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Review #1, by ihavenoname Suspense

16th June 2010:
really good story - just one thing: isnt the Peter guy Head Boy?? in the last chapt, you made it Miles?? so who's the HB??

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Review #2, by James2009 Rose's Detention

2nd July 2009:
great chapter,
what was ron bribing the potter boys with?
keep writing james2009

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Review #3, by Voldy_needs_a_hug Chapter 15 - The End

29th January 2009:
yay...i loved that! great story (and the prequel..tho it was short)

Good job =D


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Review #4, by Voldy_needs_a_hug The Decision

29th January 2009:
ya know the banner..yeah no offence..but that guy in the he supposed to be SCORPIUS!! he cant be cuz scorpius is supposed to be HOT ..not..Ugly.and wasnt draco's wife's name Astoria...with an o not e

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Review #5, by lily and scorpius 4eva Chapter 15 - The End

18th January 2009:
hav u got a sequel??

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Review #6, by HPCajun05 Chapter 15 - The End

13th January 2009:
i liked your story all the way till the end...i was extremely disappointed i wanted to know what happened between Albus, James, and made that such a major story line and kinda just left it out there...

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Review #7, by munlight_12 Chapter 15 - The End

12th November 2008:
hi i absolutely loved ur story.
One thing I really liked about it was that there was no breaking up between Rose and Scorpius like there usually are in these stories.
Well done

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Review #8, by REKNOWNED Chapter 15 - The End

27th October 2008:
Hey how could it end now! You have completed the plot and started a subplot and left it hanging. I want to know what happened between James, Al, and Kate.

Is there going to be a sequel to this?

Like I said in my last review, your writing has matured throughout this piece. Your already were good but the improvements enhanced the characters.

Great job, and I hope you really consider a sequel.

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Review #9, by REKNOWNED A Very Weasley Christmas

27th October 2008:
Hey I guess he is still a Malfoy. I liked that last line it was like icing on the cake.
This story has rounded much better than I expected. I mean I liked it from the beginning but I thought it would probably just be fun and fluffy. I am pleasantly surprised to say it has turned into much more than that; there is real substance. Also, your writing has improved with the chapters.

Great job!

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Review #10, by REKNOWNED The Potter Brothers

26th October 2008:
Ok, and the plot thickens. I guess from this point forward it will be up to Kate who she chooses. I am quite sure she never fancied herself in such a position.

I like how all the kids, come together when there is a problem and they know each other so well, they know what's going on before anyone admits it.

Your bunnies must have been leaping at this point because the story has gotten very juicy.

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Review #11, by REKNOWNED An Unexpected Feeling

26th October 2008:
Now for the sibling rivalry! James taking Al's girl.. doesn't he know that's a no-no?

But I don't blame her, Al acts a bit like Ron. James has learned a little patience also, which is another thing to give him a heads up.

I like how your story is moving along. There is a good flow and a lot of action amongst all the characters.

On to the next chap.

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Review #12, by REKNOWNED A Simple Day

26th October 2008:
Draco has really changed for the good over the years. But I wonder how much. I bet he has something planned for the Professor who degraded his son.

Rose is a lot like Hermione but too easily upset.

The relationships with the other character are also unfolding nicely.

You writing is nice and easy to read. Good job!

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Review #13, by REKNOWNED Suspense

26th October 2008:
Ah, Teenage drama! The memories that this chapter brought back of the insecure feelings that went along with life at that age.

Congratulations on keeping up good drama and plots. It is also refreshing that your story does not have many grammatical errors.

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Review #14, by REKNOWNED Date Prep

26th October 2008:
This was an interesting and fun chapter. I liked the fact that Rose wanted to look good but she held her beliefs as to what that meant and she decided that it did not include changing for a relationship. The same could be said for Scorp.

Often, people get lost in the relationship trying to be what they think the other person wants instead of remembering that's not what the person fell for.

