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Review #1, by Historyrepeats Nasty Little Nargles

27th July 2009:
I love Luna!!! You have written her well here, she would be a hard character to do well as well. I haven't even attempted to write Luna, too scared I won't be able to do her well.
10/10 Fantastic job!

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Review #2, by ginny_roxmysox Nasty Little Nargles

1st January 2008:
You did a really good job portraying Luna!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #3, by Cadyn Black Nasty Little Nargles

25th August 2007:
Totally fun to read! was it fun to write? i seem to be stuck completely in teh Marauder era with any writing that i do...which seems to be a lot lately!
i love this line it just seems so right for Fred and George to teach their sister:"My brothers, Fred and George, were showing me how to compromise with Peeves." i don't even think the Marauders got respect from Peeves like the Weasley twins did!
all the time i was reading this i kept hearing Luna's words in Luna's (the girl from the 5th movie) voice.
the style was great and i think you did Luna justice! 10/10 ~Cady

Author's Response: It was amazing fun to write. Luna is one of my favorite characters soooo xD Marauder era is funnnnnnn :D and your stories rock on ice so that's all cool :D:D:D:D

hehehehe. No one could control Peeves like Gred and Feorge could. (Except MAYBE dumby...maybe. xD)

mwuaahhahaha. Evanna was great in OoTP wasn't she? Loved her voice...

hehe thanks Cady!


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Review #4, by emmagranger Nasty Little Nargles

11th August 2007:
it was a cute story, but not my favorite writen by you. But still i love Luna

Author's Response: hehe. thanks!

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Review #5, by Raina Moon Nasty Little Nargles

2nd August 2007:
Very cute little oneshot! I thought you wrote Luna very well. I liked the friendship you portrayed between Luna and Ginny. =) Good job. Keep it up.


Author's Response: thanks!!!!!!!

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Review #6, by noraxslytherin Nasty Little Nargles

31st July 2007:
aww, you go ginny!
very awesome, is this a one-shot or a story?
i didnt pay attention to the information, sorry.

anyway, this was AMAZING.
you portray Luna very good.



Author's Response: it's a one shot =]
thank yooouuu!!!!

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Review #7, by flye_hermione Nasty Little Nargles

30th July 2007:
well, that's done it's purpose. Can you write Luna? You sure can! it was good, i could really imagine Luna doing that!

Author's Response: hehe thanks!!!!!!!!

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Review #8, by multi-coloured peanutter Nasty Little Nargles

30th July 2007:
haha! i could just imagine her dreamy crazy voice all through :) brill

Author's Response: dreammmyyy voice =]
thank you!

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