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Review #1, by MaddieKitty333 Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

10th August 2012:
Loved it! Both of the stories

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Review #2, by Two Eyes, A Million Words Freedom to Be

18th February 2011:
Oh. Em. Gee. THERE'S A SECOND ONE! THERE'S A SEQUEL! *hyperventilates* I'm okay now, but I'll spend the next few days reading.

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Review #3, by sinwillys822 Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

15th October 2010:
aww i liked the end and i can't wait to read the third story.

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Review #4, by sinwillys822 Lessons in Lust

12th October 2010:
oh wow, i can't wait to read about his reaction to the announcement and his finding out about what is happening to DA members.

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Review #5, by teri maa ki....... Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

14th June 2010:
maa ki aankh kya bhains ki punch story hai be

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Review #6, by CnConrad Apologies for Change

9th September 2009:
Well this story line is a little heavy on the Fluff side for me but its funny enough to keep me going. I just finished your first book and and reading the second atm.

Normally I am not the biggest fan of Cho, however I like how she is portrayed in this series. I don't follow any one ship but I have to say I really like the way you made Harry actually have to make a decision about who he chooses rather than it being as forced as it is in 90% of the HPFF and the actual books.

I really love the internal dialog harry has:

“Would you like to go back to the hotel?” Cho asked with her cheeks turning pink.

Ok, say no.
Yeah, the first time will be the hardest but after this…
You’ll be able to say it all the time!


That didn’t sound like NO to me.
All right fine, next time for sure.
Should be easier then, right?

That was just great. Actually very believable.

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment. I went lighter for the first part of this story but then it gets darker, I think. The inner dialog thing I got from JKR in HBP. It made that book very funny so I just ran with it.
And I totally agree with you on his being forced in ships. I love Harry/Cho stories, but it's not well liked or common. I hated that in canon when Ginny came into the picture it seemed forced. It was just a given that she would be forever as soon as he looked twice at her. He hadn't even lived outside of battles so I didn't think that was fair for him. I knew in this series who I wanted him to end up with, but I wanted him to explore other avenues before making that final decision, unlike canon.


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Review #7, by solitude Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

30th March 2009:
is this not a ginny/harry fic??
why aren't they together or will they get together on the next one?

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Review #8, by michael Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

29th December 2008:
nice story.

Hard to find a story like yours. i'm a fan of harry/cho, but there doesnt seem to be many decent ones. thank god for yours haha

Author's Response: Thanks. I hope you read the whole series of it because Cho's in all of them!LOL Btw, if you like Harry/Cho stories and you go on livejournal at all, I created a community over there called Charry Haven (Charry = Cho + Harry) for all sorts of Harry/Cho stories only. So check if it out if you like!
Thanks for reading my story(ies?). There aren't many of us Harry/Cho folks out there sadly.


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Review #9, by huff'n'puff Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

28th November 2008:
hey hey! lol, i just finished reading the second one, while eating my very huge lollipop, i bought yesterday!!! lol, anyways i liked it again, but im not trying to be mean, though, although i mightve said it in the last 2 reviews or something, that i didnt like the pairing of cho and harry!!! i dunno why, but i like ginny and harry better! lol, but overall the story rocked! =P lol
well cya later

Author's Response: Awesome! I love Harry/Cho myself. The only reason I wrote the sequel was to write them together!lol But glad you like this story too regardless. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hope the lolli was good.

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Review #10, by Lucky His Own Worst Enemy

1st April 2008:
hey gr8 goin...its awesome...

and this april fool's joke abt hpshippers unite is cool too...

Author's Response: I loved the joke this year, since I'm a big Harry/Cho person! Got to see some of the stories out there that have them!lol

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Review #11, by Lucky! Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

1st April 2008:
oh wow tht was so nice...finished it all in one day...thnk god wasnt as lengthy as the previous one ..hehe...no offense..but it was truly superb...
especially Ariel's outburst at the end.I cant wait to re-start the 3rd one...have accidently read 2 chaps of it already...tht one is gud too...and George and Mindy's story is so cute n in love like..

