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Review #1, by A_Sirius_Crush Unsaid

2nd March 2008:
Very cute =]
And I love the last line: '"...the poor kid'd get picked on."' =D
Kat x.

Author's Response: Thank you! I felt like ending on a lighter note to balance out the heavy feelings - I'm happy to hear you liked it, too.

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Review #2, by Romina Stephanie Unsaid

6th November 2007:
This was.. amazing. It was written beautifully, the characters emotions vivid and understandable (or realistic more like). The characterization was on spot and I loved following those who had in many ways been parents to Harry. Splendid idea. Didn't want it to end, honestly. I feel utterly speechless to be truthful, but better to comment something than nothing. This is going straight to my favourites =)

Author's Response: Ohh, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the idea as much as I did ... truthfully, I fell in love with it and it wouldn't let me go until I wrote it. =)

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Review #3, by megwinsor Unsaid

16th October 2007:
nice.. LOVE the comment at the end:
"...Probably as a middle name, though, the poor kid'd get picked on." i LOVE it

Author's Response: I wanted to end on a slightly less depressing note, so I'm glad that worked for you! And tying back into the series is always fun. =) Thanks!

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Review #4, by Kyrandia Unsaid

28th August 2007:

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! Humor is a tough point for me to get across subtly.

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Review #5, by bshis2010 Unsaid

24th August 2007:
I really really love it! I thought it was very interesting to show all of the father figures, and then finish with Harry becoming a father. It's a different sort of fanfic that really captures the different relationships.

PS. Hufflepuff Reviewing Circle :D

Author's Response: HRC!! My favorite project.

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Review #6, by OllyCoop Unsaid

7th August 2007:
Really well written. It's quite stuffed with emotion, and you've captured it perfectly. The little conversation (thingy) with James and Harry was so sweet, bitter sweet I suppose. It was so hard reading that, knowing that it'd never be possible. Anyways, I thought the description was spot on...everything that needed mention was, but nothing was overly spelled out. And you couldn't have finished it in a nicer way (^_^) I grinned when I read that, it changed the mood...made the future seem much less bleak. I really enjoyed this, you've done a fantastic job capturing the characters, and telling the story. yep (^_^) -Olly

Author's Response: I just love the idea of James as a dad, as I imagine Lily wouldn't let him anywhere near Harry unless he matured up a bit more. I was so afraid of over-explaining some parts, because things like Peter's dad or whoever had to be specifically mentioned for it to tie in to the fatherly theme. I had mixed feelings about the ending, but I'm glad it worked for you and turned around the depressing mood. Thanks so much for your kind words!

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Review #7, by Potter n Mione Unsaid

2nd August 2007:
This is an interesting one-shot. Please read and review my fic.

Author's Response: I wish you would say why you found it interesting, as I found this review a little spammy without any real opinions, but I will consider reading your work.

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Review #8, by Bowles Unsaid

22nd July 2007:
Ah, I loved this. All the characters were great, even Peter, who might've actually been the most fascinating of the bunch. And the last line was perfect, seemed very James-like.

Author's Response: I was just poking around your author page today. =) I really wanted Peter's to be substantial, not just the lame I-had-to-betray-them whining that seems to accompany him or, worse, completely skipping him. So, yeah. Glad you read it.

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Review #9, by SnitchSnatcher Unsaid

22nd July 2007:
This story was amazing, not to mention beautifully written. You captured the emotions, the heart, everything so damn well. I find myself rather envious of your skill. It was beautiful and I loved the ending. Well, I loved the entire thing, but the ending was probably my favorite part, aside from the James moment. That was just adorable. Keep up the fantastic work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really wanted to get my post-DH emotions out, so I started working on this about an hour after I finished reading. I'm so glad I conveyed the emotions properly and gave them justice.

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