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Review #1, by I'm giving you an 8/10... What Harry Saw

3rd December 2010:
for leaving me on such a cliffhanger! :'[

Author's Response: The next chapter is in validation, and should be up later tonight or tomorrow (depending on when it gets validated) and I have two chapters after that already written and ready to be posted, and I'm writing and writing. I have a challenge that I need to get posted, so it might take a bit to get it all going, but don't worry, it's all going to be posted soon :)

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Review #2, by Wendelin the Weird What Harry Saw

14th November 2010:
wow what a cliff hanger!!! I really want to know whats in the boxes and would like to hear more about dudley and his sons! I thought haveing his sons be wizards was and interesting twist. Please update soon I can't wait to read more!!!
PS the letters in the box were cute and fit well with their past :)

Author's Response: Oh wow. I haven't worked on that story in awhile... I started it right after I finished book 7 and then got writers block and forgot about it. I do plan to finish it, but right now I have another I'm working on, so hopefully soon I will go back to working on it.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #3, by kandib293 What Harry Saw

11th October 2007:
great story update soon plz

Author's Response: I hope to get back to working on it very soon.

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Review #4, by ravengrl16 What Harry Saw

16th September 2007:
ah come on!!! Cliff hanger? Hurry up with the next chapter please!!!

Author's Response: I'm getting ready with it, it just takes time for validation, unfortunately.

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Review #5, by comic_freak What Harry Saw

14th September 2007:
eik! what was it? update soon please!

Author's Response: I'll be updating really soon. Stay tuned!

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Review #6, by fanficfanatic25 Meeting Dudley

2nd September 2007:
OMG this is an awesome fic xD
keep updating !

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #7, by Lovely_Slytheriness Meeting Dudley

31st August 2007:
Another brilliant chapter! Again, I love your way of writing the characters; so canon, so perfect. And the scene with Dudly was really touching.

(give me some snapps; I suspected that one of Dudley´s kids would be a witch or wizard!)

Ah, the Draco part was lovely, too. it seem really logical that Harry´d bring him to the house he inheirited from Sirius, great job with that one!

Oh well, hurry up with the update, I can´t wait to read more of this wonderful story! 10/10


Author's Response: Thank you! I'm having a lot of fun writing about Dudley and Draco, and Harry's later interactions with them. They are the two characters that he's had the most trouble with, and after all, in the first book Harry said that Draco reminded him of Dudley. That's also giving me some inspiration. I have the next chapter written, and hopefull will get it up soon.

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Review #8, by Anvildude Meeting Dudley

30th August 2007:
This is starting out really well. I'll be sure to keep an eye on it. Just a few little ooc moments for some, but then again, you never know what might change in a couple years, and no one can really write the same as an author.

Author's Response: I'm trying to keep the story canon, as a continue, but also add in a little of my own thoughts of the characters. Hopefully as the story goes on, that'll be more evident.

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Review #9, by Rupertluver2012 Meeting Dudley

30th August 2007:
You must hurry up and update.

great job.



Author's Response: I'm glad you're liking this story. I have the next chapter written, but I have another story in validation, but hopefully I can get it up soon.

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Review #10, by ravengrl16 Meeting Dudley

30th August 2007:
I like that Dudley isn't a prat like his parents were and I cant wait to see what was left behind for all those years! Update Soon!

Author's Response: In reading DH, I saw a whole new side of Dudley, that's been hiding for many years. That is what is inspiring this.

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Review #11, by snape_is_good A New Beginning

27th August 2007:
Awesome! :) I wonder what Dudley wants? Cool story! Some things really don't change, do they? ;) 10/10

Author's Response: Chapter 2 is in validation! So you'll find out soon...I hope you aren't dissapointed!

