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Review #1, by padfoot4ever Anyone Please!

30th December 2007:
aww gotta luv a good lily/james fic!

great story, love the bond between james n sirius! (",)

Author's Response: You can't write a James/Lily fic without Sirius and James bonding time!!!!!!

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Review #2, by dogloverluck Anyone Please!

24th September 2007:
give me the stuff u want on it and i will attempt it good story though

Author's Response: Stuff on what? A banner? If so then I want a pic of James and Lily(a pretty red-head not an ugly one if you can) and 'Wait for you by Sparks4pixie'

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Review #3, by fishergirl Anyone Please!

31st August 2007:
*sniffle*. that made me cry

Author's Response: Oh my God! It made you cry! AWE!!!!!! That makes me feel so good......wait were you crying because it was good or bad, because if you were crying because it was bad then I will start crying.

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Review #4, by JimJams Anyone Please!

18th August 2007:
very cute lol i loved the bit where james was crying it was really well done but i think you got bored by the end lol no offense

Author's Response: HA! I loved where I added him crying. Tough men cry! (and wear pink) Yeah well the ending sorta sucked I guess but let me tell you a secret, I did this story in an hour and I thought the WHOLE thing was complete crap so if you only hated the ending I call that remarkable! LOL!

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Review #5, by HelloKitty Anyone Please!

14th August 2007:
that was a really great story!! i loved it! you should write more.

Author's Response: I am currently writing a very looooooooong story and it is taking forever for me to even finish one chapter! I am glad you liked it! I guess I should write faster if ya wanna read more!

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Review #6, by OneDamselsKiss Anyone Please!

14th August 2007:
That was really adoreable! If i knew how to make banners, i would make one for you ni a heartbeat! I love L/J ships and if you want a cute one, wait for the prequel to Simply Secrets. You can check out that story too if ya want, once it's finished, i'll start writing the prequel. I love this fic and hope to see more from you soon. Please check out my story, a review for another? Love yas!

X's nd O's

The Damsel

Author's Response: I love stories about how James and Lily get together. I don't really like to read the parts after their 7th year but I'll be sure to check yours out! And review:)
Love ya 2!

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Review #7, by quidditchsintch7878 Anyone Please!

14th August 2007:
It's really cute i love it!!!

Author's Response: Thank You!

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