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Review #1, by You_Know_Who_I_Am Sirius Potter

20th January 2008:
er eletircal equiment dusnt work in hogwart i don;t really get the plot line and the story goes to fast write more about how you got there why you got ther and what you are going to go if you get what i mean.

Author's Response: What electrical equiptment? If you're talking about the shells, those aren't electric. They have a spell put on them so that when they talk into them their voice comes out another so that they can comunicate. I guess it is a little confusing, and I'm sorry to tell you this, but I got so wrapped up in my other stories that I just can't go back tyo this one. I did have some saved on a flash drive, but my little brother got ahold of it and chewed the end up so that's gone. Sorry.

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Review #2, by emmy237 Sirius Potter

21st August 2007:
very good story by the way haveyou made a second 1 i would love to read it if you have real good story thanxz mwah emmy x x x

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm so glad that you like it! There is going to be a sequal type thing out in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for it.

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Review #3, by Rainstripe Sirius Potter

19th August 2007:

Author's Response: Thanx for the review, and I like blue, too. I also like orange.

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Review #4, by Tomboy54 Sirius Potter

16th August 2007:
I like it. I want to see what happens in the rest of the story (if there is any more). I like it so far. I think it is one of the better stories u have written. It seems different from the others, but not in a bad way. If there is more to this story, please say approximently how much more u r thinking. I just want to know. Anyway, I like the story and there seems to be less spelling errors. Good job. By the way, I like the name you used for Hermione and Ron's 13 year old son. He sounds familiar. Anyway...
and I don't mean just this story. Any of your current stories and soon to be stories that are new.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it, and I thought it was one of my better stories, especially when alot of people started reading it.

I knew you would comment on him. Two resons I used that name. You already know one, and the second is I couldn't think of any other name that starts with A. Mostly the first reason though.

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