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Review #1, by JLHufflepuff Home Again

26th November 2007:
This is so well-done and a very good idea, too. I think it's a realistic look at what would happen if Fred DID come back as a ghost. He's got some deep thoughts/emotions but isn't too angsty about it or anything. It's kind of funny - he just goes and starts talking to George.

Congrats on being a TA.. It's awesome, isn't it!?

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Review #2, by c_parx Home Again

9th August 2007:
awesome story! can't wait to see what happens!!

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Review #3, by StarryNight Home Again

29th July 2007:
I love the writing style, fabulous work. It's a good plot, although personally i don't think that Fred would go back, he's not weak, and he has that sense of adventure, i believe he would continue on, rather than go back.

Author's Response: As do I.

I, on the other hand--don't want Fred gone. So I, being me, brought him back.

Its not so much of a 'he wouldn't' as a 'wish he would' sort of thing.

Did that make sense?

Anyways--thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by call me crazy Home Again

28th July 2007:
Awww, Anjii, you know how much I'm excited for this story. I loved this chapter when I first read it and it was just as good the second time around. I'm so glad you found a way to bring back Fred. I don't know if I told you before how hard I cried when he died. I had to stop reading for a few minutes.

The concept of having him as a ghost is cool, and although George didn't *omg omg omg girly scream faint die* when he saw Fred again, his reaction was still pretty cool. George only has one ear, I wonder how that'll turn out in movie 7. Hopefully that don't cut that out. My rants and raves about the movies are a totally different subject though.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how Fred deals with being a ghost and stuff since even though he's no longer dead, he's not really alive either. I guess ghosts are sort of caught in a permanent limbo between life and death, you know? Oh, and the whole him and Angelina thing should be interesting, as you can't actually have contact with people as a ghost. They'll go right through you!

Can't wait to see the Weasley's (and everyone else's) reactions to Fred being back. I'm sure everyone will be overjoyed, right?

Oh, and congrats on the TA stats! Update soon pleeeaasse.

Author's Response: OMG--IS THIS NICOLE--LEAVING ME A REVIEW?! *dies from shock* :P

I absolutely love that you are excited about the story, Nic, you have NO idea. Fred needed to come back. He just did. And I am the lucky girl who got to do it :)

Aww--I'd've had George *omg omg omg girly scream faint die* for you, but I didn't want to---sorry :)

Maybe later :P Or not.

If they cut out (or rather, put IN) George's ear--I'll be very very upset :(.

Aww--you might wanna kill me (I started writing chapter two)--when yo use their reactions, that is. I dunno *shrugs* guess thats for me to know and YOU to find out.

Thanks for the congrats and the awesomely amazing (and, strangely enough--so unlike my rambling ones) review.


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Review #5, by iriri Home Again

28th July 2007:

Author's Response: w00t! I am, don't worry, it'll be up ASAP. Thanks *glomps with huggles*

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Review #6, by GinnyWeasleyPotter (nli) Home Again

28th July 2007:
OMG ANJII! *screams* I am SO happy for you, you're a TA, hun! *huggle glomps* CONGRATS!

And I read some of this story before it was up, wo. I feel special :] I love the idea, Fred coming back as a ghost and all (not that I actually think that he would do it), because I hate that he died... everyone seems in perfect character and you made me cry at the beginning :(

Can't wait to read more, so update son!

Now get on What If.

xo Lauren

Author's Response: I'm already on x_x.

Anyways, yeah, you did. But Nic is even more special cuz she read it all :P. But nooo you had to go and LEAVE.


And I KNOOOWWW TA! *celebrates* I feel overly special.

I will update, the second I can get away with leaving strange reviews on your freewebs account :P J/k.


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