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Review #1, by herMionELODY Chapter Four

12th August 2009:
It really sucks that you not writing on this anymore it's so good! :(
And I really love th pairing!

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Review #2, by Snagglepuss Chapter Four

9th October 2008:
i like the mystery in this story. The way you have written it is very intriguing!
i hope you update soon 10/10

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Review #3, by HERMIONEandDRACOshouldBE Chapter Four

27th May 2008:
LOVE IT please update I want to read more!

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Review #4, by blind_lover Chapter Three

23rd February 2008:
I hope the killer is Pansy. Unless it's AU, I really don't like her. And I always like the idea that Draco isn't really heartless.

Author's Response: :D We shall see, eh?

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Review #5, by blind_lover Meeting Hermione

23rd February 2008:
Great story. Can't wait to keep reading.

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #6, by MajiKat Chapter Four

15th January 2008:
so i start to play catch up on your fics again ^_^
wow this was wonderufl, as always. i am running out of praise for you hun! sorry it took me so darn long to get to this. im a slacker.
still loving your blaise and loving hermione - you charcterise her perfectly.
mmm the plot thickens...
great work once again - sorry this is a lame review, lol
one question - can i please remake your banner and replace that ... that... well i can do better, lol.
Maji xx

Author's Response: Yay, fun.

Seriously, no need to read if you don't have the time, I don't mind at all. After all, you have your great fics to write and I don't wanna consume your spare time.

No worries, all reviews valued. Thanks, Maji.

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Review #7, by mrs.zambini Chapter Four

27th December 2007:
more CHAPTERS! plz i beg you! or if your not going to write anymore, then em me the killer

Author's Response: *giggles* I shall try and update soonish :D

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Review #8, by HollowGrace Chapter Four

11th December 2007:
Baby. That's interesting. And Ron? Where's Ron. I wonder if something happened. So many questions running through my mind right now. But it was beautiful none the less. I love how Blaise is slowly becoming attracted to Hermione. He's such a raw character. You can mold him into anything you want him to be. I love him as I've said many times before. Great Job hun!

Author's Response: Thank you ^_^ You know I've taken so long updating this fic that I can't even remember the plot anymore *bites nails* Whoops.

Thanks very much for reviewing.

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Review #9, by rhea Chapter Three

7th December 2007:
never gonna catch tommorow?? i hear Lostprophets in there somewhere?? well good shoes definately didnt save goyle THAT
You are an amazing writer...this story seems to ..flow (god. how cheesy do I sound??) a way that I can never manage. I absolutely ADORE your descriptions! Theyre short enough to still leave room for the plot yet long enough to make me feel like im watching the scene from a litte window up above something i can also never do. And of course theyre beautiful especially the "Indented in blood, inscription trails in beads of fresh scarlet," bit, i seriously went back and read that like 3 times and each time i felt the hairs at the back of my neck stand on end...
Anyway before I turn this into an essay better get to the point - Loved it and i think youre an amazing writer!!

Author's Response: *grins* I ADORE Lostprophets . . .

Wow, so I'm not drooling on about descriptions? That's great to hear. My sister is a critique for my original work and informs me that my descriptions are not necessary, which was a horror-worthy moment, as I feel they are my strong point . . .

Anyway hun, thanks very much for taking the time to tell me what you think. It is largely appreciated.

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Review #10, by JillianUnleashed Chapter Four

4th December 2007:
this was a great update, please update again soon. I can't wait for more of thje story to be revealed.


Author's Response: I really shall try. Thanks, Jullian.

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Review #11, by HERMIONEandDRACOshouldBE Meeting Hermione

2nd December 2007:
Nice start this fic looks like is gonna be intresting cant wait to read more :D

Author's Response: Thanks :D

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Review #12, by yourstruely Chapter Four

2nd December 2007:
wow, took me a while to catch on, lol. at the end, i was like "wait, blaise is the killer?" but then i got it, haha, wow..

im so glad you updated, i really love this story alot..10 :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much!! I'll try and update more often.

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Review #13, by Snitchsista Chapter Four

1st December 2007:
As it's gone one in the morning, my eyes might be decieving me, but it lookas as though you've updated! Wow! You're back, well, for a while at least. This chapter was amazing. I love how Blaise is always so dismissive of everything, and the little hints that he might like Hermione. That's really sweet. Oh dear. What's he done, and who's that girl? That's the great thing about your fanfiction, Helen! Your mind is always filled with questions. Me, on the other hand? Well, I've just posted the sequel to Luke, and there's not any questions! Lol. Oh well. Anyway, this was fantastic stuff. You should be very proud. There were a couple of sentences that I was yet again, amazed by. It really was that good. :) Update soon!




Author's Response: Yes, back for a temp amount of time, hopefully a little more . . . fanfiction is on a tad of a stand-still these days. However, I'm trying to finish my works before I move on. Well, thanks very much, Rachel!!

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Review #14, by Dracana Chapter Three

25th October 2007:
% through the next chapter, so it should be along soon.

(Sorry, my response got cut off in the last review, so here it is).

