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Review #1, by gryffindor goddess Why Is the Sky Blue?

1st January 2008:
this is a good beginning... id like to see where this story goes.

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Review #2, by GryfindorRuby Why Is the Sky Blue?

21st November 2007:
Good start!

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Review #3, by AK Carmel Why Is the Sky Blue?

21st October 2007:
aww this is cute~! i would have never thought of that, its simple and cute. i likes it
i love ur writting, can you please review one of my stories? :Please
anyways ALSO
update ur other storyyY! Teenage games know no..yeah update it this is ur final warning. stop laughing! im so sirus! okay srry iddn leave a dare but ur the writter you have to do it, thats what makes it dont threaten us w. that ! ur a great writter...surprise us all~!
id like to see harry get jelous of ginny and draco that would be fun, if they were out trying to get eachother jelous, i mean it really doesnt matter who it is either ron and hermy would be just fine

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Review #4, by chocolatefrog123 Why Is the Sky Blue?

2nd October 2007:
all rightie. brilliant start dearest HERMY lol. *cowers and ducks behind cootie7 as sugarquill steps forward meancingly. alana looks around, quite confused at the comment*.

yes update soon!!

and i ALMOST have chapter 10 of 5th Marauder in validation. still putting on the 'finishing touches'. read and review!! have u read chapter 9? i dont think u have.if u did then u didnt review it! at least.i dont THINK u did.hmm.

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Review #5, by Moni Jane Why Is the Sky Blue?

18th September 2007:
aww! it's cute so far! can't wait for more. May good writings continue to you. ~Moni Jane

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Review #6, by sugarquill713 Why Is the Sky Blue?

21st August 2007:
ok actually this is CHOCOLATEFROG123!! but yeah good. update ASAP

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Review #7, by AussieAnatomy627 Why Is the Sky Blue?

19th August 2007:
Is this Lily Evans we're talking about? Because I don't think she had a house elf when she was little.

Author's Response: yeah, its totally fiction-fiction. lucius wouldn't hang out with a mudblood, and mudbloods of course do not have house-elfs.

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Review #8, by HPismyidol Why Is the Sky Blue?

6th August 2007:

i dont really ship this more lily and james or lily and sev but its vair cute



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