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Review #1, by Ida No Iíll Always Love You, But Right Now I Just Donít Like You

4th January 2008:
haha, i didn't review this one yet!! A room to answer within... *snickers*

what?? you returned??? you bastard. *sniffles* and hey, who says i don't want to be a part of your super-secret slash orgy?? maybe i could press it in somewhere in my uber-busy schedule... ;) as i said i really do miss PW; the world is simply not the same. i remember sitting up until four every night, go to school as a wreck, and come home just to play more PW! I was totally obsessed, until I moved and got very busy. *sulks*

Well, anywho, tell me when you are signing up, and maybe I will too ;) but you're not playing auxxel anymore, are you?? and this is so strange; i never imagined you would return. i just felt very heartbroken at the lack of PS's and nunchucks and overdoses of *dies*'s to clog up my inbox.

bwahaa, i feel so sad: i feel like i have to return. oh, and by the way, my writing has totally failed since i quit PW. i dont know if it was for the fact that i quit PW, or for the fact that i quit having a lot of time to do nothing and think of good metaphors, but it has failed nevertheless. *dies* and it doesn't really make sense, either: i should be way better off now that im surrounded by english-speaking people.

anyways, as i said, you need to tell me when you plan to register and hopefully i will tag along :)

oh, and i love this chapter! :D one of my three favorites in this story XD now i just need YOU to UPDATE, 'kay?

PS: I'm a vegetarian now. I feel super cool.

PSS: I miss you and Helen! *weeps* oh, the world is so cruel...

Author's Response: Yeah I have returned -goes red- I'm sorry... Akh! Just a simple reason, now that I've adapted throughly in this new place, don't move around anymore - PW could draw away my boredom, plus toughen up my poor writing skills. -dies-

Never thought I would return either, been abandoning everything I used to do months ago, giving up on Auxxel was one of them -cries-. Total chaos. Guess it got subtled now. Woot. And yes, Auxxel is... -sulks- here no more. -sulks more- No more fair hair boy, eh? But the fanfictions I've made would be like memorials of the old days! -nunchucks-

You FEEL that you have to return? No, you just HAVE to! -dies-

Actually I registered already, his name is...

-drum roll-

Silvius Adam

Not as handsome and nice as Forrest, but he's way stupider than Forrest. -dies-

Will be waiting for you to register, new term would be coming soon! I think I'd make a new charrie so we could make a group of stupid trios but ah well, we'll just see what would happen, hmm?

PS: Why did all of my people turn veggies? Even my mates in the real world. Akh. Sorry mate, couldn't tag you along this time. Cheesecake is better than veggie food. -dies-

PSS: I miss yeh too! Helen would surely feel the same! It's just different with Marius gone. -sulks- Tatsuha gone... Cabbagehead and fair hair boy. Let's relive that with our new characters! -nunchucks-

PSSS: Did you know that there are no more assignments in PW? That way, we wouldn't be busy stressing out on THAT. RP all the way!

PSSSS: There are new emoticons in PW waiting for us to use it! Whoohoo!

PSSSSS: Hey! Our PSs habit just started, again! -dies-

PSSSSSS: This is fun. O_o

PSSSSSSS: Stop here because of the lucky seven! -dies-

See yeh

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Review #2, by ida Twelve-Year-Old Girl's Jealousy

31st December 2007:
wiihoo; my favorite fanfic ever has another chapter!!! ^^

hahaha, this was hilarious XD It cracked me up from the chapter title to the author's notes at the end (because i obviously misread and thought you said: "they fall in love or blablabla… Think deeper :D. I don't like CHICKENS, so figure out a twist." *headdesk* I can't even read anymore XD i need to return to PW; my mind screams for writing stimulation.

And hey, I think i ship MarXel now! (not that i didn't always do, but it seemed a little pervy when Auxxel was eleven) Marius and Auxxel are totally cute together ^^ By the way: you are a good Marius :D

i love the randomness: flonky, auxxel's t-shirts, the toilet... everything :D I plain adore this story: please continue!! *dies* yes, i am begging you.

nice poems, by the way ^^ they're pretty!

and i've been sitting here for 15 minutes now, trying to figure out the twist... well, i can't. My bet is that Anna gets together with Dafydd again somehow (sob), but about Marius I have no idea... You tell me!

Anyways, obviously, great chapter! :D Please, please, please update!

Author's Response: -dies because of the tons of flatter-

LOL: I don't like Chickens so figure out a twist -dies-

Me? A good Marius? Nah! Never! There's only one Marius, and Marius only! The only one with the perfect fair hair! And the only handler that could handle Marius is you! And YES you should definitely return to PW. I'm BEGGING you. Helen is planning to make a new char for my char. -whispers- we're going to make legend --> The first smexiest slash in PW. I'm not asking, Ida, I'm demanding!


Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho! Yeh just have to wait for an update to know the twist! Well, it's not a bit of twist, but something that's not cliche... I hope it isn't. -whimpers-

Thanks a lot for the review!!

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Review #3, by Shadowedchakuu Twelve-Year-Old Girl's Jealousy

22nd November 2007:
Once again I'm late on the up take, gah! . . . so busy I forgot to even check this site which is sad because the one story I'm working on has been brought to a standstill due to having a brain halt in thought. Ok enough about me and onto the story. Well, I'm not very good at reviews *looks down at Helen and sighs* anyway I loved it :D. As well all your writing keep it up, and I promise to check back more often lol, though it is sad to see that you have left PW for good :(.

Author's Response: Did I really left PW? Helen pulled me back, ya know? HAHAHA. Okay. thanks for the review. :D

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Review #4, by hlewis98 Twelve-Year-Old Girl's Jealousy

23rd October 2007:
Another great chapter. My compliments to the author. *laughs* Seriously, though, even though she wasn't in this chapter, I find it sad that I think you write Anna better than I do. It is weird though that I keep finding myself rooting for Auxxel.

Anyways, you always do a good job. Keep it up and I'm excited for the update!

Author's Response: Hah, can't believe you're following this! Teehee. I'm embarassed. I write Anna better than you do? Pfft.. You don't mean that! Well, you just keep reading for the next one to know what'll happen. Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #5, by cute Twelve-Year-Old Girl's Jealousy

21st October 2007:
This is funny, you got some classic sense of humor there. Keep on writing, even though I never heard of PW, but it's a nice OC/OC fanfiction, especially you're talking about them all-grown-up
keep writing!

Author's Response: Hey! I'm glad you like it. PW is PottersWorld, you should go and see the site sometimes :)

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Review #6, by Dracana Twelve-Year-Old Girl's Jealousy

20th October 2007:
Hmm, ok - Tats and Xel pretend there's something going on, to make Marius curious and gradually realise that he's in love with Auxxel or . . . ? Lol, ok, maybe I'm thinking on the lines of cliché, but whatever. :) I'll keep guessing to this twist, although I doubt I'll get it. Well then, you'll just have to update and let me find out!! :)

And great poems. You loon, it's not fair. I can't write poems for my life. *sigh* Anyway, plot is coming along greatly, and it's always great to see you writing Tatsuha (since I left PW I miss writing him a LOT, but ah well, it's for the best). Great characters, plot, and well - everything.

*waits patiently for an update*

Author's Response: -dead giggles- Nah, that's too cliche. Flattered you continue to read and review this fanfiction. :) Thanks Helena!

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Review #7, by Shadowedchakuu No Iíll Always Love You, But Right Now I Just Donít Like You

13th October 2007:
I loved it :D, Marius and Anna so well done, all of them are. Then Alan yelling about Marius being fired? Brilliant :D Please, keep on writing and updating.

Author's Response: Haha! I was just about to continue the next chapter, I'll do try to update it soon!! Thanks for the brilliant review!

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Review #8, by hlewis98 No Iíll Always Love You, But Right Now I Just Donít Like You

7th September 2007:
Another great job! Alrighty, I sorta suck at these are bear with me. :D

The chicken or the egg thing: loved it! Oh, and the "You're fired!" I laughed so hard. It was brilliant. Oh, but at the end, I felt so bad for Auxxel, I was tearing up a little... okay, maybe not that far, but my heart went out for her all the same.

So, in summary, "You're fired", awesome. Felt bad for Auxxel. Frickin' sweet chapter! Can't wait to read the next one!

Author's Response: Thanks, I was just "trying" to portray Auxxel's "human" side that she still got tears to be spilled. Hihi. I love Alan, I think I might consider to show his side more in this fiction ;) Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by Dracana No Iíll Always Love You, But Right Now I Just Donít Like You

3rd September 2007:
That was so perfectly funny and I won't go on for too long, 'cause more than likely you'll get bored, blah blah. Anyway, basically - loved it, was hilarious, and poor Auxxel!! I still can't stop sniggering over the details like Dafydd and how he always makes such a bad smell in the bathroom, or that Alan used the parchment from Auxxel's poems as a coffee coaster.

Anway, emotions were perfectly portrayed, not to mention the fact that over all, it was hilarious. Especially the chicken-egg thing. Anyways, I'll quit bothering you and stop blabbering on. In other words, it was great, I loved it, and I'm desperate for an update!!

