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Review #1, by EmilyPotter2390 Chapter 4-Shopping, Surprises and Songs

27th July 2011:
Are you ever going to write what happens next because I am dying!


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Review #2, by Katie_Riddle Chapter 4-Shopping, Surprises and Songs

2nd June 2010:
Please Please Please
write some more I love this story
so far and i want to know who grabbed lily
who beat up James and what is lily's halloween
custom is!

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Review #3, by wildcard Chapter 4-Shopping, Surprises and Songs

23rd April 2010:
I really like your story!!!
could you please please please please please update.

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Review #4, by Kaykay Truth or Dare....A lot can change in one game.

24th February 2009:
Heya :) Remember me?
I'm writing a story called Truth Before the Dares and i picked you to be a character in it :)
I haven't wrote the second chapter yet cause i've been away for so long but i'm just letting you know that i'm back and you're still going to be in the story :) Yey you! lol :P

Also, this story sounds really good so i've added it to my favourite so i remember to read it later :)

x Kayleigh x

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Review #5, by Natures Nobility Chapter 4-Shopping, Surprises and Songs

28th November 2008:
please continue

it would be better if you took a little more time rather than rushing and jamming the story down.

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Review #6, by Jamoki Practice Makes Perfect

15th March 2008:
good job yet again. also liked it where you had lily say it was fine in potions when she was paired with james.

Author's Response: Thanks probebly have the new chapter up in the next few days had family problems but i'm getting to grips with them now :) x Thanks for the review your a star x :D

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Review #7, by Jamoki Hogwarts

15th March 2008:
Very good once again. I loved it. Can't wait for the other chapters. now time for me to read the third one.

Author's Response: Thanks alot you a star chapters should be up soon x :)

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Review #8, by Jamoki Truth or Dare....A lot can change in one game.

15th March 2008:
can i change the rating to 100/100 because damn that was good.

Author's Response: LOL! thanks a lot you're quite the charmer :P Thannks for reviewing x

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Review #9, by Kaylia Practice Makes Perfect

5th February 2008:
please update soon! cant wait

Author's Response: I'll try but a big thing happened wit the family need to wait a little longer sorry. anyyyyway thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by Kaylia Hogwarts

5th February 2008:
tehe its like a little musical

Author's Response: LOL thats something i never thought about :D

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Review #11, by Kaylia Truth or Dare....A lot can change in one game.

5th February 2008:
wow groovy concept!! GREAT START

Author's Response: Thanks and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by Lucy_Fleur Practice Makes Perfect

6th December 2007:
hahaha what were you being for halloween...i was an ipod lol. that was really god it was a bit random but enjoy-ful. update or i will hunt you luciee

Author's Response: Thanks i was Tinker Bell...a boy at my halloween disco dressed up as an ipod he had this massive card-board box round him and peope kept hittin it...i danced ith him it was a good laugh.. anyway i miht not b updating soon and i will be honest ecause something big just happed in my family and ineed to get my head together before i write more

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Review #13, by Lucy_Fleur Hogwarts

6th December 2007:
that wasreally goodd. but yeash there were a couple of weird jumps through it was LOVERLY lucieexx

Author's Response: Thnks again im going to try and start to write longer more detailed, not jumpy (weird word) chapters now i hope i will succed but hapter fou will be lik the others im sorry to say

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Review #14, by Lucy_Fleur Truth or Dare....A lot can change in one game.

6th December 2007:
that was really god. you missed bits out and sometimes it did not really make when lily said she wanted scrambled eggs at the start and then suddenly it was time to go..and when peter just was suddenly not there when everybody was kissing. but thoses things are not really important as its a great story anyway. xxx luciee

Author's Response: Im not very good at writing storys which is why i started to wite this i read some people and wanted to write one of my own. I hope i get beter :P Thank for reviewing and being honest like alot of people on this :)

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Review #15, by Weasley_Wizard_Wheezes Practice Makes Perfect

28th November 2007:
UPDATE SON!!! i love this story so much its hilarious! try to put more humor in it, it makes it much more interesting!

Author's Response: I know i told you i wasnt funny :D anyway than for reveiwing your too cool

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Review #16, by Weasley_Wizard_Wheezes Hogwarts

28th November 2007:
lol i love this story so much. especially the part where he touches her leg and he says "cant blame a guy for tryin" that was HILARIOUS!!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot i was kinda going for the funny kina story but people tell me in not funny :P Thanks for reviewing

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Review #17, by Weasley_Wizard_Wheezes Truth or Dare....A lot can change in one game.

28th November 2007:

P.S. if you have time to r/r my story that'd be great


Author's Response: Thanks alot might not be updating majourly soon but will try

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Review #18, by rowenaravenclaw94 Practice Makes Perfect

3rd November 2007:
good job! i love them together! 10/10!!!

Author's Response: thanks for reading and reviewing

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Review #19, by rowenaravenclaw94 Hogwarts

3rd November 2007:
cool! they're gonna sing to lily! good job! 10/10!

Author's Response: thank. and you got it yaaaaaaaay LOL thanks for reveiwing.

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Review #20, by rowenaravenclaw94 Truth or Dare....A lot can change in one game.

3rd November 2007:
good job! we all know how this is gonna turn out, james and lily 4 ever!!!

Author's Response: thanks, and i know LOL

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Review #21, by Murphygirl Practice Makes Perfect

1st November 2007:
hey so I am like totally in love with your story. I really hope you update soon!

Author's Response: thanyou so much it shouldnt be too long before the next ones out so thanks fr reveiwing

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Review #22, by steaminpoptarts Truth or Dare....A lot can change in one game.

6th October 2007:
you should consider a have some spelling and grammar issues, but all minor

you should also consider a writing class.taking one i mean

Author's Response: i no what you mean aout spelling and btw im only in high skl young i no so im forced to take a writing class but my teachhers a cow. anyway thanks for reading and reviewing :) xx

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Review #23, by Regulus_Black Hogwarts

28th September 2007:
Lily Potter?

Great story.

Author's Response: What? did i write Lily Potter sumwhere if i did im so so so sorry, thanks for reading and thanks for reviewing your kool for reviewing ;)

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Review #24, by firefly_chick Truth or Dare....A lot can change in one game.

14th September 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #25, by PixiePower Truth or Dare....A lot can change in one game.

3rd September 2007:
Really good, great writing and I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thankyou so much, this actually use to be another story that had gone wrong so deleted the chaptes and started a bran new one anyway, the chapter should be up soon, thanks for reading! ;)

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