that's what it looked like. I always enjoy reading chapters from your story because these characters are so rarely used in fan fiction and it's nice to see people play around with them. I thought it was sweet that Charlie was willing to give up his job to be with Kara but stupid Dumbledore had to come around and ruin the plan. And then of course, Kara having to go and get that part time job working for creepy man. Why do I foresee all sorts of bad things happening and no Charlie there to protect her.


Author's Response: AH ur soo smart! and can you see Charlie absolutely hating that? haha he's seems like that type of person. A private person who likes to keep the few things he holds dear safe. I know I don't want Charlie to leave too but in OOTP Charlie recruits people in Romania so sorry that's where he has to stay. I really love to write him. He's a great character. I really wish he was in the main story.

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Review #25, by Wave03 Chapter 10:Follow the Rules, Wherever You May Go

16th October 2007:
:)) Funny, how Tonks almost blew their cover. :D Is there some thing between her and Sirius? :-? I'll guess I'll have to wait and see. :D This story puts a smile to my face. I LOVE IT

Author's Response: oh no. aren't they related? thhanks for the review

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