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Review #12, by Rupertluver2012 A New Beginning

26th August 2007:
awe that was sad.
i don't think George would do that.
I'm sure he'd never be the same; but i think he puts family first and wouldn't just up and leave.

however; since it adds to the greatness you have in this story here; i like the idea.


new favorites


Author's Response: Thanks. I was kinda iffy about that part too. I'm hoping to find a reason to help that make sense.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #13, by JONIBONI A New Beginning

25th August 2007:
Great job! I almost thought that it was something JK had written! Can't wait until the next chapter! This is the best story i've read here on hpff so far! Well, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you! That is a very high compliment to be paid! The second chapter is ready to be validated, so hopefuly it'll be up in a few days. And then the third one is is already, it's just waiting. After that, I may need a few ideas...I'm a point where I'm stuck...but hopefully that'll pass.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Review #14, by emmashipper A New Beginning

21st August 2007:
so far so good keep it up

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll do my best!

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Review #15, by noraxslytherin A New Beginning

20th August 2007:
WOW!!! that was FANTASTIC! it'd fit in greatly with the epilogue! hm, everything was great about this! cant wait for the next chapter! :]


Author's Response: Thank you SO much. I love hearing reviews like this. I'm so glad you liked it. I've got the next two chapters written, just need to get them up and validated. To me, the epilogue was the most crucial part, following that is where we were all left hanging. What happened when the kids got to Hogwarts? Who did Draco marry? Why did Dudley and Petunia have a change of heart? But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself!

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Review #16, by mysticalshadows A New Beginning

18th August 2007:

Author's Response: It should pick up the pace soon...

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Review #17, by Lovely_Slytheriness A New Beginning

16th August 2007:
I had to stop by to see your work; you know, return the favor for your wonderful review on "Your Guardian Angel" that you left me. Now, to your story.

Wonderful! You have portraited the characters very well, great job! I´m very eager to know what Dudley could possibly want after all these years, and George´s letter was so great. It was short and emotive, I really think he´d write it in that way.

I cannot wait to see where you are taking this story, and you will bring in Draco Malfoy soon, I expect? (He is, after all, my favourite character!)

Oh well, I am rambeling now, forgive me! Update soon, do not keep us waiting!


Author's Response: I have the second chapter written, and I just have to wait for another story to validate, and then I'm positing it, so don't despair! (And the third is written too, so it's just a matter of getting validated). I'm glad you liked George's letter. It was kind of hard for me to write it, I wasn't sure if I could get the right feel. But it seems I did.

Draco's on his way... *wink wink* that's all I'm saying for now....

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Review #18, by Emilee_Baybee A New Beginning

15th August 2007:
congrats on your first fic...which is very good i must say.
I am intrigued to know what Dudley wants?? Does he really want to make the peace with harry or is he after something else?? What will Ginny do?? Will she be nice or will she hold a grudge??
haha your right...somethings never change...ron haha!!
I agree with Hermione's idea...invite him there...then all of them can ask him questions...he did promise that he'd answer all of Harry's questions.
What happened to Vernon and Petunia??
i'll keep on reading to find the answers. Update soon!!
.x. emilee .x.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. It's reviews like that encourage me to read. I have the second and third chapters written, and will post as soon as I can get validated.

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Review #19, by Zacharias_Smith A New Beginning

14th August 2007:
This was interesting. Is it Deathly Hallows compliant? I'm definitely intrigued to know what Dudley wants to say. I did think it was a bit short and ended much too suddenly for my liking. It didn't feel like the end of a chapter.
I thought that Dudley's letter didn't really sound much like the Dudders we know, but then again I suppose he's grown up a lot.

Author's Response: Yes, it's going to be mostly Deathly Hallows compliant (I saw mostly in the event something slight changes, mainly due to my not checking facts.) And this particular chapter is suppossed to fit right into the epilogue, actually being part of it, if that makes sense (I'll add an author's note to that effect!)

The letter was suppossed to give that feeling (so I guess I did a good job!) and sort of explain why Harry is so intrigued in finding out what he has to say.

I do want to expand the chapter...and I'm working on that right now. So check back later to see what's new!

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Review #20, by blackthoughtsredwriting A New Beginning

13th August 2007:
It's pretty good. A little short but it's pretty good.

Author's Response: It was shorter than I would have liked. I have the second chapter ready to go, which is longer, and in order to end the chapters the way that I wanted, I had to end up ending that one there before I merged the two chapters together.

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