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Review #1, by Indus Dealing

17th January 2012:
The interesting thing, of course, is that I have a sister, and the bond of sisterhood is strong, but Bellatrix killed Tonks. Andromeda's daughter, Teddy's mother. I doubt Andromeda mourns that sister at all, even if she mourns what might have been, but Narcissa must. I agree with your Andromeda- at some point they would kill each other over their differences.

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Review #2, by RandomReviewer Dealing

28th May 2010:
hey there! you have a wonderful story! i loved it! there was one slight mistake, however. sirius's middle name is orion not nigellus. other than that i loved your story!

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Review #3, by Sophia Montgomery Dealing

30th October 2007:
"“I’ll bring them by, but only the good ones,” he replied. There was a fierce protectiveness in his voice that reminded her of Sirius, and she grinned." She's old/old people don't grin.

"Just so you know, I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to do too much as a godfather. " Repetitive. Not sure & too much are overemphasizing when put together.

"As much as Andromeda doubted that Lucius would like to see a half-blooded Metamorphmagus baby whose father had been a werewolf, she nodded." Amusing sentence!

All in all, very nice. I like it, bowlsies.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, Sophiasies. (Doesn't quite work there, does it?)

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Review #4, by Romina Stephanie Dealing

27th October 2007:
I absolutely loved this - everything from the length to Narcissa's and Andromeda's reconciliation. I'm writing a story about Andromeda as well, and the encounter with Narcissa inspired me to write an epilogue of sorts to the story. They are sisters after all, and I do find it realistic that they tried to regain their sisterly bond after the many events that set them apart. Both character's were very well-written. Narcissa's cold mannerisms were well shown, and I loved the occasions when they vanished and when Dromeda caught her off guard when interrupting her. The interactions between Andromeda and Harry were well shown too; it was nice that they got to settle the uncertain things between them, such as the yelling and the marriage between Dora and Remus. Harry's portrayal was great; his modesty on spot! =)

I loved how you began this story, with the graveyard scene. My heart broke though; I really couldn't imagine being in such a position of losing everybody you loved. But I was glad that she looked at Teddy and felt that their deaths' had had a reason, that they died for a purpose. It was a bittersweet tinge to it all. And the fact that there weren't any tears to be shed... That her losses were beyond tears... I felt like weeping. Honestly. You write the emotions beatifully and describe the scenery vividly; without overdoing it.

I found one canon error though and that was the year Sirius died. 1960-1998. - Sirius died in 1996, didn't he? I'm 99.9 percent sure that he died that year. Or if it was 95, but that's not possible when thinking about it. Yes, 1996. That was the year. Before Harry's sixth year. Nothing major, but thought I'd point it out nevertheless. Overall, beautiful language and splendid characterization. Andromeda is one of my favourite characters and I was very happy to discover this story that has now inspired me to write the ending of my own fic. I feel happy for her now that I've read this and seen that she and Teddy will be alright after all. They have many people there for them and I'm glad she understood that. Anyways, lovely one-shot and keep it up!
- Stephanie

Author's Response: You're right about the error - I could've sworn I fixed that ages ago (maybe I did at FFNet). Thanks for pointing that out. Great review, don't know how quite to reply to it all, but to summarize for the sake of brevity, I'm glad that you liked it and that you might pursue something with the Black sisters - they're very interesting characters. Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by purewings Dealing

4th September 2007:
Wow Bowles!
You are one of my favourites and your newest story is also genious!
Very, very good! One of the best since the 7th book. The way you described Andromeda is fantastic, she is deep, human and subtle. You made her face situations and relationships which are awkward and complex, like her connection with her sister Narcissa. You stayed believable and all the same these situations were new and unexpected. The same goes for her relationship with Molly Weasley, who actually killed her other sister.
I found your story moving and you managed to avoid all the clichés (even when decsribing Harry and Hermione, who are usually a probematic point of most writers from this aspect) as you always do.
You are very talented.
You understand people well, recognizing the several layers beneath their surface. Maybe you do it consciously, maybe instinctively, but you are very good at it.
I hope you will get many reviews to this story, because it deserves that.
Keep on writing!
I would love a story about how you see Snape after the 7th book, but that's just an idea, I'll read your new stories anyway. :)
You can also try an OC story. :)
Will be waiting for your other writings!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for the very long review! Great that you liked it. You're right, Snape definitely deserves some fic, and I've got some ideas - it's just a matter of getting around to them all. OCs... haha, we'll see. It depends on the plot bunnies. Thanks again!

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Review #6, by JuicyJuice Dealing

20th August 2007:
This was very sweet in a lot of ways, and definitely the first I've read about Andromeda (or maybe anybody) picking up the pieces right after the war. I'm glad it wasn't too mopey, but still sensitive and well-written. Interesting ideas about the relationship between the two sisters after the war--I hadn't thought about that. It actually gave me some ideas of my own about the two of them, I hope you don't mind that you've inspired me! Anyway, very nice job!

Hufflepuff review circle--represent! ;)

Author's Response: Glad to have given you some inspiration! Ah, the reviewing circle... I should get to that tonight. Thanks for the review (and reminder)!

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Review #7, by Elf_ears13 Dealing

2nd August 2007:
Oh, wow, this is like what I wanted to write after DH, except better. Andromeda needed some coverage, and I think this did the job just fine. There were so many little things that contributed to the overall flow and feeling that were, well, amazing: the awkwardness of the conversations, the dynamics of the relationship between the sisters (all three, really), the view of the trio from an outside perspective, the openness for more healing to continue past the ending of the story, without it being too neatly tied up or way too ambiguous. Harry and the rest of the visitors were so spot-on it was like I was reading the alternate epilogue from JK's pen, except of course way better. No, really. I was practically crying halfway through because Harry was so Harry and I just felt bad for him.

Two things: one, Sirius' body kind of disappeared, so though I loved the idea and the writing of the graveyard scene, it's unexplained how it came back (I love the way she thought about where they'd want to be - truly a compassionate character you've shown); and two, when I heard the title I thought of 'dealing with the cards life dealt,' which would've been cliched to include in those words, but I sort of wish the idea was brushed on a little bit more.

Author's Response: Thankss for the "short" review (it's only what, 200 words? Yes, I can see The Office cut it off.. *rolls eyes*). Not that I'm complaining. Glad you liked everything. In response to the two other things: 1) she doesn't have his body (I've used this before). I had that in the plans of the fic but forgot to put it in there, and I wrote it like she had his body (stoopit, stoopit). She buried some of his things, instead (several of which she had to forcefully retrieve from Mundungus), which I also neglected to mention. And I put his death year as 98 instead of 96. That's what edits are for, I guess. 2) I was originally going to deal with that a bit more (no pun intended), but for some reason when I actually wrote the ending, it just didn't come out. I don't know, I'm weird and have a short attention span. Ugh.

But thanks for the review. Thanks for pointing out those last two things, too... if I ever stop being lazy I'll fix those. So it probably won't happen, haha.

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Review #8, by pbpooch91 Dealing

30th July 2007:
that was nice.i was like crying when remus and tonks died!!...10/10 :)

Author's Response: I didn't really notice when they died until Remus came back as a ghost (come on, Jo, give 'em some screentime!). Glad you liked it! Thanks!

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