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Review #1, by AngleOfMercy my story

15th May 2008:
love this chp cant wait for the
next one!!!update soon!!:)

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Review #2, by iloveharry1234 my story

24th September 2007:
omg! i love it please post next chapter soon!

Author's Response: thanks i'm working on the next chapter now.

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Review #3, by ROBERT__1958 my story

28th August 2007:
So far so good.

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing

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Review #4, by VictoireWeasley my story

28th August 2007:
I really like it! I think you have real potential! I'm gonna keep readin this story cuz i get very addicted to fanfiction and if I dont it will haunt me for the rest of my life! Now that you know how strange I am...
It was kinda short, but thats okay. When I wrote my first chapter to my first story it was about the same length. I think that the longer you write the story the easier it is to write longer chapters. I usually aim for at least 1000 words and then surpass it by far! So keep up the great story and update soon or I will go mad! And do you really want that on your concience?

Author's Response: no i don't want your madness on my concience. thanks for reviewing cause i'm working on the next chapter. i'm going to make the next chapter longer this is more of an epiloge. :]

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Review #5, by pattycake18 my story

28th August 2007:
i like the concept of the story, but i don't think that's it's thoroughly been thought out. i mean, if the world knew that voldemort had a daughter, wouldn't she be easy to kill? I mean, personally, if i were voldemort's daughter, i'd erase any relation to the name riddle from my name. just saying.

other than that, i love your style of writing. i'm a very impatient person and if a story gets boring to me then i'll just stop reading it, but your style of writing is so interesting it's almost as if someone is reading it to me. really, it's everything a first person narrative should be; interesting, relatable, and realistic.

keep up the good work and don't take my comment as an insult because your story is wonderful so far and i look forward to reading more.


Author's Response: thanks for the advice.

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