Author's Response: Awesome, awesome, awesome! Really glad you're liking the stories! Oh and Ariel's outburst at the end, I LOVED writing that!lol As for George and Mindy, hope you really do like them in the next one... *biting nails*
Thanks again for the review and compliments! So very cool!

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Review #12, by sammalfoy Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

5th February 2008:
that fic is bloody brilliant!

Author's Response: Awesome! Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading it and the review!

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Review #13, by choir_monkey Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

4th February 2008:
oh man oh man
great great great story
i loved it
i cant wait to read the next one
megan leann

Author's Response: Awesome! Glad you liked it! Hope you enjoy the next one! Thanks so much for reading them and the review!

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Review #14, by seekerboy801 Secrets and Decisions

30th January 2008:
Well, i must say... i am rather disappointed that Harry doesn't end up with Ginny. I probably would have stopped reading if you weren't such an AWESOME WRITER! =)
Fantastic story so far, love the plot and characters. I have a twin in real life and trust me... you got that part down (especially the arguing part!) cant wait to finish the story

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you're looking past the Harry/Ginny thing and continuing(sp?) on with the story. That's actually a really awesome compliment because I know it's a challenge because sometimes I have a hard time reading a story if I know for sure that it will be Harry and Ginny.

That's so awesome that you're a twin and you feel I've got it down (i'm not a twin, but I have a brother and a sister and talk about arguing!LOL), I LOVE that! Thanks so much for reading my stories and reviewing, I really appreciate it! Hope you like the rest!

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Review #15, by jeremy d (Optional)

16th January 2008:
love the story so far but im just wondering why the chapter is called (Optional)

Author's Response: Thanks glad you like it! That title was just my trying to be clever. It was about options that why I titled it that way.lol

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Review #16, by WhiteLilly15 Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

13th January 2008:
I loved your stories! How did you get your idea for them? I need help writing my first story Broken Hearts Mend With Time and I was wondering if you would read the first chapter once it's finaly up? Again wonderful stories.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like the stories. Where did I get my ideas? Honestly, out of the clear blue sky; they just kind of came to me. I hated the twin idea, and never read one to the fullest, but I was just thinking about a girl in Harry's world just at random and Ariel came to mind. So there's no rhyme or reason, she just popped up. The storyline for the first one, well that's all JKR considering it was about Horcruxes, I just wrote about random theories. As for this story, I just imagined Harry in the States and how much fun that would be, and with someone like Mindy. You can get ideas from anywhere, just gotta let you mind go all over the place. Jot down all and even crazy ideas and go over that list and see what things would work together for an interesting story.
Sure, I wouldn't mind reading your story. Let me know when it's up or I'll try to save you to my fav authors and check back. Good luck with it and have fun!
Thanks again for the review and reading my stories, I really appreciate it!

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Review #17, by RKN Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

8th January 2008:
I LOVE IT! I wish it was as long as the other but still great. You are really a great writer. I really loved the parts at the beginning in America. Any chace you would go further in to that in the future?? I would love to read more about the twins time alone together, telling stories and learning about eachothers special magical powers. I know I saw the next one said 3 of 3, but this story is way to good! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, glad you liked this one too! I liked writing the stuff in America and Harry in America, but had I gone into all the detail I wanted too, the story truly would have seemed split in half!LOL BUT I've already been thinking about revamping the second story after I'm done with the third and some others I have to write that won't leave me alone!LOL So you may see a change there sometime in the future.
Thanks again for the review!

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Review #18, by artnerd35 Freedom to Be

9th December 2007:
hey i LOVE your story.
i was wondering if i could use some of the names for places in a fic that i am trying to write. it is okay if i can't just thought that i would ask.

Author's Response: Shouldn't be a problem. What names for places we're you thinking of using?

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Review #19, by titb Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

3rd December 2007:
Just came to say i Loved your stories, I usually don't like Harry Cho stories, but how can anyone dislike this? I was also just wondering, if you were going to post bits of the third story.
Thanks for being a super awesome writer

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment! And I'm glad you like the story despite it being Harry and Cho.
As for the third, I sooooooo want to at least post the first chapter, but I'm not done with the entire story so it's hard for me to do that because I may want to change something later. But then again...I may...keep a look out...lol
Thanks for the review, it's really appreciated!