Author's Response: We all need coffee coasters made out of Auxxel's poem! Hoho.
Thanks for the review, Helen! You're perfectly not bothering me, honestly! I love long reviews! xP Keep on babbling!

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Review #10, by CarpeNoctumx3 No Iíll Always Love You, But Right Now I Just Donít Like You

2nd September 2007:
I think the chicken came first, as much as I love Tats and Helen... I just have to side with Daffyd... besides, five song requests, that's squee worthy.

Awww, I saw Isabella's name... how sweet. I don't see how she could get to know Auxxel better if you NEVER POST. Merlin.

I love the H.O.G.S. crew, especially Alan. He is utterly amazing... even if he is no longer active -- it doesn't matter because he's still the kind of person who would fight invisible dragons and fence with Second Years when he himself was a Sixth Year... that's just how he rolls. I can totally see him doing the whole Donald Trump "You're Fired" thing, with an added bonus of the actual hand movement.

Marius/Anna always made me happy... Their relationship makes me smile.

And Daffyd! Oh my, I'm in a fit of giggles right now. Like, I can't stop giggling at all. It's horrible, and it's all your fault, Frank! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!

Awh, Auxxel still wants fair haired boy.

Author's Response: Hmm... chicken came first? -dies-
I'll vote for Tatsuha because I love Tatsuha and Helen -glomps-
I'd think, like a circle, the life cycle doesn't have a dead end. How wise did I just sound?
Sorry... I don't really get on that much in Pottersworld, I mean, I do get on, just to browse several stuff but never post. I'm sorta giving up on RPG-ing. I'M REALLY SORRY. I don't think I'd be able to post anyone's topics anymore. I gave up. Because of silly things... I'm not really confident with the things I'm writing, that's the reason I gave up.

I like Alan, really want to know what would happen to him in the future. Donald Trump... Hmmm.... No, Alan's got more hair I suppose. Hih.

I'm jealous with Marius/Anna pairing, that's why I made this fic. Hoho

I'm found guilty to make you giggle, murder me.


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Review #11, by tggrplasm No Iíll Always Love You, But Right Now I Just Donít Like You

25th August 2007:
One word: AMAZING!!! I loved it!! Especially these parts:

"Hogs FM 102.5, this is Dafydd Williams and Tatsuha Nishigit talking, who is this?"

I nearly died laughing. Hehe... Nishigit... Oh, man, you gotta love those two.

Keiley McDanford, the redhead girl that Auxxel pushed randomly and randomly insulted her at 5:47 am

First I "squeed!". Then I started laughing again. *Sighs* Ahhh... the good old Hogwarts days...

Alan's door was knocked three times.


Marius entered the room.

"YOU'RE FIRED!" Alan shouted.


I loved that part too! It wawa amazing. I love how Marius is completely lost.

A great chapter as usual! I can't wait to see where this story goes!! It's amazing!! 10/10


Author's Response: Nishigit! We all love Nishigit! Thanks, I'm glad you liked it, I'll try to update... :)

Wooohoo.. Is that a 10?!

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Review #12, by Priya Patil Someone From the Past

25th August 2007:
aww, i love your banner, ryan ross is amazing.

Author's Response: Agreed!

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Review #13, by Dedalus Diggle Someone From the Past

17th August 2007:
‚ÄúI‚Äôm falling in disguise, these conscious that never seem to compromise‚Ķ‚ÄĚ


isn't that our first song we made?! the memories... i miss you franky frankenstein...

this is hillarious, apart from the fact i love marius and i love auxxel, please make them together in this fic.

random question : if there are no woman present in the world, who would you kiss?

update this fiction, I'm dying.

i do realise several of the lines are from our old jokes, frank. bad frank, revealing our dirty little secrets -grrr-

Author's Response: Yesh, our first song, our old days... -sobs- I MISS AMMAN!!

Them together in this fic? -glomps- do you really want old poor Marius to be with Auxxel? -shakes head then dies-

Random answer : what is this with the random questions? Who would I kiss? Definitely Frank Iero. -dies-

Our old jokes, I thought I was the only one that remembered them perfectly; how did you know? Haha...

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Review #14, by tggrplasm Someone From the Past

16th August 2007:
Oh, wow!!! I'm really loving this story!! Especially the interaction between Auxxel and Marius!! And Tats and Dafydd!! You portrayed them so well... kept them so true to how they are on PW.

I'm also really loving the concept of a HOGS radio station after everyone graduated from Hogwarts. It just... it honestly seems like something they'd do. I can really see those members of HOGS owning/doing a radio station.

