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Reading Reviews for Lies, Love, and Laughter
12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by lilly The Talk to Harry

5th June 2008:
...umm..y did harry act lyk dat??...its was a bit...unexpected..

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Review #2, by Ella Snape The Talk to Harry

1st September 2007:

Author's Response: i know i need to write more, but i have been very busy w/school lately. i promise i will write a new ch. soon!

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Review #3, by jillyjelly4347 The Talk to Harry

1st September 2007:
nice so it is definately draco's child

Author's Response: yep! thnks for reading and i plan to get a new ch. posted by........whenever i have time. sry about the wait......

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Review #4, by jillyjelly4347 The Shock

1st September 2007:
well poor hermionie five kids come on two at the most

Author's Response: well, all stories can be different! thnks for reading, and i promise that i will write more when i get a chance.

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Review #5, by RoNwEaSlEyIsHOT! The Talk to Harry

30th August 2007:
He slapped her! What a bitch! She didn't mean for it to happen...Did she? Does she want the children? I would. Exept the father part. WHAT A MESS?
Haha, this is funny. Not in a bad way. Anyways, tell me if I can make you a banner, I already gave you my e-mail, so...Write to me anytime, I LOVE E-MAIL!

Author's Response: i just e-mailed u. sry about the wait. and thnks for reading!

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Review #6, by RoNwEaSlEyIsHOT! The Shock

30th August 2007:
That was awesome! I didn't expect five kids. I only thought two or...T-Three. Wow, This is a shocking piece if work.
I wanted to know, Since i really love this story...Can I make you a banner? If so, e-mail me at dracoislove@peoplepc.com

Author's Response: yes, i already e-mailed u like i said on the other post, and sry for wait on me reasponding, i haven't had much time!

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Review #7, by krazygymnast32 The Shock

29th August 2007:
Hi! I saw that you need a banner. I would gladly make you one. If you could just PM me on the forums with all of the info it would be great. I am krazygymnast32 on the forums search for me. I need the following info:
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Animation? If so, how?
Additional Information:

Author's Response: sry. i already have that taken care of, but thnks for offering.

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Review #8, by Jessica Romance The Talk to Harry

29th August 2007:
interesting, I like it
please update soon

Author's Response: thnks for reading! i will post a new ch. when i get the chance, i have been very busy w/school.....

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Review #9, by angelicdevil1994 The Shock

7th August 2007:
All three ships? Interesting...

Author's Response: Yep. Thanks for reading. I'm having my second chapter validated as we speak! I hope you continue to enjoy my story!

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Review #10, by Ella Snape The Shock

4th August 2007:
This is a. Intresting story write more.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! The second chapter is being validated, so more will be up soon. I hope you continue to enjoy my story!

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Review #11, by AussieAnatomy627 The Shock

4th August 2007:
Wow five children, three different dads. I want to know how she's goin to solve this mess. Update soon.

Author's Response: The second chapter is on it's way soon! Hey, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the rest of this story!

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Review #12, by phoenix_ablaze The Shock

4th August 2007:
woah,all three?!?
very original!
update ASAP!

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter is being validated as I speak. I hope you continue to enjoy my story!

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