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Review #15, by REKNOWNED Harsh Punishment

26th October 2008:
It was good to bring back Umbridge's old pen. Rose's reaction to the words was a bit confusing. It seemed that Scorpius knew about Rose's detention without her telling him.

This couple has had it rough in their short relationship. I hope it gets better for them, no one should have it that hard.

Keep up the good work!

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Review #16, by REKNOWNED Rose's Detention

26th October 2008:
Ok, Ron is out of his mind. I can't believe Hermione did not hex him before he made it to the school. At least the air is cleared though.

I wonder where the conflict will go from here now that everyone accepts the relationship.

Your characterizations are good. I like the way Neville is still loving and caring and does the unexpected in a good way. But I don't remember Hermione being so openly emotional.

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Review #17, by REKNOWNED The Confession

26th October 2008:
I'm glad that Rose and Scorpius are free of her cousins and dad but the way this played out seemed unbelievable.First all of that kissing in the Great Hall in front of the teacher and no reprimands from the teachers. Then, the way the cousins backed down so easily even though they were being bribed was kind of a let down.
I was looking for some sparks after all this build up and threats between the boys.

Other than my expectations (which really don't count) you writing is as good as ever and you did well with this chapter.

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Review #18, by REKNOWNED Shifted Axis

26th October 2008:
These two just can't get a break can they; their first snogging and they detention. Everyone is sure to find out about them now. And that's after getting the massive headaches I'm sure they don't mind.

The writing is consistent and enjoyable.

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Review #19, by REKNOWNED How the Wanker Saved the Day

26th October 2008:
Ok, this chapter was a bit different. Not exactly how I expected the "secret" to come out.
What exactly is a wanker?
James and Al won't tell but will they be angry?

The story is moving along well and I am greatly interested if you couldn't tell from all the questions.

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Review #20, by REKNOWNED Realizing the Truth

26th October 2008:
Ok, with brothers like that no wonder the girls is going crazy. (and I know they are her cousins)
Again, poor Scorpius and Rose. They family just won't back off.

The story has gotten quite sad. But that means we have better times to look forward to hopefully.


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Review #21, by REKNOWNED Meeting of the Minds

26th October 2008:
Ahh, I don't know whether to say poor Rose or poor Scorpius.
I think Rose is over thinking the whole situation. Who cares how mad their dad gets when they don't have to be there to listen to it. I'm quite sure Hermine can handle it.

Again, a very nicely written chapter. You have a very good handle on how dialogue is suppose to work. You briefly changed pov's for a moment but it worked with the story.

Off to next chap

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Review #22, by REKNOWNED The Decision

26th October 2008:
Good start. I read the prequel to this and loved it just as much.
All the kids are here now and keeping the rival going of course.
I was a bit confused with the Draco's wife change but then I realized that this is a few years later so I assume Asteria is wife #2.
You have good dialogue which is moving the story along and not slowing it down.
Nice job.

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Review #23, by mabfx3 Chapter 15 - The End

4th May 2008:
So, I just finished this whole story. I love it! Scorpius and Rose are so cute! ALthough I am a little disappointed that we never found out what was going to happen with the James-Kate-Al triangle. . .Oh well! I'm reading the sequel:)

Author's Response: Thanks so much. Everything is answered in the sequel ... or will be. LoL. Haven't written on that one in a while ...

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Review #24, by Slytherin85 Chapter 15 - The End

19th April 2008:
good story.. when i read the chapter when he's telling her how he feels in the beginning i thought of a song.. It's called
"Why Don't You Kiss Her" by jesse mccartney.. lol.. check it out.. good story...

Author's Response: Thanks. And I'll check the song out too!!

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Review #25, by xXharry and draco_luvrXx Chapter 15 - The End

12th April 2008:
awww,how sweet.

i know i already left a review but that was before in read the prequel and i think I've read the sequel and they're all wonderful


Author's Response: Thanks SO much. I'm glad you liked it!

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