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Review #1, by crazygurl17 Truth Or Dare

26th August 2007:
i love it wright more a.s.a.p i cant wait to see what happends and ron and hermione should hook up and harry and ginny!

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Review #2, by daisycakes4 Truth Or Dare

13th August 2007:
Really like it! Write again soon!!!

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Review #3, by ank Truth Or Dare

10th August 2007:
please write soon!

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Review #4, by GriffinClaw Truth Or Dare

8th August 2007:
To answer your questions, fluff is like fluffy/cutesy/adorable/romantic all wrapped into one, and a one-shot is a story with only one chapter.

Awesome chapter, the brothers made me laugh as did the game. Great job, I can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Oh okay, thank you.

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Review #5, by ank Truth Or Dare

7th August 2007:
when are you gonna post the next chapter?!?!?!?... I´ve been waiting!

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Review #6, by animagusrr Truth Or Dare

5th August 2007:
WOW!! I love this story! Your writing is very good, and everything is so FUNNY!!!

I like the wild side of Hermione and that kiss with Ron was amazing! Your description of it was brilliant. I'd like to find out more about her past with Dylan, but please write more about how jealous Ron gets, I just love his reactions!

Anyway, I'm expecting the next chapter to arrive a.s.a.p!
Keep up the great work! 10/10

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Review #7, by crazygurl17 Truth Or Dare

3rd August 2007:
LMFAO I LOVE IT ITS FUNNY AS HELL! lol rite more a.s.a.p lol i cant wait to see what happends next lol i love it!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for all liking my story. I personally thought some might critsize it. I will try to update soon, but I'm also working on another story, so it might take a while!

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Review #8, by crazygurl17 A Moment Between Two

3rd August 2007:
aw yay! thay should hook up!!!

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Review #9, by HermioneGronaldW Truth Or Dare

3rd August 2007:
I really like the story defiently a favorite great work! Plz update soon looking forward to it.10/10

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Review #10, by GriffinClaw A Moment Between Two

29th July 2007:
Good job, cute story. I love Dylan; he reminds me of one of my best guy friends. I also love how you write Ron and Viktor. Update soon!

Author's Response: Okay, I have some questions, and if you guys can answer, that'd be great. What is fluff and one-shots?

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Review #11, by ashleybb23 A Moment Between Two

29th July 2007:
wrigt MORE it was soo good!!!

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Review #12, by evil_step_sister A Moment Between Two

28th July 2007:
thats sweet
make sure they stay 2getha haha

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Review #13, by crazygurl17 Dylan

27th July 2007:
omg i love this story and damn dylan shounds hot as hell lmfao any way rite more a.s.a.p!!!

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