Can't wait to see where this goes!!! It's so amazing!!!

-Tggrplasm/Jordan/Keiley (chose whichever one you want)

PS: You put Alan in there!! Yay!! :D

Author's Response: Hahaha.... Honestly, it's nothing, the fic would be better if everyone that plays their character in PW gives a piece of their mind so it would be 100% random.

Thanks for reading

PS: What's it with you and Alan -wriggles eyebrow- -dies-

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Review #15, by clench your drumss Someone From the Past

16th August 2007:
‚ÄúIt feels like‚Ķ Well, it feels like‚Ķ the feeling when you see the view outside from the seventh floor.‚ÄĚ

*sniggers slightly*

i dont usually read oc fiction, but when i noticed the banner of ryan ross's i clicked it.

its funny how im patd addict *sighs*

moving to your fic, adore it, you got lots of random sense of humor, a strong character even though you dont really explain it in detail..s good job!

Author's Response: HAHAHAHA!! Hmm.. well, I like p!atd but not an addict, songs are quite awesome..! But I do often listen to them especially when trying to learn more about Marius's character since his character is Ryan Ross.


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Review #16, by ida Someone From the Past

15th August 2007:
*is caught between fits of giggles*

Okay, so this is my favorite: ‚Äú‚Ķ?‚ÄĚ, oh and of course: ‚Äú‚Ķ‚ÄĚ. Oh, and Plonky? Mighty-V?? ‚ÄúI‚Äôm falling in disguise, these conscious that never seem to compromise‚Ķ And then‚Ķ A chicken comes attacking me‚Ķ‚ÄĚ?!? Brilliant!!! :D

*loves this fic to death*

Err, chickens anyone? *dies* Oh, this fic is totally not good for me, it gets me in a very random and distracted mood. But since you are the master of randomness and my all time favorite writer I'll just do this: *worships*salutes*all hail*dies*

Oh yes, that is me being humble and grateful ^^

Author's Response: "...?"


HAHAHA.... Never know that Mighty-V is coming, hm? At least him playing in a random fic? -dies- We'll see.... -evil laugh-

-bows head-

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Review #17, by LOL Someone From the Past

15th August 2007:
So you managed to write something... hmm... original and used OC characters
and it's brilliant
not just brilliant
the fact that I think I do realise that you wrote it lightly so that readers wouldn't bored of it.

you introduced the character quite well.

*claps hands*

great job! 10!

Author's Response: I did write something original and used OC character, I was thinking to write several fanfiction of Harry's son but... hmm... too many things to do!!!

thanks, I'm glad you like it!

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Review #18, by Dracana Someone From the Past

12th August 2007:
Oh my god, Frank, I love it!! I was sniggering at every line - the fact that Dafydd makes nasty smells in the toilet, Tatsuha talks to his plant, everyone uses the toilet next to Marius which more than likely pisses him off, Auxxel is obsessed with poems, Alan wants them to compeat, and now Anna is coming into it . . .

Ah, this is going to be great, really. Its just hilarious. Can't wait for more. You must be the master of wierd yet fantastically brilliant plots.

Author's Response: I hope Dafydd's Puppet Master is NOT mad about what I wrote about him -sniggers-

Well, the Tatsuha and his plant part was completely random, thanks to actually pay attention on Flonky, I'll show him more often -winks winks-

WTF. did I just wink at you?

HAHAHA... thanks for reading, maybe I am the master of weird yet fantastically brilliant plots.. -dies-

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Review #19, by CarpeNoctumx3 Someone From the Past

12th August 2007:

Oh my. I read this last night at three in the morning... It was so hard for me not to laugh out loud. If I did, my mom would have woken up and taken my laptop away securing it in some impenetrable lock in some faraway country.

Anywho, I love it. Auxxel makes me laugh so hard. Her weird jokes are amazing. The poem is funny... CHICKENS!!

Author's Response: -all hail chickens-

Three in the morning? Ahh... what memories, I usually do stay till 7 but since time difference, there are no reason for me to sleep at that time. -grins-

Thanks for reading!!!

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Review #20, by 134Sarita Someone From the Past

9th August 2007:


This is different than other fics people have made, I mean, dude, where'd you get this idea? noticed the new characters you introduced, I really like it.

Wizarding radio and the dry jokes that are really funny... Liking it!! UPDATE

Author's Response: Well, ideas usually are based on my own experiences and I slipped them with exaggeration which would make it worse. But thanks for telling me that the jokes are funny, I find it rather dry and boring -sighs-

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