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Reading Reviews for Eleven Years Later
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Review #1, by jdstga Brand Loyalty

1st September 2017:
are you going to continue?

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Review #2, by krazyboutharryginny The House of Weasley

14th April 2017:
Hiya, jailbreaking for CTF.

It was so sweet to read about Ron and Hermione with their children. Especially Ron, because as we see mostly from his perspective we can see how much he dotes on them. This isn't really my usual era to read so this was a bit of a new thing for me and I really did enjoy reading about Romione parenthood.

Poor Rose! I must admit, I (like Ron) found it a little odd that Cho recommended a playdate so Harry and Ginny's kids would all also get dragonpox. Not that I think she's lying/was being malicious, just - do they not have a dragon pox vaccine in the wizarding world the way we have a chicken pox one? You'd think they'd be able to develop one! But ah well.

I really felt for Hermione, she was clearly trying very hard to be a good wife and mother and was struggling a bit. It was so sweet how Ron was trying his best to reassure her instead of teasing or dismissing her instead.

Speaking of which, Ron and Hermione as a pairing were great here, from the lighthearted teasing at the beginning to the part at the end where he ate the burnt bezoar and she kissed him. Both of them felt very true to character and the relationship definitely felt authentic.

Great work!


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Review #3, by crimson quill The House of Weasley

14th April 2017:
Capture the Flag.

So, this is a good idea! I also had lots of ideas after the deathly hallows but what should be happening next. it's cool that you've written yours down. I don't read a lot of hermione/ron stuff mainly because I really fear the writer not doing the character's justice to be honest however I really enjoyed this!

I'm not too sure where this story is headed but I really love the characterisation that I saw from in your writing. Ron is so funny, I know his cheeky sense of humour but I think you do a great job at giving us an insight to him as a dad. I totally can imagine the parent dynamic between ron and hermione. I love hermione is being so sassy back to him too, the dialogue was really just so strong and has a very nice flow to it.

I liked the little reference to fred/george as kids with dragon pox. I can really imagine that's something they would do. It was just a nice little memory to give a nod to the fallen fred weasley. *sobs*

I'm rather interested in the last line of the chapter which paints quite a different tone though. do they not have a good marriage then? what's caused that? it's left me with a lot of questions! xx

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Review #4, by Sophie Lighter than Air

2nd September 2010:
Your whole story has the same essence of brilliance as that of J.K.Rowling herself. You make the characters and story your own and are obviously a very talented writer. I've read through the whole of your story so far, putting off reviewing until I found that one thing that kept you as an amateur writer, perhaps a grammatically incorrect sentence, but no luck! You're writing style is impeccable and you really bring the characters to life. I cannot wait to read more of this.

Author's Response: Sigh... I'm sorry. Not just to you, but to all the readers like you who were invested in the story, only to have the rug yanked out from under them.

That is what keeps me an amateur writer, the inability to produce under pressure. I spent months agonizing over the first sentence of what was to become the next chapter for months nine years ago. Then I walked away because the stress was eating away at me. I always figured I'd get back to it. But that gnawing feeling of inadequacy carried over to all of my writing. I found myself unable to write anything for 9 years. And goodness knows I tried.

So, thank you for your review. I'm aware of course that you (and likely all my other readers) have moved on over the years, as you should have. So now I write for me. I need to get past this block, and it all started here. It ends here, too.

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Review #5, by Precious Rin Out of the Ashes

25th July 2009:
Very creative. A shorter chapter but I like your memorial to the fallen. Keep up the good work.

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Review #6, by Precious Rin The House of Weasley

25th July 2009:
Very nice. I think you've captured Ron and Hermione's character beautifully. And as someone who was also disappointed in the Deathly Hallows epilogue, I find this a lot more satisfying. I also like the amount of humor injected. Keep up the good work!

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Review #7, by lifter57 Lighter than Air

19th November 2008:
Hey - how about finishing this story or at lest let us know you have abandoned it

Author's Response: I'll take the first option. It just took nine years.

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Review #8, by lilyjamesforeva Lighter than Air

5th October 2008:
i really like this story but when are you going to update it again?

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Review #9, by Aballet26 Just Desserts

13th June 2008:
yay! so cute and funny! i loved how you brought luna back in just like you did neville 10/10

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Review #10, by Aballet26 The Bookworm's Dilemma

13th June 2008:
i love how perecy has dramaticly changed into a family man...i imagined him that way overal very cute chapter 10/10

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Review #11, by Aballet26 The Chocolate Cure

13th June 2008:
aww! this chapter is so sweet! i love how you got all the little details right like ron and the Agrippa card and neville and the bubble gum wrapper 10/10

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Review #12, by Heather Lighter than Air

23rd May 2008:
You should really finish. Why stop a good thing midway through?

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Review #13, by sunderla Lighter than Air

8th May 2008:
I just stumbled across this story. It is really great, I hope you write more chapters soon.

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Review #14, by Lynn_Jenny Lighter than Air

19th April 2008:
you really should updat this story, its really good but you've left it in limbo for too long!

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Review #15, by Amanda Lighter than Air

21st March 2008:
Ack! I've been reading this fic the past two days, finishing a paper for school. Now the paper's done--but the fic better not be!
Wonderful job on the whole fic!

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Review #16, by GinnyPotter Lighter than Air

11th February 2008:

I found this story sometime around Thanksgiving and read through it, though I don't recall writing a review - sorry! I added it to my favorites link in my browser and waited for an update.

Its been five months - I hope you haven't abandoned this story! I am intrigued by your writing style and your characterizations of the principals.

I have more I'd like to say, but my lunch break is over and I have to return to work. Please continue this .

Thank you.


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Review #17, by padfoot240 Lighter than Air

2nd February 2008:
It was a pretty sweet chapter, and I love every bit of it. Please, I can't wait for more!

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Review #18, by padfoot240 Earthy

31st January 2008:
Lovely story! It makes me feel... content. It's well written. just, when Ginny had to leave for St. Mungo's, you called it the hospital, and that seemed slightly out of place, but other than that nothing popped out at me negatively. Well done!

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Review #19, by padfoot240 The End is Nigh

28th January 2008:
Still great! I'll just keep reading then... I can't promise a review for every chapter, but every few I'll try, at least.

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Review #20, by padfoot240 The House of Potter

28th January 2008:
I think Hermione's response to finding out Harry didn't have chicken pox was sort of melodramatic, but then maybe I didn't fully grasp how sever dragon pox was. Then again, thats just me. :D nice work, otherwise.

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Review #21, by padfoot240 Out of the Ashes

28th January 2008:
I think that you're doing a great job, as far as keeping the characters' personalities intact.

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Review #22, by padfoot240 The House of Weasley

28th January 2008:
Love it so far! Very good first chapter.

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Review #23, by Artemis_D Lighter than Air

24th January 2008:
i love this chapter. and the opening was so poetic. I love this story!!! ron/hermione is the best!! and congrats on getting married!

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Review #24, by Artemis_D Earthy

24th January 2008:
absolutely wonderful! i love this story you're doing such a wonderful job of filling in the gaping holes JKRowling left. I love Ron and Hermione they are the cutest thing. im very curious about xmas incident... can't wait to read more, keep up the great work

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Review #25, by VictoireWeasley The House of Weasley

6th January 2008:
Aw! Poor Rosie has dragon pox!
I really like this beginning and I'll definitely read more later. I added the story to my favourites too.

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