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Review #20, by Rosiebuds Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

1st December 2007:
Enjoyed reading this, it was a great sequel to Harry Potter and the Mysterious Power of Love. Would love to read more about Ariel and Harry.

Author's Response: Well, I'm writing a third, and last story of Harry and Ariel. I hope you come back and read that one too. It's a little longer that this one, but it still will be shorter than Mysterious. But I hope you like it, if you read it. It's a heart-wrencher though.
Thanks for the review(s), I appreciate it very much!

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Review #21, by Lena Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

28th November 2007:
I think that it was a good idea to have Harry and Cho end up together. they make a good match. this story definitely wraps up alot from Mysterious Power of Love. I wish it was longer though! :) You are an amazing writer! keep it up and don't stop. i would say that i wish i could write like you but then i wouldn't be me and your talent would not be unique like it is now!! you have an amazing talent
i found it hillarious how you had Ariel... er... Evans, sort-of beat Harry up. as i did in the first one i laughed and cried along with the characters.
a third part would be amazing!! what would it be about? if you do make it please email me at soccerfreak35@gmail.com. i would really love to know about any new stories that you write. keep on writing and don't give up!!

Author's Response: Thank you for first of all, liking the stories, and then for liking my Harry/Cho match up! Very few people like that.lol
Glad I was able to evoke a range of emotion in you, well that it was clear enough, flowed well enough, was something enough to make that happen for you!LOL
As for Ariel...er...Evans beating up Harry, it was only a matter of time before that happened!lol Thanks again for your review. Keep reading I'll keep writing!
ps...the next story is ALMOST done. I can't say what it's about yet, but keep checking back if you will.

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Review #22, by Tommy Cap Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

8th November 2007:
Great story...can't wait for the 3rd...

I have to say, Mindy is probably my favorite character, lol.

One question: What happened that night when Harry was at Mindy's house?

AND I hope you bring Natasha back for a cameo in the 3rd one...just to see what happened to her.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Liked Mindy? Cool, didn't know if people would. As for what happened that night, well, you see how he didn't have much control with Cho, I was hoping people would think back to that night when they went to her house and she turned into Cho...he didn't have much control like he said he wouldn't.LOL BUT nothing happened...happened obviously because Ariel would have been able to tell when she asked him later.
As for Natasha...yeah, I think you might read about her in the third story...lol
Thanks again for the review.

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Review #23, by huff'n'puff Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

3rd November 2007:
heyylo! im back! i replied about a few months ago on this story again, and i felt bored so i thought ill read it again, and i did, and it was good, as always!!!XP! but i was wonderig when are you goning to post the third series?im really looking forward to reading it!!
andyways cyas!

Author's Response: Hiya! I'm still working on the third. I'm almost 200 pgs in. Its coming along fine. It's a heart wrencher though I think. But i'm sorta near the big ending, sorta...lol But i'll get it posted as soon as I can. I was debating on just posting the first chapter even though I'm not done writing it all yet, just so those who want to read it can save it and check back. But I don't know if I should...we'll see. Thanks for checking back though, that's awesome!

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Review #24, by Captain Charles Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

24th October 2007:
This one was much shorter but I liked it as a sequel!

Author's Response: Yeah it was much shorter, just a little clean up. But thanks, glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by newgirl11 Deathly Secrets/Epilogue: Best Kept Secret

21st October 2007:
This is a good story but compared to the mysterious power of love its alright instead of making a 3 part maybe u should make this longer I don't know just a suggestion 8/10

Author's Response: Thanks for your honesty, and the review. This one was suppose to just be a clean up story, really. Just tying up some loose ends. I reread it a million times, even though it still had errors, to see if I wanted to add anything else. I didn't see anything else. The third one is kind of touching on some things I left open, but it's a completly different story. Right now, it's looking longer than the second part, but no where near as long as the first.lol It'll probably be awhile before I write something that long again...I think.lol
But thanks again! Glad you liked the first one.

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