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Review #15, by JillianUnleashed Chapter Three

24th October 2007:
Blaise seems to know a lot for someone who faked it all, could it be all the muggle TV he mentioned watching? i can't wait to see how hermione and blaise get closer. i also wonder were harry and ron are at, they're usually near her and wouldn't be happy about her working with blaise. lastly, i wonder who made a case for blaise and draco? so many questions, please update soon!

Author's Response: Yep, too much Muggle tv and books. I think that's how I write it like this, although I'm hoping that his inexperience really shows as well. Oh and Blaise/Hermione is always fun to write. And no worries, Harry and Ron are vital to this story, they'll be in it a lot more, and who can resist their outrage at seeing Blaise with Hermione? I'll try and update soon - I'm about 25

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Review #16, by JillianUnleashed Where Loyalties Lie . . .

24th October 2007:
i suspect pansy before draco, but that's just me.

Author's Response: :) Heh, all shall be revealed.

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Review #17, by JillianUnleashed Meeting Hermione

24th October 2007:
Great story so far, update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #18, by shadowkitty22 Meeting Hermione

19th September 2007:
One of the really great things about Blaise is that he is an unknown. He never really got a serious characterization or description from JKR so he's free game for people to do with as they please. And in regards to that, I like your Blaise. He is humorous.


Author's Response: Oh, agreed - I LOVE taking the unknown characters.

Anyway, glad you like my version of Blaise and thanks so much for reviewing, Emilie.

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Review #19, by MajiKat Chapter Three

1st September 2007:
wow, this was incredible. as you know, i love your use of figurative language and your wonderful description, and you never fail to put me right in the middle of the action hun. well done. i have to say i am really impressed with the use of tense in this fic - it is seamless and very effective, placing the reader right inside the characters and right in the moment. i love it - it helps to show everything as it is unfolding and not as an afterthought.

the mystery in this fic is awesome!! I'm not going to start speculating on who the killer is - i have suspicions, but i shall keep them to myself until you reveal a little more.

once again, your characterisation is excellent Dracana.

Maji xx

Author's Response: Hehe, figurative language . . . that takes me back to my English Language lessons . . . *lost in thought*

However, I shall not go into a rant. Right, well - I'm immensely pleased you enjoyed the description, although I am still in awe of your own writing techniques. I mean, "Try and deny me", the decription there is so utterly fantastic I just drink it all in like a glutton.

Heh, yep, I'm going to try and lead everyone in a big wide circle as to who the killer is. Thanks for reading, reviewing and enjoying Maji/Kate. Oh whatever *huggles*

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Review #20, by xxMugglePrincess Chapter Three

1st September 2007:
Ick, a serial killer isn't good..

Author's Response: Nope, not good at all.

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Review #21, by xxMugglePrincess Where Loyalties Lie . . .

1st September 2007:
Draco hasn't been that truthful I guess. Awesome chapter. :)

Author's Response: Thanks :D

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Review #22, by xxMugglePrincess Meeting Hermione

1st September 2007:
I really liked it, it seems like it'll be interesting...

Author's Response: Thank you!! I hope it continues to interest you.

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Review #23, by HollowGrace Chapter Three

28th August 2007:
Wow that gave me the chills. I half expected someone to jump out at them as they were looking over the body. I love Blaise in this story. I just want to grab him and hug him tightly and keep him forever. Anyway. We got to see a little action between Hermione and Blaise! I like how he stopped her and then went into the room first. Such a gentleman! And Pansy. I can't stand her sometimes. I have a feeling she's going to stick by Draco no matter what happens. Great job again!

Author's Response: Oooh, I'm so VERY pleased the horror is taking its effect, instead of failing. It was meant to be scary, but I thought I might have failed in that, so I'm pleased you think that it was chilling.

Aw, bless. I want a Blaise too, to take one home and lock him away in my house all for myself. *sigh* Shame he's not even real. Anyways, yep, the first Blaise/Hermione affection. Glad you picked up on that.

And you're probably right about Pansy, but hey - I shall say "no comment". Heh.

Thanks loads.

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Review #24, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter Three

27th August 2007:
Helen! Oh that was simply chilling how well it was written...I was addicted from the first owrd and was pleasantly surprised by Pansy's engagement and pregnancy news. You've done a thirlling good job on this! Amazing. Lots of love and *hugs*!
xx Lindsey

Author's Response: I'm so pleased it was chilling!! That was what I was going for, but I was afraid that with Blaise and his torrential thoughts, it might lose that effect. I'm very glad that it didn't.

*hugs back* Thanks millions, Lindsey. xx

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Review #25, by yourstruely Chapter Three

27th August 2007:
ooh, creepy..i dont normally like murder stories, but i love this one..

i do have to say though, when i read "never gonna catch tomorrow" it kinda made it sound like suicide..

beautifully written, as always. and i cant wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Yay, thank you!! I agree though, the only murder stories I read are published ones, not fan fiction, so this is a whole lot of fun for me. :D

Haha!! Never gonna catch tomorrow are lyrics from Lost Prophets. They're amazing . . .

Thanks so much. Currently working on chapter four. :)

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