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Review #1, by Nymphie Lupin So Cold

11th February 2008:
beautiful job. I really enjoyed reading this. It was absolutely amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you :D

I know my response is late but I'm in a bad writers block right now and I don't check the site as much as I should.


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Review #2, by Horizon684 So Cold

24th August 2007:
*waves Thente flag* Thente.they're caliente! (stole the line from Emilie on PW)

I have to say I didn't expect this from Dante. Not only did he go against the Storm brothers, but he also fell in love. That's the sweetest thing ever. I only wish there was a Theria/Dante ship on PW. Maybe soon.

Author's Response: Wow, I'm getting way behind on responding to reviews. Sorry :( Anyway, I'm glad you liked it :D I know most people say it isn't expected from Dante but as I tell people he is human, he suffers from emotions and what not just happens to hide them.

HAHA, I do wish there was a Theria/Dante ship but things have happened that pulled away from it and besides I think Theria really hates Dante :-P. Thanks for the review even though my response is a bit late.


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Review #3, by almost_witch So Cold

31st July 2007:
Loved it.

How could I not? *grins* I'm such a fangirl...

But yeah, loveeedd it. You wrote the boys we all love to hate (the twins) really well, and Dante was brilliant as always.

Well done, well done. :)

Author's Response: Thanks, though writing Mack and Eiri was a bit hard. Seeing as I tend to be more of a verbose style person, and Eiri is the very silent type. While Mack can talk about anything and everything yet nothing as well.

Though I am glad you loved it :D Working on one or two more stories so keep an eye out for them.

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Review #4, by Dracana So Cold

27th July 2007:
Eek!! Sorry. *fan-girl scream* I adore it. You had the characters in absolute precision. It must be hard to take other's characters and try and write them yourself, but you mastered a job of absolute perfection.

I love the way you've handled my dear Eiri. You had him beautifully cold and callous, and the way he died, whilst a shock, was also great. I always wanted him to die in battle or in some kind of conflict, however small it is. I'd hate for him to grow old. Eiri is certainly one for dying young.

The relationship between both Dante and Theria was fabulous, and you've truly made me wave my flag now - what do we call them, I wonder? Danria? Haha. Anyway, I love the way Dante shows his emotions precisely when he wants to, meaning he has complete control of himself, allowing him to become a much more powerful character.

I loved, loved, loved this, and I can't wait for more of your stories. Adding this to my favourites, and well done. It was perfection.


Author's Response: Hehehe! Thank you, it is quite different taking a character that someone else has worked hard on creating and trying to write them as if you are the creator. Though I'm glad you think that I did a good job.

Danria? Wow, well it is a good ship name. Also thank you for your review of Dante, he is an odd person but he isn't in control 100% of the time.

Anyway, once again thank you and I already have one or two stories being thought up, now I must hunt down the handlers.


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