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Review #1, by Misty_Rey A letter to Harry

15th March 2008:
Interesting idea, I like the fact that you took the missing moment from GoF. I would have liked a bit more elboration though, such as why he was island-hopping in the first place. It doesn't have to be serious(pun not intended), maybe that he wanted to catch a good tan or he always fancied islands eversince Lily or Remus told him about pirates. Those are just examples and suggestions of course. Other than that, I like the humour injected with the island girl implying that he was stupid-looking which was very cute. So my CC would have to be a bit more detail and elaboration in some spots. Other than that, I enjoyed it. 8/10


Author's Response: Thanks a lot for your review! I've been thinking of revising this story, so the advise you've given me is very useful. I'll consider it when going through it again. You're definitely right, some information about why Sirius is island-hopping should be in there.

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Review #2, by luvdraco87 A letter to Harry

8th September 2007:
Great, chap. i loved it.
sorry it took so long to review. I have been busy for the last couple of days.


Author's Response: Hi Constance,

thank you so much for your review. I'm happy that you like it.


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Review #3, by AbhorrentDivinity A letter to Harry

22nd August 2007:
This is the most original fan fiction I have ever read for Harry Potter. Or maybe I just haven't come across and Sirius Black ones telling about his presence in Caribbean and buying little girls icecream. I sincerely loved this story - short, sweet, and to the point =] 10/10


Author's Response: Thank you! You created a wide smile on my face.

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Review #4, by RevelInMyMurkyDepths A letter to Harry

15th August 2007:
I like. As I generally do when people make an attempt at filling in gaps in the books. Don't know if you meant it to, but parts of it were quite humorous to me.

Author's Response: Well, yes, I intended it to be humorous, and I'm glad I succeeded. Thank you so much for your review.

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Review #5, by AndrinaBlack A letter to Harry

14th August 2007:
I hope this works now. It's the third time I'm trying to review this! My computer had a bit of a bad mood earlier. :D

I really liked this story. It's in a way quite simple, but it is still very interesting. I like your writing style too, it has a nice flow to it. This is one nice interpretation of the time when Sirius had those birds and you mix the wizarding stuff nicely with the Carribean.

Haha! I would not have believed Sirius when he said he was a scientist. I think he would know where to look for birds if he was one :) I especially liked the detail you put into when he is chosing the bird. The girl was also a very nice touch. I guess Sirius was feeling quite lonely and was very happy to buy the girl an icecream and maybe talk a bit more.

Author's Response: Hey Andrina,

thank you so much for the review. I'm very happy that you liked the story I made in response to your challenge. It was something that came to me while I was bored, and so I decided to write it down.
You're right when you said that if Sirius was a scientist, he knew where to look for the birds. I actually never thought about that before *blushes*.

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Review #6, by kyrandia A letter to Harry

13th August 2007:
good needs a sequel

Author's Response: Hello Kyrandia,

I'm happy that you liked it. Unfortunately, I won't write any sequel. This is just an idea it got, and it stands on it own.
Thanks for your review


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Review #7, by angel721 A letter to Harry

13th August 2007:
that was good (:
and thanks for reviewing my story!

i feel bad for Sirius when the girl got mad at him...

Author's Response: Thank you for your review :-)
I'm glad you like my story.

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